Friday, October 27, 2017

Charleston Homes and Problem with the Right Arm

Here are 6 more homes from Charleston's Historic district.  Enjoy.  Scroll down for blog entry.  

Well, I'm not sure what was wrong with me yesterday - I guess tired.  I felt like I needed to lay down all day.  My arm gave me fits.  Now I'm wondering if something is more serious in my arm.  My range of motion is dwindling, the pain not getting any better.  I suppose I will call the doctor and try to see him since I've dealt with this most all week.  A long time ago I began having pain in my right arm and noticed that at certain angles it hurt when lifting.  My range of motion a bit limited, but certainly not life altering.  I didn't even think it necessary to mention it to my doctor but felt it was just a "getting older" thing.  If we discussed every ache and pain we have, we'd be labeled as a hypochondriac and I'm probably already labeled that as I have had a lot of fatigue, pain, and issues through the years with joints and muscles.  The vitamins and eating better helps.  Stress makes it worse.  The last 10 years I've learned to live with it by getting rest, eating greens and veggies, taking Vitamin D and a B Complex.  So for my right arm to have pain didn't really seem anything out of the ordinary.  Matter of fact my right knee is doing the same thing.  I've not mentioned it to the doc but I did the chiropractor a while back.  I seem to often have skeletal pain if I sit and notice so I just try not to notice.  lol  However, this is becoming a problem and I am going to need to see if I can get in to see the doc and at least be under his care and let him check it out.  I need my right arm.  This is now becoming an issue.  

All the yard saling, travel to Charleston and other places and pulling on suitcases and laptops have not helped and has made it worse.  I just figure it's a degenerative issue that has escalated.  But if it hurts to lift a coffee cup, I need to have it checked out.  I can use the arm at many angles, but to lift it up or outreached in certain angles is excruciating at times.

George gave me the Icy Hot he uses sometimes and that was soothing.  My problem is that I need to use my right arm and so it's not getting rest and that is not helping.  It even hurts to drive.  I do it b/c I have to get to work.

It even hurts to type b/c I use that muscle to hold my arm steady while typing.  :-(
This morning I've had to take the laptop off of the desk so I can put it in my lap and not have to raise my arm to type, but I can still feel a little aggravation in it from just moving my fingers around and it radiates up my arm.  Geez.

So yeah I will call the doc and see if I can get in today.  I'd rather see the main doc but I bet there are no openings.  I could probably get into see the walk in center connected.  I'm not sure whether to just wait to go to work and try to get in today.  Or go on to work and then head back for an appointment.  I'd rather see Dr. Pare, my regular doctor.  So I may just go on into work and then call from work.  They probably won't have anything immediate anyway. 

So, I guess yesterday I was sleepy, hurting, and just sappy.  The dogs had kept me awake the night before.  But I had better sleep last night.  

So, although yawning still and needing more coffee, I'm hoping today is a better day.  I left and went to Santa Fe and had Fajita's.  Expensive but it was what sounded best to me.  Was very good.  That gave me protein to get thru the day.  And I drank a Ginger Coke at 4 to get me thru the rest of the evening as I had to get nails done on the way home.  The lady doing my nails was getting mad at my right hand b/c of my arm I guess I wasn't letting it sit on the table in the right position.  She kept moving it and saying to please relax my right hand.  I had to tell her about my arm - that I couldn't.  lol I am not sure what it was doing.  I guess it was tense b/c I was having to hold my arm up there.  

It was good to get home and put PJ's on.  I wrapped up in a flannel sheet as we ate dinner and watched a Soprano's show.  

Bed felt so good.  

Well, I'm going for more coffee and going to get ready and head in.  That way maybe I can get some things done before having to leave out again.  I have to decide if I will put off seeing real doc next week if they cannot work in today.  Or if I will leave and go to a walk in center.  I do NOT want pain meds.  I do want to know if it's a tear, why there is a knot, and why it's not getting better.  I would take a sling to keep from using it.  I want to know if it is going to get better or if my arm is just going to be like this the rest of my life since it was degenerating and hurting for a while.  I'm starting to be concerned.   I would not want surgery of course but hoping it's not to that point. 

But I'm pretty miserable with it right now. 

Well ya'll take care.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. Hope you can get into the doctor soon and find out what is going on. You are always so busy it would be difficult not using your arm. Prayers that it not to serious and can be easily fixed but one way or the other, something has to be done. Take care and hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Try and relax. Make an appointment to see someone or go to a walk-in but get some professional help. It does not sound like your arm will fix itself. I hope it's just a strain that can heal if you can slow down and take it easy.
    Take 2 and call me in the morning. :)

  3. Please love, do go to the Dr. ASAP...this pain is not good, and needs to be seen to as soon as hanging about any more please ......I will hope to see the result when I pop back in a wee while....I hope you got as much done at work as you hoped, and you've made that appointment...xxxxx

  4. I hope by now you have seen a doctor about your arm nothing worse than a hurting arm are shoulder. Hoping you feel better soon.

  5. i hope you were able to get in to see the doctor. besides hurting i know the frustration isn't good for you either.


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