Saturday, October 21, 2017

Glad to Be Back Home

Well, I'm back now from ALL the trips.   It's been a whirlwind of a two weeks.  It was fun, for the most part.  I am glad to be home, to regroup, re-flourish my house, and give it some attention and love, and rest and rejuvy.  What is hard coming home from two weeks of traveling trip is that you are used to maid service and cleanness constantly and modern decor and pampering.  Coming home, you come home to dirty sheets (who knows what that was on my side of the bed after dogs slept there all week), non-vacuumed floors, and everything needs a fantastick, a dust, and of course the piles of everything everywhere.  And a "do it yourself" experience.  Except of course George nicely brings my bags up for me.  And George surprisingly did a load of towels - he never does that and he must have used a lot of towels this week - usually he is stubborn to use the same one for a while and I had all the laundry caught up when I left, including towels.  But at least he did them.  And the trash was all empty and everything.  So not everything was amiss.  But I do miss that spic and span, clean lines, clean modern decor, and being picked up after every day.  I'd have made a real good "royal".  ;-) 

All that said, I'm glad to be home and even glad not to be away any more until at least next April.  Looking forward to the holidays, even though they will be odd and different this year. 

George also ran some errands for us while I was gone - to the grocery and to the liquor store - finding some scallops for me that I like and also getting a good bottle of wine that I like.  Nice to be thought of!

He is gone to do yard sailing this morning again.  Apparently he went yesterday morning to one and found a "shadow box" type of thing that looked like it was just made for him.  I'll have to take a pic once we hang it in the music room down stairs - one half music and one half beachy on my end.  It had music icons in there and looked like all the things he loved.  The Beatles, Jazz, and even has the same guitar he has at home.  It had miniature books as he likes to read.  I am surprised it didn't have Star Wars too.  I was shocked that he found something that was so obviously perfect for him.  Of course it has an amateur look to it, but it's not bad. And he said it was priced cheaply - so WOW what a good find.

Yard Sale season is almost over.  I guess he'll have to find some other errands to run on Saturday morning.  ;-) We'll see what he comes home with today.

So  yes, home until next April!  Unless we all go somewhere as a family for a few days in the spring.  I'm game for that.

So yesterday was a quick day of sorts.  Mainly ate breakfast at the hotel, returned rental car, caught rental bus to airport, and then got on the plane and sat there for 3 hours, lol.  We had a little turbulence in two places, which I had already figured out we would.  One was over like the Albuquerque area and the other over Oklahoma.  It was not too bad, but we did shake and rattle a bit.  I finished a book on the plane.  And almost finished another. 

The lady beside me on the plane was nice but weird.  She put a scarf over her head the entire flight.  It looked so funny.  But I think it was fear based b/c she told me later that she cannot see out the window or it will make her sick.  So I think she was afraid to NOT put the scarf over her head. 

She did peak once though to see Nashville area view while landed but quickly had to turn away and look at the cabin ahead.  She was meeting a friend in Nashville who had texted that her flight was delayed.

Well, anyway, soon I will finish out my Charleston entries.  Sorry I didn't really share a lot about Oklahoma City and Phoenix.  I wasn't sure the current company would appreciate photos and me being "touristy" with my photos.  Normally I like to take pics of the restaurants and such.  But I declined to do that.  And by the time we got to Phoenix and the 2 hour time change, I think I was just whooped.  I woke up at 3 every morning b/c in Nashville it was 5.  I always enjoy it out there, but it's always so quick - these trips - aside from a restaurant you don't really get to enjoy it.  I really wish that I could have stayed and George come out and us go to Sedona.  But...that would have been another added cost after my own travel, but perhaps we can work on that happening at some point. I would love for George and I to spend some time in Phoenix and surrounding area. 

So George and I had Chinese food last night.  It was soooooo good and we watched Below Deck.  I was just useless as a person though.  Just glad to be home and practically lifeless.  I stayed awake mostly for the show - ok I did fall asleep once.  lol  Then went to bed and then could not go to sleep.  I had to go get a quilt and wrap up in it like a cocoon.  And dogs would not settle.  Maisy wanted to be with me, but then George, but with me, but then George.  lol  But she is following me around - even accompanying me to the bathroom.  She has to be in the same room.  lol  George says they sleep later when I'm gone.  But when I'm home they expect to get up early.  I think it's b/c we are a bit crowded now with all of us.  I was tossing and turning anyway this morning.  So we were up at 5. 

I asked Alexa to put something on the grocery list this morning and she said she couldn't find the list.  lol What?  I asked George what he did to Alexa while I was gone.  lol  I am not sure what happened.  She finally created a grocery list but then the items were not there.  It would not show a list.  I deleted the Alexa app on my phone and reinstalled and there it was.  So a glitch I guess. 

Oh I miss having a breakfast buffet every morning of eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns, but I could feel my cholesterol and BP rising - lol.  If you could feel such a thing.  I will have to go back to eating oat meal and yogurt and fruit this week.  However, I AM getting bacon this week.  I've had cravings for bacon.  I had ordered an egg omellete at the breakfast yesterday off the menu instead of buffet and the main thing I wanted was bacon.  I asked the waiter if he could remember it b/c he was not writing it down. He said he could.  But he forgot the bacon.  We had a flight to catch so I just politely went over to the breakfast bar and got some bacon and broke it up and put it on my omelette.  More than one way to skin a cat I guess.  I was stubborn and was going to have my bacon!

But I'm still craving bacon.  So I shall have it.  It's on the list! 

Unpacking this morning and will do laundry, and get all the work stuff organized to take back on Monday.  I feel the need to clean and refresh my house and re-air it out.  I'm going to put some good smelling essential oils in the diffuser.  And I'm going to reorg and make the place like I want it.  And I'm going to pick a date with George for us to go look at the new sofa and chairs.  I just am DONE with the current set.  I'm ok with us doing it for a Christmas thing for each other - as long as we have it by Christmas.  I'm ready for it now.  lol I'm DONE with itchy and scratchy (sofa and chair nick names). 

Now that I am home, fall can happen, Christmas shopping can happen, and the holidays can happen.  We can plan our fun fall/winter meals, go to a hockey game (friends have asked), and do some fun stuff. 

I have a few ideas, sparked by a person I follow on Instagram to do a seasonal "Bucket List".  I have a roll of Tyvek to do it with too.  ;-)  If I do it, I will take a pic.  Might work on that list today and then write it up tomorrow. 

Well the windows are open here and it got down to 49 I think.'s was quite the chill this morning.  Nothing a soft jogging jacket hasn't fixed along with coffee.  So glad to have my coffee this morning instead of the hotel coffee. 

Better get things going in the house - like I like it. Oh and I'm going to light a candle too.  Why did I not think of that already! 

Oh also my shoulder and right arm is not to happy with me from pulling on that luggage all week.  On my next physical, I do need to discuss my right arm and shoulder with him.  There seems to be something out of joint or not exactly right sometimes.  My range of motion is dwindling.  And I seem to have a knot of some sort that hurts amidst that area.  I have to look and see when all my physicals are.  But right now my right arm "ain't happy".

Ya'll have a great day.  I'm going to enjoy mine.  We are going to go to a BBQ "thing" later with music and food. 


  1. It's funny how we crave things we shouldn't have and the things we should eat are not half as good but they are better for us. I'm with you, I'd love a breakfast like that every morning, but shouldn't for sure. it's going to be a busy couple of months before the holidays and the time will fly so I'm sure you won't miss the travel. It's when February and March come that winter gets to me and it would be nice to get away. Will be looking forward to seeing that find of Georges... Enjoy your Saturday to the fullest !

  2. hope you get your bacon. funny how the dogs have to reorganize now that you're back home.

  3. I am glad you are finally back home safe and sound. Hope you get to rest some. It takes me a couple days to get over flying. It is hard on a body plus the time change. I bet your dogs were dancing with joy when they saw you.

  4. So glad you are safely home and that George had done a few chores when you were away...hope all will go well tomorrow at work and your assistant Sint in the awkward mood....night night. Xxx


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