Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Looking for Positive Energy

Good Morning!

Still in Oklahoma City this morning.  Presentations and training have gone well and late afternoon we fly out to Phoenix to do a round there.

A little bit home sick on this trip.  Since I was gone last week.  It is hard being out of the office for two weeks in a row.  It just makes it difficult.  And I miss home.  But doing the best I can and next week is really going to be busy with everything that I need to do.

I feel a bit down today.  So I am hoping for a day of positive energy.

Here's how to have a positive day:
Here is a list of 10 habits that can turn a gloomy outlook into an effortlessly optimistic attitude.
  1. Think of things you are thankful for ...
  2. Redirect your challenges. ...don't let others turn your joy into mud puddles if you can't control what they think or do anyway
  3. Get good at being rejected- at rejecting negativity that follows.  You can feel the pain but let it go and look for what went well and what to do different next time.
  4. Use positive words to describe your life. ...then your mind will believe it
  5. Replace have with get. ...I "get" to do this tomorrow instead of I "have" to.
  6. Don't let yourself get dragged into other people's complaints or drama. 
  7. Breathe.  And go on.
  8. Notice the good things around you
  9. Try to Make things better
  10. Make someone else smile or do something for someone else and it makes you and someone else feel good and spreads much needed positive energy

So, today I will hopefully get to work on a few things I've been trying to work on but haven't been able to.

And hopefully I will be saying good morning to you tomorrow from Phoenix.

Ya'll have a good day.  It's Wednesday right?  OTH day.  Over the hump.   Off to the private blog.


  1. It's always good to count your blessings ! When there is thankfulness, there is no room for anything but happiness ! Glad all is going well and try to keep that positive outlook. You've another day to make presentations which always go better with a SMILE. and just in case you need's a (((BIG HUG))) from me to you !

  2. Everything will be OK. Your life will be back to "normal" soon. I seriously hope you can have a weekend to do what you want with no plans. You need to regroup and refresh. Very important.
    I know you miss George and the doggies & they miss you too. Big time!
    xoxo m~

  3. I would take a day off when you get home. Jet lag is so hard on your body. I can understand being homesick. I feel unsettled when I am away from home too long. Take care. I bet your husband is ready for you to come home.

  4. good habits for sure. i can understand your being homesick. you barely got home before you were headed out on the road again. hang in there.


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