Friday, October 6, 2017

Laptop, Blogger, Trades of Hope, and PlannerPads.

G'Morning!  Well, I have discovered now that the Blogger app on the new iPhone software update will no longer work.   I personally think that the blogger apps will go away eventually.  I could be wrong.  But if Google intended for Blogger to continue you'd think they would support it.  It didn't work properly on the last update either.  Nothing is ever done to update the app to support it going forward.  I think it's a matter of time before the same happens with blogger on the PC.  Just my opinion.  So that said, I won't be able to post ANY pics to my blog using iphone or ipad, unless I can do an email post and do it that way.  I've not tried that.  Frankly not too keen on that way anyway.

Most of my updates are done from home on my laptop which works great.  But I will have to transfer pics over before being able to share them.  So now I'm pondering whether to take the laptop on vacation or not.  I am considering it.  I can blog better on that.  However, I'd have to leave my laptop in my suitcase.  But I do have a lock for my suitcase.  So I am pondering this.

Pros of taking Laptop to Charleston
I can blog with pictures while I'm away
If work needs anything I will be able to type up something or be able to share a document needed
We can research things and see things in a bigger way than on iphone and ipad

Will have to carry it on as a carry on - on the plane (but I'm pretty used to that)
Will have to lock it up in my suitcase at the hotel
No doubt I will worry a bit about it, but it'd probably be ok locked up in suitcase.
The biggest concern is when we'd have to leave it in the hotel lobby area before and after check out - unless I put it inside my suitcase then when no one is looking and have to open it up and get it back out at the airport.  (Usually they have a waiting area for your luggage - not sure though.)

I think that I have made a decision then.  The fact that I'm unsure what we will be doing with luggage before and after checkout, hoping the hotel will keep them for us.  Still a bit concerned about all that anyway.  I would hate to lose a suitcase full of stuff including laptop.

So, I'm thinking that I will just leave it home and share pics with you all once I get back.  That means I'll probably have to take my camera.  OR go ahead and delete a whole lot of pics from my phone.  Since I would not be transferring the new pics every morning the pics will build up on my phone and will eventually be too full of storage.  I need to delete a bunch of stuff off my phone but I've barely had time to even use the restroom, much less do extra things like that.  lol

The only bad thing about taking my camera is that I'll have phone, ipad, and camera in my purse and that will make it very heavy.  But I can leave my keys and a bunch of stuff at home I suppose.
I'll figure it out, but I think I've decided to leave laptop at home.

What do you think?  One less worry.  I can still blog a bit but just no pics.  We will be on the go anyway.  If work needs anything they will have to make do.  More likely they would need my advice and not a form of any kind.  My work laptop will be at home b/c I go on a trip for work when I get back.  So no one at work would be able to retrieve anything from if if needed unfortunately.  My assistant is very able to handle things anyway - as she has good judgment on things so I think I'm just going to leave it.

Whew!  Thanks for helping (reading) me walk through that.

Now for the pic I REALLY wanted to show you when I figured out that my iphone won't let me add pics to blog.  Often I would add pics to blog, save as draft, and then type the rest on PC.  But I can still transfer the pics to PC and upload from there.

So here is the pic...a bracelet I ordered from "Trades of Hope".  Many of the beads here were made from cereal boxes.  The bracelets (various colors) sell for $19.99 and help the women of places like Uganda and Haiti who make them.  There are handbags, scarves, and various other items.  I have a friend (actually a cousin of George's) that sells the Trades of Hope items.  My bracelet came in from our Sip and Shop party the other day.  It is amazing that it is made of cereal boxes.

One of the reasons this business exists is so that Mother's can afford to keep their children instead of giving them up for adoption b/c they cannot feed or care for them.  I think there is a book out there about all this too.  So if you order Christmas gifts or birthday gifts on line, please check this out.  I think the merchandise is very reasonably priced compared to what you usually see on things like this and it helps these women.  So please consider this when doing your online Christmas shopping.

The website:  Trades of Hope

Well, I believe this has been one of the busiest weeks ever in my adult life of being out of college.  I believe this even surpasses the week of the wedding.  lol  Nearly every minute has had something scheduled.  My house needs help, the laundry needs doing, I need to pack.  Still have not even finished planning the vacation yet.  Still have research to do.

The yard sale stuff is marked, my errands are run, my nails and toes are redone (got that done last night).  I do have some jewelry to mark though.  I'll do that tonight.

Tomorrow we'll have our yard sale from 7 to 2 and then will take what is left to Good Will.  Then we will come in and then on to our next plans.  My next free moment is Sunday after church and after dinner with friends - I will have mid afternoon and evening to do laundry, pack, give the inside of the house a facelift for George.  I'm actually looking very forward to that piece of time.  Finally.

I may have to do some Charleston research at lunch.  I'm running out of time.  It's also a crunch time for work.

I'm excited that I am supposed to get my planner calendar for 2018 today.  Its a different type of planner.  It's a "funnel" approach to getting things done and is supposed to save an hour a day. It helps you focus on the things you really need to accomplish.  I ordered it from

Planner Website:  PlannerPad 

It's $29.99 and into the 30's with shipping and tax.  However, a good planner is worth it's weight in gold if you use it and need it.  For me it's an important tool.  I can use Microsoft all day long and try to mirror my appointments and the icloud also makes it show in my phone and also in my Alexa app.  (That was not the easiest thing to figure out, lol).  But anyway, I'm looking forward to getting this in today.  I got the executive size (8.5 x 11 or something like that) with the spiral binding.  They have a personal size for a lot less.  But I probably won't get the personal one.  I've not used the one I bought last year.  There is only a few days where I really need one and I can just make my own list and calendar for that week/month.  Actually this week I've put this year's planner in my purse and have been taking it back and forth to work as ALL of my to do's are in it this week.  Needed to compile my world to be able to get it all done and to even see what needed to be done as much of my errands were done after work and I needed to see what I was supposed to do before I left work.

The funnel approach on this planner has a place across the first 1/3 of the layout where you list all of your current projects.  The 2nd third of the layout is where you assign "to do's" for each day of the week based on those projects. And the third section of the layout is your appointments section - where you can schedule the appointments you have OR schedule a time to do the work.  Schedule an appointment with yourself.  I have to do that sometimes.  Things get done that way.  Anyway, my only sorrow in this is that I have to wait til January to begin using it daily. ha.  However, I DO intend on using my planner instead of Smart Sheet to track our monthly and quarterly things.  I'm finding that I'm not using SmartSheet for that b/c it's out of sight and out of mind.  I'm not in Smart Sheet as much any more and I'm on my planner all day long so - I believe this format of the funnel will work great for me.  Hoping it arrives today so I can take it home and have it for next week so I can start putting my 2018 annual and quarterly projects in and begin planning that. 

Well, Katy and I went to LongHorn last night.  She and the bridesmaids from her friend's wedding all did their nails this week.  They were going to be at the salon I was going to but the bride changed it- but that was ok.  Katy and I both were at separate salons but finished about the same time so she met me at my salon since she got through right before I did.  She was waiting on me.  So we went to Cheddar's and no one ever came to take our order after 20 minutes so we left and went to LongHorn.  It was expensive but it was good and we had great service.  Except that the person that sat us acted like he was on cocaine, meth or something.  Weird and odd - quick jerking around and mumbling, and fast paced, just not right.  A little scary. But the waitress was normal and cheery and we finally were able to eat at 8:30.  lol

Better go get ready and get to work.  Much to do there to close out the two weeks that I will not be there.

 Ya'll take care!


  1. Sounds like a challenging week for you but with some fun included. That helps. I used to use a planner, it was especially helpful when I worked. Now I just use the calendar on the computer which also is on my phone. Things are much simpler now but I must keep dates on the calendar or I'll forget. I always take my laptop when I travel in a carryon. Blogging is such a habit for me. I put everything in the carryon that I'd usually carry in my purse and then pack a smaller purse in my suitcase for when I get to wherever I'm going. Hope you do well at the garage sale. It's supposed to be a beautiful day tomorrow here and that should help. Yay! It's Friday! Have a fantastic day!

  2. good idea not to take the laptop on vacation. one less thing to worry about.


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