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Charleston Day 2 ~ Carriage Ride, Boat Ride, Noisy Oyster, and Hyman's Seafood

Oatmeal, Marriott Waterfront Hotel, Charleston

We started our 2nd day in Charleston with some oatmeal and coffee and then Uber'd over to where we would take our carriage ride.  We wanted to get there early and we got there early enough to be able to move up our time from 9:20 to 9:00 a.m. and then we didn't have to wait.  If you weren't there early though, they would assign your time to someone else.  So we made it in and all was fine.  

By the way, I guess I've never added bananas and nuts to my oatmeal before.  It was pretty good.  But I'm a fan of just the plain ole butter in my hot oatmeal.  

I could never get enough of this view every day. 

Waterfront Marina View on the Ashley River,  Marriott Waterfront Hotel, Charleston

We used the Old South Carriage Company.  

Old South Carriage Company, Charleston, SC

Here are some of the horses in their stalls.  

Old South Carriage Co, Charleston, SC

This was a pretty restaurant nextdoor called "Anson" - fine dining with white tableclothes (we try our best to stay away from those if we can, lol).  Love the decor.  You can tell how humid it was at 8:50 in the morning - look at the windows closely below.

Anson Restaurant, Charleston SC

Here was our driver, and the horse "Sammy".  

I took a pic of this b/c the garden was pretty, but you cannot hardly see it. 

I took lots of pics of houses and areas of Charleston on the horse and carriage tour.  I will be showing all these a bit later, a few every day.  There are a lot of them! 

After our tour we were already at the City Market area.  We bought these hats, right off, b/c they were only $10 and very cute.  And they turned out to be good for our heads while we walked in the hot sun at times.  

Katy and me, Shopping on Market Street at the City Markets, Charleston with our new hats!

Meeting and Market street.  A pretty good corner!  That is where the shopping started.

Meeting and Market Street, Charleston, SC

When it became lunch time and our oatmeal had subsided, we went for a restaurant called "The Noisy Oyster".  This also was a favorite for me.  It was very cutely decorated on the inside.

Heading to the Noisy Oyster for lunch

It was kinda like being on a boat at times. 

Loved being able to look out at the Customs House.  

I checked email at saw that George had sent this.  We were wondering how the dogs would do with me being gone.  Since I get up at 4, was worried that George would not be able to sleep to his usual 5:45. 

She-Crab Soup at the Noisy Oyster, Charleston, SC

So I had never had She-Crab soup that I remember anyway.  I was most impressed.  Oh it was perfect for lunch and was so very good.  The crab went into the bowl and the soup mixed on top.  What is she-crab soup?  "It's a rich soup made with milk or heavy cream, crab, or fish stock, Atlantic blue crab meat, and crab roe, and a small amount of dry sherry added as it is plated." (Wikipedia).  I also had a salad there.

While at the restaurant we decided what to do next - we were close to the port so we decided to take a boat ride and do a Historical Port tour.  The map said it was only .5 miles (as bird flew that turned out to be, lol).  So we walked about a mile or so in the hot afternoon humid sun with bags in tow.  I saw a Harris Teeter and suggested we go in and buy a tote bag that they keep at the register.  Best idea ever, lol.  All the bags went inside - one bag to keep up with.  Sweat poured.  We arrived at the port area.  Here you can barely see a boat out there with people walking out on the pier. 

Above is the panorama which is distorted (it was really one long sidewalk and not squared off.)

There's our boat way out there.  We had purchased the tickets and picked those up.  

And below is a cruise ship.  It was from Germany.   We kept being around folks that spoke German as they were all on excursions for the day.

We had to wait in line on the dock in the hot sun with the only shade coming from a big pole of some kind out there that we were lucky enough to find ourselves in the shade of for a while.  There was a slight breeze.  And once on board, we gave up the top outside views in the sun, for a spot below deck with slightly dirty windows - just so we could have a/c.  lol  As I type this and remember looking out the window, I feel as if I'm there and the boat is tossing gently back and forth.  My chair is floating.  It really is.  The mind can do weird things.  lol  What an odd sensation.  Anyway, we were pretty happy to be in the a/c and to sit for a while. 

I will also share the pics from our boat ride on another time, another day.  I took lots of pics.  I'll be sharing pics for a long time to come. 

After our boat ride, we decided to Uber back in.  We were hot, tired, and not wanting to walk - it was too far back to our hotel anyway.  

We changed and relaxed a bit, cooled off, and then headed out to eat at a place called Hyman's.  We Uber'd back out.  The Uber driver said "oh I wouldn't eat there as it's touristy".  But when we asked him where he suggested he said the next city over, in Mount Pleasant.  A point well taken for next time, but...several had told us about Hyman's.  We decided to stick with our plan.  It was touristy in that 1) it was in a good touristy location and 2) that it was well advertised in touristy brochures.  And the food was just ok.  Their hush puppies were great.  My flounder was ok and Katy's Mahi Mahi was a no go.  We sent it back. It was really fishy.  I think the problem was that we were eating it grilled or baked.  She is used to having more of a crusted version with more atop it.  But - I was the one that told the waitress.  She was just going to let it go.  The meal was pricey and when the waitress said "is everything ok" - I knew she could read my face.  Shortly after the owner/manager came out (he had Hyman on his name tag and belt buckle with "H" on it).  He said "we will always make it right".  I appreciated that.  I think this place would be perfect for a cold winters night to come in and get seafood.  It's all cozy inside.  

Hyman's Seafood, Charleston, SC

It had an old charm about it.  The plates we ordered were very simple, not a lot of food, and not much presentation but did I say the hush puppies were fantastic?  It might have been that we just didn't order good.  The wait was long, once again outside in the heat b/c they didn't have a lobby to wait in - it was all outside.  But they served hush puppies out side while you waited.  They were trying.  
I could see straight into the kitchen also which looked small and pretty dirty.  The floor mainly.  I remember thinking I would redo a few things about the floor and decor and kitchen if I ran the place.  If the Hyman's are reading, don't bother to worry about my thoughts here.  I just give very honest reviews and can be very critical. But I do give free advice at times w/o having to be retained as an consultant.  ;-)   I do think the heavy advertising is working for you.  The hush puppies seem to be the "thing".  The "catch of the day of 1, 2 or 3 is a good idea.  My total recommendations to you are to draw in the locals as well as the tourists: 
1) A long awning perhaps with benches along the outside for waiting to block the sun?  
2)  Do something with the floors and have prettier rugs coming out of the kitchen
3)  Give the kitchen an uplift which will help the kitchen workers, servers too as they'll be so proud
4)  Do a little work on the menus
5) Work on giving the tiny place a more airy and lighter feel - put some whites and blues and greens in the place (with nautical prints or a plantation type of feel --and lighter cutesy airy Caribbean like ceiling fans, add some greenery (feng shui) to the room and make it breathe, add a few mirrors which make the place multiply in space.  Perhaps some lighter fabric - curtains or swags to soften and lighten the feel. 
6)  Ok, just hire me and I'll help you out.  I'll be glad to fly down and do some consulting.  ;-) 
7)  And let's make some of that cost back by - developing some really cool items for sale - maybe you already had that but I never saw it.  Hushpuppy mix, a unique recipe book that you call your own and perhaps write your story into the book.  We'll make a drink that is your specialty drink that will be talked about across town.  And a couple of unique food items that no one else has.  Oh I can help you out Mr. Hyman!  I have ideas!  (I just googled the website and they do have some of these items for sale, I guess we missed it.)

Ok but...let me get back to our day.   Sister Hazel ate at our table, which felt sticky by the way, but maybe it was b/c we were sweaty.  lol

The Sangria was good.  

Sangria, Hyman's Seafood

I think this was a Shrimp and Grit appetizer.  

Shrimp and Grits, Hyman's Seafood

Was very good. 

Here was my flounder dinner.  

Plate at Hyman's Seafood, Charleston, SC

I'm afraid I've been hard on Hyman's.  But it was my least favorite place that we have been to and that is sad b/c this place has been a tradition for so long.  It needs a twist of a few things and I know that is hard to hear if the owners are reading.  I think a redo in "plantation" type of setting - would add the perfect charm - and redo the food and the presentation of it.  Call it a revision and the locals will come running back to try it out.  

Anyway, sorry but that is my story on Hyman's.  Would I eat there again?  Certainly, but it wouldn't be my first choice and that makes me sad. 

Here's what I mean by plantation decor - clicky ------>  Plantation Decor 

And then we Uber'd back to the hotel and took showers and called our hubby's and crashed for the night.  What a day!  


  1. sounds like you have some terrific ideas to transform the restaurant to a more desirable eatery.

  2. I love seeing and hearing about your trip and that picture of you two in your straw hats is great ! They do help when it's hot and sunny out. So much to see and do that every day just had to be exciting ! Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday now you are home.


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