Sunday, October 15, 2017

Charleston Day 3: You Won't Believe ALL WE DID!

Waterfront Marriott, Charleston, SC

It seemed unreal to me to look out each morning and see boats out on the marina.  Hello, am I really here?  So beautiful.  

We started our day out each morning and ended our day with such views. 

We took the elevator down to the "cul de sac" or roundabout and waited for our Uber ride to Folly Beach.  It was about 30 minutes away and was about $17 bucks or so.  We did not have breakfast b/c we were going to have brunch.  I picked out a cute place on the internet called "The Lost Dog".    This one was a success.  A shame we only could have one meal here.  I was really ready for just a plain eggs, bacon and OJ meal with grits.  We had dropped some bucks already.  And I knew we wanted to eat a snack again later before leaving Folly.  So even though we wanted the awesome eggs benedict or aka "the best international eggs benedict", we just couldn't go it.  It was: 

the best international eggs benedict* canadian bacon, fried green tomatoes and two poached eggs over an english muffin and topped with buttery hollandaise served with fresh fruit ............................................................................ 14.00
I just could NOT do it.  So we both stuck to plain and "cheaper".  I think my "Loyal Companion" breakfast was $6.50 (eggs, bacon, grits).  Can't beat that.  It was excellent and filled me happy!  And of course there was that ONE splurge we had - our $3 Mason Jar Mimosa's.  We had the one with a "peach twist".  And we had more coffee.  The hotel room coffee is ok, but just kinda gets you out the door, lol. 

Peach flavored Mimosa and Coffee at The Lost Dog, Folly Beach, SC

The Mimosa's weren't too strong, they were mostly just good morale boosters for us being on vacay and at the beach.

The Lost Dog, Folly Beach, SC

The place was decorated with doggies all over.  This place, once a Folly laundrymat, offers an excellent place to meet, eat, and greet.  And it was our starting point for the day.  Too bad they are so far away, but if you go, you must Do the Lost Dog and go for lunch and let us know how it was, b/c we didn't get to do anything but breakfast.

Lost Dog, Folly Beach, SC

And one of the nice things about Folly is that dogs are allowed on the beach at certain times of the year when it's not the busy season.  I think that is a fair compromise and I'm proud of them for allowing dog owners to have an opportunity to be with their dogs on the beach. 

"The Loyal Companion" Breakfast, Lost Dog, Folly Beach, SC

Can you say mmmmmmmm?  I buttered my toast and smeared Strawberry Preserves all over it and was in heaven.  And I had missed my bacon.  I'm going to get some bacon at the grocery when I get back from traveling!  I'm still craving it.  As you can see there wasn't much bacon there.  But what was there was good. 

After eating we went in the Folly Beach shops.  And it didn't take very long.  I bought a couple of t-shirts.  

Then we walked out to the Folly Beach Pier.  

Folly Beach Pier, Folly Beach, SC

I loved this.  Once we were on the beach front, there was a breeze and it felt really good.

Folly Beach, SC

It was a beautiful beach day.  Katy had not brought her bathing suit and we had thought it would be pretty miserable anyway having to Uber back from a beach - instead of just walking back to your condo for a shower.  So we had already agreed that we would just walk on the beach and see the shops and eat.  What we didn't realize was that this was going to be quick.  I had thought we'd be hanging out there all day.  

Folly is a special place though.  We enjoyed it.  I loved walking on the beach and getting to see the ocean - as always.  I realized it was a record year for me as I'd seen 3 beaches in one year for the first time ever.  I saw Tybee Island, Amelia Island, and Folly Beach.  Only one in a swimsuit, but that's ok.  

Folly Beach, SC

Folly Beach, SC

Folly Beach Pier, Folly Beach, SC

Looking off Folly Beach pier, Folly Beach, SC

This is one of my favorite photos that I took there.  The bird never moved, just posed for my pic.

Folly Beach Pier, Folly Beach, SC

Just a nice area.  Volley Ball and they are trying to maintain natural plant growth around the beach.  

Folly Beach, SC

Folly Beach, SC

Katy, my daughter, Folly Beach, SC Oct 2017

Isn't Katy pretty looking out at the ocean in her Lula Roe dress and her beach hat with the bow in the back?  

And here is me...quite the happy girl, in my hat, happy to be beachside. 

Yours Truly, Happy to be at Folly Beach, SC  Oct 2017

And yes I'm wearing one of my Lula Roe tops, lol!  What can I say - they are just the most comfortable fitting clothes and form fitting.  Or should I say, "form accommodating" lol 

The beach was dotted with shells.  Can you believe that?  I mean hardly anyone was there to pick them up.  Once I used to collect them.  But now I let them be. 

Shells and Footprints, Folly Beach, SC

After our beach walk and hanging out and doing some gift shops off of the pier, we decided to see if they had some peel and eat shrimp.

Here is a pano of Pier 101, Folly Beach on the Pier.

Pier 101, Folly Beach Pier, Folly Beach, SC

My view...

Pier 101, Folly Beach, SC

Peel N Eat Shrimp, Pier 101, Folly Beach, SC

So Katy had been wanting peel and eat shrimp and finally we found some.  The shrimp were great.  
We had a corona with lime (as it's light) and pondered our next moves and thought about what we should do for our last day (the next day) right before we had to fly home.  Thoughts of Plantations ran through our minds, but we still were not sure of the logistics with luggage.  

Before leaving Folly, we decided to find the island grocery to see what that was like, in an effort to find some souvenirs for George.  
So Bert's Market, it was.  It has most of what you would need to throw a meal together I suppose.  A very small place, but emergency needs available, and immediate beach needs.  Kinda with a rock and roll theme and attitude.  A few surfer types around.  And if tripping it here, I'd be sure to stop at the Harris Teeter on the way in, just so you have everything on your list covered and use Bert's to supplement.  

So we called an Uber, having done what we needed to do on Folly.  Our next stop was a selfish one - yes we Ubered over to a rooftop bar so we could get a view of Charleston, a more interesting "girls trip" afternoon cocktail, and decide our NEXT moves.  We had about done everything that took "short quick moments of time".  What we needed was another whole day to do the Plantation.  Drats!  But that's all ok.  I'll go back again some day and do that.  

We had our cocktails and chips and salsa.  

Rooftop Bar, Vendue Hotel, Charleston, SC

We were the first ones there for the afternoon, but soon others followed. 

Rooftop of Vendue Hotel, Charleston, SC

Rooftop Bar, Vendue Hotel, Charleston, SC

Strawberry Basil Lemonade and "In Too Deep" cocktails at Vendue Hotel Rooftop Bar, Charleston, SC

The "In Too Deep" was a popular one.  But I really liked the 

Strawberry Basil Lemonade.  I wanted to try the Pimm's Cup, but my gosh, even though we were Ubered around, I didn't want to be tipsy, but there is always another time, or there is always Bartender George on the homefront.  lol 

It's fun to try specialty cocktails with your girlfriends, and in this case one of my best girlfriends is my daughter.  We enjoyed our afternoon tasting.  The waiter was kind and encouraging.   So afterwards we set out to find "Rainbow Row".  On the way there, we went through the Waterfront Park.    Nice stroll and a nice breeze under a canopy of trees.  Nice fountains.  And beautiful waterfront condos and houses.  Makes one jealous.  (Until hurricane season.)

Waterfront Park, Charleston, SC

Waterfront Park, Charleston, SC

And if you walk over behind the fountain, this is your view.  Beautiful. 

Waterfront Park, Charleston, SC

I'm sorry that I don't know the history of this house.  But oh it must be one of the original ones.  I just snapped as we were walking.  About this time I decided I had "to go"!  lol  And we had to walk and figure out where a restroom was b/c we weren't near anything that looked conducive to being able to accommodate that need.  Finally a historical museum told us where to go find one (City Hall) but the museum would not let you in for that purpose unless you paid for the exhibit. They were at least nice about it.  And gave us two options (the nicer bathrooms or the closer, not as nice bathrooms).  We opted for the nicer City Hall bathrooms and NICE they were.  And oh what a relief.  The restrooms are there, but the trick is asking someone who knows where to duck in for them.  Usually not a problem as we were always at or near a restaurant or somewhere, but at this particular point, we were not at any obvious places and it was a bit scary.  But all was well.  And snapped this photo below while on THAT adventure. 

Charleston has endured fires, earthquake, hurricane, war, and it's built upon sandy ground and so the houses, after time are a bit uneven.  Walls and doors and windows tilt.  You can kinda see that here below. 

We decided to go through the Markets again and see if anything was there we missed.  Oh ok, who am I kidding.  We were so hot from the mid to upper 80's and humidity we were looking for that center section of the market that had the a/c!  lol 

We needed to check in for our flights.  So....Katy saw a sign that said $4 wine at happy hour. lol  Another drink?  Well ok.  We had well worn off any of the others.  So we ducked in, had some great a/c, more sitting, and waited til 5:55 to check in.  The waitress tried to help us with our dilemma for the "to do" list for tomorrow and the plantation.  But I realized I'd forgotten to call the plantation to see if they would keep our luggage for us.  Oh well.  I told Katy to pray about it b/c I wasn't sure what to do on our last day.  We made that one glass of red wine last an hour so we could check in for the flight.  They were not very busy so we didn't worry.  I actually told our waitress we were checking in for flight and planning tomorrow.  And she was helpful. 

So, we needed to kill some time and didn't want to go back to the hotel and back out again, to save money.  So....we decided to ride the green trolley to the point at which the orange trolley picked up and then we could go and see the College of Charleston, sit in the a/c of the trolley bus and SIT for a spell.  We figured out where we wanted to eat dinner and would connect back up with the Green Trolley to get there.  This is actually fun for us folks that have cars - and enjoyed having fun with the trolley lines.  However, we learned that the schedules are not accurate and the wait time is longer than it says.  Why?  Most likely because of the fact that drivers take breaks, there IS traffic, and sometimes people are the problem (asking questions, on the wrong bus, not sure where they are or where to get off, lol).

The trolley/bus service is free and you can read about it here:  

Just don't be confused like we were.  We were looking for an actual trolley, but it's a bus!  Thanks to a vision store near a trolley stop that we went into and asked.  They found out b/c people were always asking.  Every one was friendly in Charleston and we enjoyed the Uber driver's and hearing their stories and everyone was helpful and nice to the tourists.  Folks in the shops, and waiters and waitresses, and bus drivers, and even the tourists.  It was just a nice experience.

By the time we had our trolley bus excursions, we had worked up another appetite.  We wanted to go to Pearlz Oyster Bar.   So we finally made it there from a short walk from the bus stop and the sun was down.  I was glad that Katy was the trolley stop guru and had the map pulled up for our dinner spot.  We often took turns deciding things, planning things, paying for things, and finding places to eat.  We were truly tired.  Can you imagine?

We got here.  And Katy ordered coffee and I think I ordered iced tea.  We needed some pick me up at this point. And we were hungry but not too awfully hungry.  We ordered an appetizer of Oysters Rockefeller which we were surprised only had 5 oysters making a "split a little more complicated".  Since I was the one wanting the order, Katy said I could have it.  I took her up on it.  They were really good.

Here was Pearlz.  A nice little Oyster Shop.

Pearlz Oyster Bar, Charleston, SC

The bar, at Pearlz. 

Pearlz Oyster Bar, Charleston, SC

My view of the wall.  Cute. 

Pearlz Oyster Bar, Charleston, SC

Oysters Rockefeller, Pearlz Oyster Bar, Charleston, SC

Well I ordered Fish and Chips and I think Katy did as well.  It was truly fish and chips.  And it was DEVINE!  We devoured it up.  It was all soooo good.

Fish and Chips, Pearlz Oyster Bar, Charleston, SC
Were we through yet?  Oh heck no.  We had been told about a Dessert Bar that we had to try.  So off we go.  Were we hungry.  Nawww.  

But we Ubered Over.  It was dark and the trolleys were slow and about to end.  So we just Ubered to Kaminsky's Dessert Bar.   And we got a Brandy Alexander. 

Brandy Alexander, Kaminsky's Dessert Bar, Charleston, SC
So then as we Ubered in, we Ubered out and back to our hotel.  And you know what.  Once we showered and pajama'd and called our spouses, we crashed and I think we slept until about 8 the next day.  What a day.  And we went to bed having no clue as to what to do the next day and too tired to rationally make decisions.  But one thing for certain was, we were sleeping in and there would be no plantation. Bitter Sweet, but fact. 

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Sleep was as sweet as that Brandy Alexander. 

Back to present day.  We went to church today.  I'm somewhat packed for this next week of travel.  I've worked some this afternoon, doing emails and going over some things with my boss on the handbook.  He's been busy too.  But thankful he's trying to work me in to wrap up some details before the week gets off being that I'm doing handbook presentations at all the plants this week as well as some supervisor training.  

So all the laundry and ironing done.  And all is left to pack is jewelry, books, electronic items, and cosmetics.  

I feel sortof a bitter sweet on traveling this week.  I will miss my family and doggies since I've only been home the weekend.  But you all know how much I love to travel.  So I will enjoy it as I always do.  I like getting to see the other folks in person at the plant.  And will enjoy working with them this week.  

A lady at church gave me a book today, signed by her and written by her.  It's Iniquitous Connections:  The Dark by J.D. Langston.  She is in my Sunday School class.  I was honored that she gave it to me.  And she said it was hard to read, perhaps Dark as it sounds.  But I'll read it.  And we are getting to know each other better in Sunday School.  As people share their hurts, their sorrows, their fears, and so forth and God's intentions for us.  I am not too comfortable sharing yet, but I see that others are and I'm grateful for that.  These things bring a bond.   And I'm glad we are plugged in - the church is big but the class is small.  Really like it.  

Well, I haven't talked to Mom in a week.  We were busy and I didn't call on vacation.  I collapsed into bed calling George and that was it.  I called Mom yesterday but think she was out with her girlfriends.  I've been a frenzy trying to get everything turned around and repacked and to get these blog entries done before I forgot everything.  The longer you wait the harder it is to give it the honor.  

I've still not posted all on facebook yet.  The blog is the exclusive.  Facebook only gets snippets now.  But I will post ALL the pics in a Charleston album for "safe keeping" and people can see it.  But it'll have to be when I get back from this Arizona and Oklahoma trip. 

When I get back from this trip we will start our focus on the Christmas shopping.  I want to take Mom to pick out her tablet.  I'm excited for her to have a new tablet and glad that we can give her something that she will use daily.  She says it is holding on to it's last leg.  I told her she can have it before Christmas if needed.  But I want her to pick it out so we'll go get her and take her to look at it when I get back.  We'll pick our weekend.  

And George and I have decided to go eat Thai on Halloween as our Halloween event, lol.  

We will also pick a date to go look at furniture.  I told him we don't have to buy anything right now b/c of the expense of my trip last week.  He doesn't seem to be too worried about it.  He is glad we lived it up and had a great time.  Bless him.  

Well we loaded up yard sale stuff that didn't sell and George took to a donation center today.  We still have another van full to go.  

It is raining here and cooler.  The temps feel so good.  The temps in OKC will be nice but in AZ it will be summer again and upper 80's but lower humidity.  So I have a sweater and a bit warmer choice of clothes for OKC and summer stuff for AZ.  

Well, I've not had a chance to read any.  Much to my sadness, but I keep waggin' my books around across country hoping to read.  I've been playing Candy Crush which relaxes me and eases the stress or anxiety.  I'm not sure what I am anxious about but - life itself I guess.  I have a love-hate relationship with flying.  And life's uncertainty is always bearing on you. to be relaxed with my doggies by my side and a few quick games of Candy Crush jsut seem to be what I need.  Knocking candies against one another and hearing someone go "sweet", "delicious", "tasty", "divine"....after your moves.  But I'm missing my books.  I've had a bad reading year.  And I'm in the middle of some really good books too.  So I do need to change my focus.  I have so many books to read.  

Well, better go.  Please say prayers for travel blessings.  I'm traveling with a different group than usual.  Not sure if I'll get to eat out or be stuck in hotel room.  Hey there is always Uber right? lol  Well, if I get stuck in a hotel room, I guess there is always room service or the hotel restaurant and I can read, work, or watch TV.  I'm game for any of the above, but I DO LOVE to go out to eat.  

Y'all have a good week.  What are you doing this week?  I love hearing from you too.  


  1. i have enjoyed the tour. GODSPEED.

  2. Safe travel and your vacation sound like so much fun I enjoyed reading about it.

  3. Thankfully you did have the weekend to catch up before taking off again. Your trip to Charleston sounds like the break you needed. Prayers always for safe travels for you! Happy Monday !


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