Wednesday, October 25, 2017

God is Helping Me Make Adjustments in The Way I View Negativity

Good morning!  It seems like a great day to just be writing in bullet fashion.  I have a lot of thoughts running through my mind.  Most of which I really don't want to go into deeply.  For reasons of 1)  It's a public blog and 2) My present Mood, which I'm having to enhance.  Coffee is helping.  So is God.

1.  My "Very Charleston" book came in. 

2.  My Rod Stewart book is finished and now it's on George's book shelf.  I felt bad saying I had lost respect for him.  I shouldn't have said that.  He made a nice way for himself.  He made some mistakes.  But haven't we all.

3.  I began reading about the history of Charleston.  Normally not a history person, but to have walked in places where a lot of things happened, blows my mind.  Now that I've been there, I want to go back and revisit the past.  Last night the book began by quoting Maggie Davis of Venture Magazine in 1969 that "Charleston does not have the history we like to boast about in our text books".  She said "it's not only bloodstained, and wicked but continually unrepentant."  The book states that Charleston continues to remains unrepentant and proud, defies history, defies time and continues to defy America.  The book was written in 1947.  And dates back in time to 1670 when it was Charles Town.  Within the same paragraph, the book approaches that both whites and blacks have been able to do "more" together as a people for the Charleston area, making it a stronger and vibrant place.  I agree.  That is good.  Hopefully that continues with the attitudes that some have today. Next bullet.  lol  I'm not sure how I had reading time last night.  I think it was b/c dinner was late.  I was very late (1.5 hours late) getting to bed.  That does not help my persona.  But I did enjoy the extra time.

4.  Parts of the day yesterday were weird, odd, different. Parts of the day made me feel an array of emotions.  I let God have most of it and that was comforting.

5.  When you see a train wreck coming and you can't stop it (and maybe you don't want to stop it) it kinda makes you feel bad.  You have to start planning your words in advance.  Do you say "I knew this would happen?"  or "I told you so" or just "I'm so sorry!" to which I just almost laughed out loud.  George and I have a thing about that phrase "I'm so sorry".  We had a show in which we would count the number of times someone said that.  But....."I'm so sorry" seems to be a good phrase to use when 1) you don't know what to say or 2) you want to mask what you really want to say.  Now my secret is out. 

6.  Why not stop a train wreck?  Well if the train has had problems staying on the track, swaying in and out and often was opposite of "the little train that could" but is "the big train that swayed back and forth", would it not be better to let the train just go ahead and wreck and then build a new track and get a better aligned train that goes down the track right?  yeahhhh heh heah!  Of course.  If the new train can't be obtained in one land then there is always another land in which tracks can be laid.  No reason to be afraid of the future, so Jesus take the wheel - or the engine if you will (wheel, lol) and I will be watching and "she'll be coming 'round that mountain when she comes".  We'll see where it lands. lol lol lol 

7.  I am amused at the fact that when I let go and let God that we both have fun with it.  I am thankful that He (God) listened to me yesterday and that he is helping me turn what was bothering me into 1) humor 2) an adventure show 3)  a front row ticket to sit back and watch 4) a safety zone as He removed me from the danger zone

So...peace out man! 

And Enjoy the we go. 

We'll ignore the fact that some days are like this right? 

8.  So someone was defiant yesterday and I let God have that too.  We talked and He showed me that 1)  people sometimes have a story you don't know that made them the way they are 2) there are reasons why people are less than kind and once I was quiet and let Him whisper thoughts into me, I realized that the issues are not directly related to me, but in the person's own experiences.   So it turned out best to pray for those that are negative and not be hurt by them.  Also George's big thing is "don't let anyone else change how your day is going".  I've heard several people say that in a different way.

 The church ladies say "Don't let that person steal YOUR JOY", lol. 

And psychologists say, "Don't give that person the power".  All good stuff right there.  So YEAH!  Yesterday's saga....gone! Poof.  Thanks God!

And this is probably what the devil said, which also makes me laugh, but perhaps is not the best way to look at it:

or perhaps the devil would say....

I may also think that, But I won't say that.  Go away devil, get thyself away from me.  But thanks for the alternate view.  lol

9.  I need more coffee - be right back.

10.  My arm was better then I had a battle with a fitted sheet last night.  But the good news is my arm is still attached, so I'll try to be positive. 

11.  This coffee is really good to me right now.  Just plain ole Colombian Maxwell House.  I have ordered more with the Walmart order I did last night.  I usually like to order beans, but I'm taking a break from having to grind coffee every weekend for the next week. 

12.  I have a dental appointment today at 8.  I have something going on - on the roof of my mouth.  I'm a little worried about it. Also have pain in my upper right and lower right teeth.  So hoping that this is nothing serious.  Today is my routine scheduled 6 month visit (cleaning) but will discuss the other.

13.  I am worried about Thanksgiving.  I want it to be special.  I'll give that to God too I guess.  Given the current situation, our extended family in C Town won't be dining together this year, but on separate days.  So I'll let my Mom tell us what day we have and we'll plan it from there. 

14. Why can't people just be nice?

Well, I'm going to get off of here.  All is well.  And moving forward.  It's all going somewhere.  I'm not sure where, but we're moving and shaking.

Til then:

Yep and we will end with that one!  It's always good when you can turn things over to God.  I didn't really expect to have a view of humor and amusement out of it all.  But God is making it that way!  Thanks God!  Ya'll have a great day.  It's OTH day.  Ovah the hump!


  1. To let go and let God is always a good thing! Glad you did and had some humor added to your day too. Although Wednesday are often the hardest days of the week, it's great to get over them too and slide right into the weekend! Have a wonderful Wednesday, even if you do have a dentist appointment!

  2. So glad you've given everything over to God he is the BEST......even if there are occasions we can't seem to reach him !! Hope today went well. It would be nice if you could have a nice family thanksgiving but it dosnt seem that's the plan....what is Kate doing this year ? can I ask you for something, and any of your friends who may be looking in ?.....I have a friend Chris at church and about 8 weeks ago she was diagnosed with advanced bladder cancer that was spreading, they were starting chemo when we went on holiday. On the Tuesday that must have been the 11th she had a slight stroke the Drs said then they could not start the chemo again she was in hospital from Tuesday- Friday then came home. On Saturday that we were supposed to be home her darling husband asked her if she would like a coffee around 10.35pm. He went downstairs to make it came up 10 mins later to discover she had had another stroke this time a massive one that was last Saturday since then she has not been able to do anything, she occasionally says a word....out of French she and Tony are French teachers in France they have a house there where they live for six months of the year......anyway there dosnt appear they can do much for her. Poor Tony is stunned and won't believe there is not much can be done. Please Sonya pray for them both. Pray for a miracle for them both. I just can't imagine how long the future is going to be. They had already been speaking about Hospice care before I went away....Thanks Sonya I know I can rely on you xxxxx

    1. Yes Sybil I will stop right now to say a prayer for them both.

  3. life is often an uphill climb using a sense of humor helps us cope.


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