Thursday, October 26, 2017

Charleston Historical District Photos and Thanksgiving Planned

Charleston Historic District pics here.  I'll try to show 6 pics a day with my blog entries til done.  That is really the only way I will get it done. I don't have the patience to sit and load them all in one entry.  Plus one entry of houses would be boring to most.  ;-)  So scroll past the pics for my blog entry today.

Well, so I've been worried that Thanksgiving would end up a train wreck but last night I decided to talk to George about it.  As some of you may know we will not be doing Thanksgiving with extended family on either side of the family this year for very different reasons on each side.  And was in a quandary about how we were going to do Thanksgiving with my immediate family on Thursday and to be able to see Mom.   Mom is going to another Thanksgiving meal on Thursday to which she has been invited so we will let her do that on Thursday and we'll see her on Friday and will come spend the night.  Cody and Katy go to his parents for the dinner (evening) meal.  And will be seeing us for the lunch meal on Thanksgiving Day. George and I could cook a big meal here on Thanksgiving Day for the 4 of us, but that leaves Katy and Cody stuffed before going to the other meal and/or having to skimp at our meal to be able to enjoy the other.  (Been there done that!)  So I think we have a plan for the Thanksgiving weekend that works for everyone - finally.  But until I got in worked out, I reached the point of tears.  At the point where George said "just us two could just do Shoney's" the tears fell.  Hell no I'm not doing Shoney's on Thanksgiving Day.  I don't do Shoney's on a normal day usually.  lol  I found myself saying "you don't think enough of our relationship that we should have a good meal on Thanksgiving together?"  (lol, lol - keep in mind I've had a stressful week or so and also some underlying things happening as well).  He hugged me and said "nooooo I'm trying to make things easier - we will be together whatever we do - just have an open mind.  I went through what you are going through now at Christmas last year.  Everything's different, but we'll make it all ok and you will have fun and a good holiday.  But it'll be different."  

So I looked up a few places that serve Thanksgiving meals on Thanksgiving Day.  And we have reservations for two at a very nice restaurant one that would be for a special occasion like an anniversary OR Thanksgiving Day (lol) and all for about the price of what we would have to buy in groceries to fix it at home.  Maybe less.  I was so happy to be able to get a reservation.  George was thrilled as well. 

So I called Katy to see about our plans together.  They can come around noon for the lunch meal - so I suggested shrimp and sushi - and it would be more like an appetizer for them.  We might add a couple of other things, but that will be good for us all to have appetizer like things.  Katy was happy with that.

Then I called Mom about Friday.  She is probably going to have to cook some for Thursday and I didn't want her to have to cook on Friday.  So we will be bringing in a REALLY NICE meal for Friday.  We will have to eat in as we are taking the dogs and Fancy and Maisy do not get along too well yet.  We can't leave them alone.  If we left them at home and took Mom out to eat, we'd not get to spend the night.  So I suggested to Mom that we come and spend the night, we'll call in and pick up a meal - not have to cook and have that breakfast casserole the next morning. She seemed fine with that.  

And now I'm happy and it doesn't feel like Thanksgiving will be a train wreck. And I no longer have to watch it happen  ;-) 

I'm actually excited now about Thanksgiving.  And I may NOT take the day before as a vacation day now since I don't have to cook anything.  Kinda sad but kinda glad.  ;-)  When we have grandchildren, it'll be a different story.  I will want to have a full traditional meal - even if we have to do it on a different day.  But for now, we will make the best of different times.  This has bothered me for a while.  But I'm happy now that it's all figured out.  I just need to figure out where we get the meal from.  Mom says she wants KFC, but I was wanting it to be a little more special than that.

So I did not get much sleep last night.  Early on about 11:30, Maisy stepped on Tugie in the bed and all hell broke loose.  I turned the light on and discovered that Tugie was having a spell from it.  She was bobbing her head up and down, almost not breathing, limp, and was going cold.  Her heart cannot take anything like that.  I hovered over her to hug her and whispered all is ok in her ear and stroked her head.  She began to go back to normal.  Heat came back to her body and she began to breathe heavier.  I was awake for an hour at least - could not go back to sleep afraid that Tugie would fall off the bed, die in her sleep, or that Maisy would get to close to her again.  I told George that I would NEVER be ok with her dying under those circumstances.  So I'm happy to say she is alive and well (normal) this morning.  I'm drowsy this morning, but dealing with it. 

My arm had been better and now worse. I have not been doctoring it either.  And I have been using the arm a lot - lifting dogs up and down from bed, doing laundry, out reaching my arms to lift things - and it has not done my arm any favors.  I've tried to keep it close in to my body and use it minimally but then you realize "no I need my arm to function" and try to make it do what it needs to do and then OUCH.  I can use it but it is certainly unpleasant at a certain angle when lifting.  It's hurting this morning to even lift my coffee cup.  (My coffee cup is like a brick though.)  So may have to go to the doctor but will try to put it off til next week.  I'll see if I can't doctor it some this weekend.

So at the dentist, the place on the roof of my mouth - the dentist said it looks like a cut - like I had stabbed myself in the roof of the mouth.  He said it looked healed though.  I told him I could not imagine what that would have been except that once I remember eating a tortilla chip that really hurt.  It was one of those things that make you go "ow" but then you are talking or whatever and just go on and not pay attention.  So he has asked that I use salt water to rinse and gargle every night for two weeks.  He said it "in no way looks like cancer".  So that is the good news.  I have to call him back in 2 weeks.

Well, got a lot done yesterday at work.  But have a LOT more to do and some of it is pressing.  
So I'll try to head in early today. 

I was going to get my license picture redone today but I think I'll wait til next week.  I'm just NOT in the mood today for picture taking.  And don't want to look at this outfit on my license for the next 8 years or however long it is. 

Well anyway, I'm glad we got Thanksgiving worked out.  Still doesn't solve the main issue there but not sure the main issue can easily be resolved.  But at least all that is worked out.  And I'm happy about it and we can go forward.  And I checked another ✅ mark of the Bucket List. 

Well, I'll see you all manana.  Oh my is it Thursday already?  Yay!


  1. Due to the large family I have it's impossible to get my family together on the Acutal Thanksgiving day so we usually set a date the week before or the week after to get together. Thet way no one is stuff from double dinners or rushing out the door to go somewhere else. We get the day together with no interruptions and it works out fine. Glad you were able to get your plans set and feel comfortable with them. Nice to you don't have to cook! Relaxing and being together is better than being rushed and harried. I appreciate all the pictures of this old homes. They are beautiful You had a wonderful trip with so much to see.

  2. Oh no! I was writing my comment for the past 10 minutes & lost it. Dang phone!!
    It was all about the holidays. Past & present. I fully relate to you.
    All will be fine.

  3. Take care of arm. Sounds like bursitis. Mercy that is scary about tuggie. It has turned cold. I am digging out my winter clothes. Holidays are stressful, I can't stand my sister in law. My husband quit having anything to do with her so I am happy I don't have to be around anymore. Some people are just toxic to be around.

  4. i am so pleased that you got Thanksgiving sorted out. its hard when things start to change and maybe even more so for many people like you that like to have everything organised down to the last afraid that now with Kate gone, and Georges Mother similarly (gone but of course in a different way ) it is almost time when it will be just you and George two love birds together xxxx!! you can start to make arrangements just for yourselves....different yes, bur every bit as loving......Sorry that poor Tuggie got in a state but just glad you were there to comfort her, what was Masie doing whilst all this was going on ?.....what a lovely thought, tomorrow, its Friday, last day for this week at work.....lets hope for a rest on saturday xxxxxc

  5. that sounded scary with tugie. glad she is okay now. i like your thanksgiving plans. it will all work out in the end.


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