Thursday, October 5, 2017

Making Progress in the Week

Got thru the day.  I think some of ya'll were worried about me yesterday.  I LOVE those graphics when you are in a weird mood.  I have a file called "Attitude" and when I feel like I have an attitude I use them.  Makes me feel better to make fun of life and it knocks some of the frustration off. 

Truth be known, yesterday had some laughter in it - one time so much that I cried. 

And then I got locked out of about 3 websites and it was really frustrating til I realized my num locks had been turned off.  It's one thing to notice if you are typing, but when it happens while typing a password you can't tell.  Oh my gosh.  But at the realization after spending an hour fighting with password resets from three websites and wondering if you are being fired b/c none of your passwords work - then realize it was only your num locks not being on - is pretty darn funny.

It truly proved that I needed a vacation!  Only two more days and I'm on it!  It has been hectic trying to get the handbook presentation done.  Now I've got to work on a form for sign off and and also a type up our agenda for Supervisor training and also pull the forms/materials for it.

Tomorrow I've assigned as a catch up and get ahead day b/c I'll be gone from the office for two weeks. 

Well, I picked up my meds yesterday from Publix so that is good to go.  And we finished marking everything for the yard sale last night.  I was up til 10:30.  Because I needed to have some time to reboot laundry, eat and watch a Sopranno show with George and then play a few games of Candy Crush. 

So it's 6 and I need to get ready and get on the way to work.  Ya'll have a good day!  Tonight after work I'm getting my nails done.  Katy and I were going to be at the same spa as she is going with her friends bridal party but they moved it to a different salon, but it's ok - she and I will be together all week next week.  I'll just take that as sort of an "alone time".  I need to delete things off my phone too so I have room in my storage to take lots of pics. 

I still have a lot of things to do personally here at home too in preparation for the trip.  But time with this yard sale thing has really been difficult to come by.  I'm surprised I'm not falling over on the keyboard this morning from missing sleep this week.

Better go!

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  1. sounds like you're in the right mindset for vacation. hope everything falls neatly into place for you.


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