Monday, October 2, 2017

Feeling a Bit Busy and Needed Another Day Off

Good morning!  Here is a pic of a deer in our business complex at work, as I was leaving one day last week.  That area is so busy, it's amazing there is a deer in there - just a few grassy areas.  So pretty.  He stood still and let me take a pic.  (lol) 

Well my iphone is doing the iOS 11 update.  I hope it takes.  I've been wondering if I have enough storage.  I constantly have to work at clearing my iphone.  If I need more space, I can delete a bunch of emails.  It just takes time.  I cannot keep up with the deleting of emails on a daily basis.  My work emails come through on the iphone, but it does not sync with work so if I delete them from my system at work, it doesn't sync to delete from phone.  I'm not sure why.  But THAT alone takes up much of my storage.  I have to go through photos constantly.  And apps come and go as needed sometimes.  

The Jack Johnson CD came in and was really good.  I had wanted to download it for the ipod but didn't have time to.  I listened to it in the car and it was great.

My ipone is now 1/4 of the way thru with the download.  I tried to do this last week as when I synced my phone to my PC it asked if I wanted to download it.  I said yes and it downloaded but never gave the option to finish the install.  It said an error occurred.  I hadn't had time to fool with it.  This morning I saw that the red alert was showing for an install on my phone.  So not sure why the delay but hopefully all will be well.  

Well, there are very few weeks in my life that his been this busy.  I think that most of them were when Katy was home.  Perhaps the week before her wedding although that really seemed a little less hectic.  

I think I have so many little things to do along with several big things.  I did get a lot accomplished.  I'm having to use my calendar book to make lists and double check it all.  I'm using the work calendar (actual planner book) for both personal and work and just keeping it in my purse this week.  It just seems easier somehow.  I like to use the phone to keep up with my life but gosh darn it when it gets to be ridiculous who has time to sit and type in on the phone all the reminders and events (it's hard for me to type on the phone anyway).  

So Saturday morning was mainly a time of chilling with coffee and then headed on to Walmart to get the food for Katy's Sip and Shop.  We had a nice time.  I bought 4 LulaRoe pieces.  One was actually a dress.  Can you believe that?  

I also bought one of those Lip Sense things.  Expensive and way over priced but I wanted to try it b/c it stays on most all day.  They said "all day" but...for me it was about 3/4 of a day.  At least it will get you through the business hours.  I like to wear lipstick but it's such a waste for me normally b/c I am sipping on something all day long.  So it would have to be reapplied constantly.  But I'm impressed that this stayed on.  Everyone agreed that the color I picked was a good one for me.  It was "Bella". 

The iphone is now about 80% finished.  Should be interesting. 

So I was at Kate's from about 1 something to about 6 something.  She wanted me to stay but I told George I'd be home before six.  He knew different anyway, lol.  But he was fixing dinner.  He fixed a nice little steak dinner with rice and beans.  We ate and watched Revenge.  

The temps have been so nice.  

Ok so the iphone install took.  The app store is different.  

Anyway so yesterday we went to Church, and Sunday School and then went to Lowe's to return the carpet cleaner as George had cleaned carpets while I was at Katy's.  The carpets look great and also have Scotch Guard on them.

We had stopped at the Dollar Tree to find Garage Sale signs b/c at one time they had them.  But I found Christmas ornaments instead (for gifts or to add to bags). lol  

Then we had a Walmart run to do (grocery run) as it was right there - but I told George I needed lunch.  I suggested Subway - quick and lowfat.  George pointed out that Five Guys and also the Mexican Restaurant or the Chinese Buffet was all right there.  Hmmmm.  Well ok.  I'd been craving Mexican.  So we went there.  lol  I love an impromptu kinda of surprise.  We both enjoyed it.  He watched part of the Titans game and then we went on to Walmart for our needs there.  Found the garage sale signs too. 

My big happy moment was finding a watch for $7.99 that I love!  ;-)  My other one would not stay on my arm and it seemed when I was at my busiest - it would fall off or be trying to fall off.  So I'm not wanting to travel with it.  I had thought I'd find one in Charleston but for $7.99 and this one looked like me so who can beat that? 

So then we came home, and George began staining the back stairs.  There is no rain in the forecast so he said it was a good time to do it.  Needs to be done while it's still somewhat warm.  So he got started on that and I got started on laundry and bringing my suitcase up so I can start throwing things in it this week and get packed.  

My big project which took waaaaay longer than I had anticipated was swapping out the winter and summer clothes.  I think I spent 2 to 3 hours on it.  Of course that included doing laundry - wagging tubs of things upstairs and wagging the packed things back to the kitchen.  George usually helps me get them back down.  Sometimes he brings them up for me but he was busy so I didn't ask. 

I also got rid of one very large tub of clothes that are worn out, t-shirts I don't wear, old jammies I don't wear or that mainly have worn out, sweat shirts with the hoods.  I just don't like them.  I've kept one, but they just feel restrictive to me and I hate having a bunch of material behind my neck like that.  lol  The fact that our yard sale is Saturday helped.  I also realize that we'll probably be doing a Good Will run immediately after but if we can get some $$ for all our junk then that is good.  lol

I did not get done all I wanted but I did get close.  I did get started on the letter I wanted to write.  Not really going into all that on here.  But I'm not happy with it.  I did not get our agenda to Charleston written out.  Nor the flights printed out for George.  I did not get to go downstairs and look for my Zenger Miller training info that I need for work this week to plan my training.  

I DID look up my lab report on line.  My sugar seemed in line.  My cholesterol was a little high still.  There was a message from April in there telling me not to take Lipitor anymore that my lipids were normal.  Well, I never took Lipitor - not ever.  So that was weird.   I didn't see that anything was really off anywhere much.  But I looked over it really quick.  I was mainly wanting to see if my BP and sugar meds were being called in.  I will call the Publix today and see when they will be ready.  I have to make sure I can get them by this weekend. I did get a text that they were up to be filled, but that is just their system renewal time and has no connection to my doc appointment I don't think.  But now if the drug store calls my doc he will at least release it.  I just need to make sure it's all happening so I have the meds before traveling.  

Tonight I have to go Belk to get eyeliner.  I'm almost out.  Also tonight we are working on the yard sale.  Dinner is cooked b/c we have leftovers from last night which was clay pot chicken.  

Well, you all have a wonderful day.  I need to get make up on, breakfast and lunched packed and head out. 

Gonna be a busy week at work too.  

Well and the yard sale is Saturday.  I cannot believe that October is here.  I cannot believe that our Charleston trip is a week away.  I did get some things accomplished but I sure could use another day to get the house cleaned and pack and finish a few things I wanted to do.  The weekend was planned and gone before it ever got started.  lol

Have a good one.


  1. With so much to do, it's hard to get it in all in one weekend. It took me over a week to finally get my clothes switch over, but then I'm not as fast as you for sure. That is a big chore to do. Looks like lots of busy days coming too. Hope you do great with the garage sale. They are a lot of work. Hope you have Happy Monday !

  2. Katy's Sip and Shop sounded successful. your new clothes certainly made the day bright. Hopefully your yard sale will be a good one. that watch sounds like the perfect accompaniment to your wrist. and what a bargain.


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