Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Good Morning from Oklahoma City

Well, what a day.  Got up around 4:30 and got ready and was out the door by 6:30.  The goal for me was to disturb George's morning as little as possible since he had to get up earlier than normal.  He had suggested to leave at 6:30 and I said that should work.  I normally prefer to get there 2 hours in advance but I usually have some time left to wait, so I said 6:30 should work. Well there was a wreck and we inched all the way to the airport.  I should have been there by 6:50 or 6:55 but it was about 7:15 or 7:20.  I think.  Anyway, I had to get my boarding pass, check luggage, get through security, go to the bathroom, get my chicken biscuit, get my water.  Then I'm ready.  Two things helped me to be on time.  1)  I was lucky enough to get TSA Pre Check.  That meant I didn't have to take shoes off  or take my laptop out of the case.  2)  Our flight was delayed by 10 minutes.

So off we go.  My boarding pass, nor my flight information had indicated a connecting flight.  I had thought that was odd as usually you can't get to OKC from TN, lol.  And sure enough when I got to the gate, I realized we would be going to St. Louis first.

Some crazy woman with a cat got on in St. Louis and was in front of me.  Then someone that looked like Lee Ann Womack and her husband (it could have been but I think this couple was younger) sat next to this woman.  The woman with the cat was high maintenance from the start.

First of all she wanted to put the cat under the middle seat but sit by the window.  The flight attendant told her "no you cannot do that it has to be under the seat in front of you.  And it would barely fit but it did.  They made her put her purse up above in the overhead bin, and she was not happy about that.  Then she made the couple get up while everyone was trying to board and went and got the flight attendant and requested that the gentleman be reassigned next to her b/c he said he was allergic to cats.  The gentleman and the lady with him, both laughed and was trying not to.  And told the flight attendant "no I am not allergic to cats and that he didn't say that".  And so the flight attendant said she was not reassigning him then.

During the drink service, she was not happy with the mixed drink offerings and they didn't have what she wanted so she ordered something and was not happy with it, then wanted something else.  They brought it and she was not happy with it and wanted hot chocolate.  The flight attendant said he was going to get everyone else served their first time and then come back to her.  She finally got her hot chocolate and had drinks everywhere.  The flight attendant said "Mam can I take something away for you so you don't spill anything?"  Well during that process she spilled something all over the guy next to her.  So the flight attendant had to go get mega paper towels and called the supervisor personnel at the airport we were heading to to talk to the guy.  I am sure they were going to offer him some perk - drink coupons or a flight discount or something.  When we landed, the supervisor was waiting for him but the guy went on past and didn't see the supervisor.  lol  I think he just wanted to be on his way.

Anyway, that woman!  And I think she had to stay on the flight and it was going to Panama City next.  Wow.  They had to deal with her for another round.

So we got to Oklahoma City, ate lunch (at my request).  I have to eat about every 5 hours or I will get shaky b/c of the sugar thing.  I thought I was going to have to Uber back out to get food, lol.  But he was nice to stop and we actually went in to Arby's to get something. I usually go to Charleston's and get a chicken salad, but this parmesan chicken sandwich was really good.  I had baked lays with it.

Well, then we got to the plant.  And I Prepped for my supervisor training and did that and then studied for the Handbook presentation today.  So pray that it goes well.   I will be doing that around 10 a.m. today.

I have some things I need to work on today as well.  So after this presentation, I will be done with everything for the OKC plant as far as training and presentations, anyway, and can get some work done.  Having been out a week, there are a few things that need doing.

It was hard to leave home yesterday b/c I had JUST gotten back Thursday from vacation and was not really ready to head back out.  But it's ok.  It needs to be done and I do like to travel.

I  talked with George last night and took a shower and read for a bit.  Also read on the plane yesterday.  So I'm nearing the end of two books.  Been a long time coming.  I've not read much this year.

Slept good last night.  Well until about 2 and then it was cat napping.  I got up at 4.  So at least I had 6 hours of solid sleep.  Another night here in OKC and then I'll be on the Phoenix.

I need to pack up here with my laptop and head downstairs to eat.  Need to be downstairs at 6:30 for breakfast and then we leave at 7.  I'll look at my presentation again this morning and I see a couple of changes I need to make.  So I'll have more time to practice.

I also reviewed it again last night before bed.  So I should be ok.  I've been asked not to go into depth as it will take forever so I'm trying to be general but informative.  Not a lot has changed - however there are some key things that are more clearly defined and spelled out.

Anyway excited this day has FINALLY come after 4 years of wanting it to happen.  ;-)  We have a handbook.

Ya'll have a superb day.


  1. You were lucky not to have to be the one sitting to the cat lady. I can only imagine that guy next to her need to put some distance from her. It's wonderful you can finally present a handbook. They really do help. Hope you have a great day and get lots accomplished!

  2. I can't believe that about the cat lady. That poor man beside of her. I am very allergic to cats but if it was contained it would not have bothered me. For some reason if I go to someones home who has cats they love me. Want to rub against my legs or sit next to me. I am glad you had a good flight. I hope everything goes smooth for you workwise.

  3. good thing you didn't have to deal with the cat lady. cats don't travel well so i'm surprised this one did but her momma didn't.


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