Monday, October 9, 2017

Prepping for Charleston

Feeling better this morning!  Good solid sleep overnight.  Katy is here and George will take us to our flight this morning.  So prayers requested for a fun and safe girls trip. 

We went to church yesterday and ate lunch with Richard and Kathy after church at a place called Sunset Grill.  It is a HOT SPOT in Lebanon, TN.  A meat N 3 kinda place.  I loved it.  I'm starting to really need meat N 3's b/c I need the green veggies.  I have eaten a lot of green beans and lima beans in the past week.  Not usually on a menu anywhere, and I think my body has been lacking the nutrients from that.  I enjoyed Richard and Kathy.  Part of our "friend family" and I am so glad we are going to church together again. 

After lunch we went to Walmart.  I didn't need anything but two miniature umbrellas.  Can you believe they only had ONE left.  I needed TWO.  All the luck.  I did get two just a like but one is about 2 inches longer than the other one.  I will give Katy the smallest one as her purses are smaller than mine.  I couldn't believe that.  But oh well. I had promised Katy I'd get her one b/c she needed a mini one too and hadn't had time to go.  I also bought ponchos and tossed those in the suit case too.  We shouldn't need the umbrellas until after we get there so they are in the suit case. 

I spent most of the afternoon from 2 until about 6 - doing laundry, and packing.  Had two shirts to press the wrinkles from.  It took a while to figure out what I wanted to take.  It's supposed to be warm - like 80's for high and 70's for lows.  So summer stuff for the most part.  I threw in some warmer tops - in case it ended up being cooler than expected or it was breezy or too much a/c.  I figured I might need a warmer frock for dinner time.  Also have a black sweater. 

I have tennis shoes, flip flops, and some sandals.  Wearing flip flops to the airport for easy security.  Not taking the laptop.  That will be easier in security also. 

Katy and Cody came to eat dinner yesterday and got there about 7 ish.  They brought Findlay.  And of course Maisy growled at her.  Findlay was intrigued but would keep her distance.  Maisy did not want any "puppydom" about her. Findlay has a lot of energy.  And also Maisy is very possessive of me and her domain. 

I'm a little worried that Maisy will miss me.  I'm going to miss her.  She will be glad to see me when we get back.  George will take good care of her. 

I'm sure George is excited to have some time to himself.  He bought a big pack of chicken breasts to fix this week.  I think he is going to cook it like bbq and pull it. He said he would be eating that and watching the baseball games every night.  He took a big pork roast and crock potted it last night and pulled it and I'm not sure but I think you have to let it roast in the oven for a bit after it to give it some crunch.  Anyway, he roasted potatoes and carrots.  We take the mini potatoes and also buy the "white" sweet potatoes and put carrots on and roast it and vidalia onion petals as well.  It's soooo  good.  Seems like you put coconut oil on it too and some seasoning.

Anyway, we had baked beans as well.  And corn bread. 

Cody picked up a guitar and wants to learn to play.  He did quite well.  I think he would be a natural.  George showed him some chords.  He and George played some.  Katy got on YouTube to give them some songs to try to play along with.  I sat and played with the iphone/ipad.  There was another update for iphone and ipad.  I got that done.  I downloaded the travel apps needed/recommended.  I got rid of apps not used.  I deleted all old emails from everywhere (AOL and work).  I deleted old photos and messages and got rid of a lot.  And my memory is much better now.  I'll be able to hold some pics.  My mini camera is charged and in my purse as well. 

I never did get to do research about seafood restaurants, things to do in Charleston, and Folly Beach.  But I guess we'll figure it out as we go along.  I just ran out of time.  I was going to type up this nice agenda.  But I did get our boarding passes printed, the hotel reservations printed, and the reservation information for our horse and buggy tour in the morning. 

We are really looking forward to our trip.  Ya'll have a wonderful Monday.  Feels weird not to be going to work.  Feels like I'm going on a business trip - but that is not til next week.

Need to finish getting ready and head out.  Our flight leaves at 9:45, so we'll leave here about 7 and get dropped off at the airport.  We'll check our bags, go through security, and then grab breakfast.  I always get a bottle of water as well.  It's only a short flight so probably not gonna need it, but I will get it just in case and have it to drink thru the day - sips as I need it.  It's like gold.  It's about $3 or $4 a bottle in the airport but you have to get it there b/c you can't get liquids thru security.

Already I better go, I keep typing.


  1. I am so excited for you and will be looking forward to hearing about Charleston. Praying that you do have a save and happy trip!

  2. You & Katy have a great time. Mother - daughter time is priceless.
    Treat yourself & r e l a x.
    Be safe!


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