Saturday, October 28, 2017

Charleston Historic Houses and Reflections on the Week

Another day of Charleston homes in the Historic District.  I'll have several days left to go.  Scroll down for the regular daily blog entry.  But hope you are enjoying the homes. 

This house below in the middle, was still boarded up from the hurricane.  Sometimes they keep them boarded the rest of the season, they said on the tour, but very few had, that I saw.

Charleston was a very clean town from what I saw of it.

Well yesterday was Friday.  It was a good day b/c of that.  It was a good day b/c as I tried not to use my arm, I later realized that it was improving on my range of motion and not hurting.  What a relief.  I noticed that later in the day I could raise it w/o as much pain.  So I delayed calling the doc to set an appointment.  I guess God heard our prayers too.  And the Icy Hot helped a lot.  It's not perfect but I'd say I have about a 60% improvement from the day before when I just wanted the arm to go limp.  Usually improvements come overnight.  But just continued to get better as the day progressed.  Even typing did not bother it. I will continue and try not to use it much today so it can get some more rest.  I'll continue the Icy Hot on it while we are at home.  The next time I go to the doc if my range of motion is not back to normal I will at least go ahead and mention it.  But it will never be perfect b/c it already hurt to lift the right arm and my range of motion was not perfect anyway.  But I can get most things done now so no doctor for me yet.

Since back from my trips I have felt some change in the air, not only the leaves turning on the trees, but in other ways as well.  There are some things mounting that I am less than pleased over.  Some things I can see that are not going to end well and I'm not sure I can stop a train mid track. But ahh, the damage is done. It's really only for others to deal with now.  Only God and His ways can fix it and there is not much I can do.  So the hell with it and hands thrown up in air. I'm done with certain situations. God having shown me how to deal with a few things and that makes for a great sleep at the end of a long day.  Just Let Go and Let God.  And it is all going to be ok.  I will be ok.  One way or another.  I think on one topic I have run the gamut of surprise, fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, back to anger, to basically just giving up and giving in, and finally just releasing it.  Obviously I still have little underlying currents that rise and bubble up from time to time - like now when I'm reliving my feelings on a certain matter.  I think change is felt by more than just me too.  

There is nothing like being home with your pack and shutting the world out at the end of a long day or a long week.  ;-)   We went to see Granny Jan.  George needed some company and Granny needed another face to see.  It takes some pressure off of George.  We talked about Destin and several other subjects until Granny got on certain subjects that were traumatic for her so I had to change the subject quickly.  Which is easy to do with an Alzheimer's patient.  

Back home George wanted to fix a chicken dinner.  It was really good.  We watched a Sopranno's show.  

The Weather has turned cooler.  Rains came after we got home last night and brought cooler temps.  The temps rebound some into next week.  It always cools down and brings the first frost around Halloween. 

Since the calendar is approaching November, our November month has just really added up.  Three birthday parties, two are family members and one a good friend.  Dog trims are set.  Thanksgiving is set. Katy's school dinner and auction is on the calendar. And the one thing that is missing is that we have not planned a lot of shopping time.  I think we better carve some time out and plan the Christmas shopping excursions NOW or we will find ourselves scrambling in December.  However, I think most of our shopping is pretty simplified this year.  Bigger gifts, gift cards, and just stocking stuffers.

I had bought a thin Oxford Stone Paper notebook to write my thoughts in, dates that need to be plugged into the calendar, sermon notes, thoughts from Sunday school, things I want to look up, things I want to remember.  It's working out really well.  So now that I have a chunk of time at my desk at home, I can relive it, plan it, plug it in the calendar, look it up etc.  

I liked this verse from Sunday: 
"The Lord confides in those that fear him".  Psalms 25:15.  As many times as you read the Bible some things just do not stand out.  This one didn't catch my attention.  It made me want to start "talking to" the Lord more.  I've done that this week. I think He draws us closer to Him when we do.  And I think He lets us know things that He wouldn't have otherwise had we not tried to converse.  Amazing how that works. 

I also had made note in my journal to download the Bible Analyzer.   Interesting that Google would not allow this to come up in the search results.  At least not in the first two pages.  I decided to just try the website and that seemed to work just great going there directly.  So I have downloaded this and it has commentaries and all sorts of resources.  

I had written down to research the 7 Spirits of God.  I did some research on that.  I think I have found 6 anyway: 
1.  Wisdom
2.  Understanding
3.  Counsel
4.  Might
5.  Knowledge 
6.  Fear (Love)

 Not sure about 7.  I saw something about interpretation, but think that would fall under wisdom or understanding. 

I had also written to look up Sand Fleas b/c someone at church had them from the beach.  What?  I've never heard of anyone getting sand fleas.  So I did look that one up.  :-O 

We have set a time to go look at OLD family photos with my SIL and BIL in November and George and Susan will decide what to do with the photos - who gets them etc.  I guess we should remember to take an array of envelopes, boxes, etc for "piles".  

In the journal is our thoughts of getting things at the grocery for chili, and our upcoming meal of Irish Stew.  Yes we foodies think of these things all week. I think we are having fish tonight, Irish Stew tomorrow (on my bucket list to make a pork irish stew and have a crusty bread on outside but soft on inside to tear alongside for dipping.)  So thus my little thin journal has grocery list items until I can get home and tell Alexa to add to my phone grocery list.  When you don't have an Alexa on the go!  That is the missing piece to this Alexa.  I need Alexa on the Go!  Oh I might want to get an Echo Dot for Christmas.  I need to put that on my Christmas list, which is tiny this year.  

So, George and I are going shopping soon for Local Head Start/Pre-K Children through our church.  We have 5 children to buy for.  Clothes and Toys.  We are going to Target.  I think this will most likely replace my doing a "box" this year.  My journal has a big paper clip with these kids Christmas wishlists.  

I had written in my journal some relationship factors that are important for a healthy relationship:  Time, Transparency, and Trust
That just seemed liked it is so true.  So I wrote it down.  
I think it will be fun to share with you from time to time, the Journal entries that I make across the week.  ;-)  

Had made a note to look up Sam Cooke, The Man Who Invented Soul.   I think it was mentioned in my Rod Stewart biography book, now finished.  I did look him up and recognized some of his songs.  And I can hear a bit of Rod Stewart style in him, so probably so. 

Began reading Billy Ray Cyrus' autobiography.  And had made a note to look up Trail of Tears song he did as well as Achy Breaky Heart.  I know we all overkilled on that one, but we loved it.  I would like to add Achy Breaky to my iTunes list. His old band was called Sly Dog.  He was in that band when he signed for a record deal.  

I've written in my journal the type of Notepad that my Mom wants.  A Samsung.  And I'll be doing some research on that.  

And that is about the end of my notes for this past week.  

I need to move on from reflection on the past week and move into action for the next week. 

We will be going to take Miss Maisy to the vet to see if they can read her chip number and give it to us.  They had not made a note of it and so we have to take her down there and have it read.  Then we can go on line and "adopt" her to have the chip read our name and information.  

We also need to get her a tag for her collar.  

Well, I am going to get off of here and get going on things we need to accomplish today.  I also want to work on my "Bucket List Board".  I have all the stuff just need to glue and assemble.  Pics later.  
We'll be doing errands, shopping, grocery runs.  Church tomorrow.  Lots of cooking.  And laundry and ironing and house cleaning.  Gotta try to be a left hander if I can to continue the arm relief/healing.  Ya'll take care and have a good one. 

Oh Sybil had wondered if the yard sale went well.  We did do ok on it.  We made less than $200 off our "stuff" rather than just totally giving it away.  Still took two van loads to haul off and a few clothes donation kiosks.  We still have round 2 of going through the house and getting rid of things.  I was thinking much of it is George's but I do have a few things I can let go of as well.  

Ok off of here!


  1. Glad your shoulder is feeling better.

  2. Like you I was keeping daily notes in a book here on my desk but I've fallen behind and need to get back to it. It's nice to quickly jot notes down so not to forget about them later. Thanks for that reminder. November is going to be a very busy month here too. Hope your arm continues to improve and that your Saturday was a great one. Here it is Sunday morning and the rain is pouring down and it's only 38 degrees out. BrrrChill!

  3. I hope your shoulder feels better. I wonder if it could be frozen? i met a woman once at the ortho Dr. who had one. She could not use her arm or lift it at all. We all have strange things happen to our body the more active we are. I know I use to have to type and key a lot at my job and had carpal tunnel. The surgery helped but hand still goes numb sometimes. Charleston is a beautiful place. I would love to have a home there. Looks like you and your daughter had a nice trip.

  4. hope the chip reading is sucessful so you can rightfully declare maisy yours. good luck.

  5. Thanks for the info about the yard sale..I love that kind of thing, we need to do that over here...though I think I did see a couple of yard sale signs during the summer, so maybe it's coming over here as well......loved reading what your journal held...Mary laughs at how organised you are !! She says I'm the same ! Though I don't remember so much what ...has brain is more in the do...mode...maybe my age is catching up on me with regards remembering things !! Hope you manage to get Maisie to have her chip scan so she can officially own her...beautiful sunny day here, not a cloud in the sky, it was very cold first thing in fact the roofs were all white so that's the first frost of this winter.....take care this week love, let things at work go over your head if you can't deal with it or are getting stressed...bye for now. God bless. Xxx


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