Sunday, October 8, 2017

Snapshot of the Morning....All Before Coffee!

Sunday is finally here.  And I get a small sliver of the afternoon to get laundry done, packed, recharge my camera, do some research, finish a letter I've been trying to write.  I've taken a long list of many things and whittled them down each day.  Everything is almost complete. 

Last night at the movies, I began to feel really tired.  We had wine with dinner, had a really good dinner, and then a movie.  I was miserable at the end b/c I wanted my bed.  We saw Kingsman.  It was really good.  I recommend it.  Movie critics didn't give it as good of a rating but then they often downplay movies I really like.  It had more action than I care for though, but the plot was great. 

After the movie as we walked back to the car, I just felt completely washed out.  Complete exhaustion has set in.  I did get a fairly good nights sleep.  In bed by 10:30 I think.  And up by 6.  Woke up about 3 times in the night but at least I didn't have to get up at 4 like a work week.  The lack of sleep is catching up with me from the week.  I woke up.  I feel better but still very tired.  And apparently very irritable. 

I don't mean to be irritable.  But the morning has been something like this:

---Up at 6, arguing with myself: gotta go to church, oh it's so hard to go to church, I'm so tired, can't I just sleep in?  No you are going.  We have lunch with friends afterwards.  And we need to take the thermometer we bought for a silent auction "first aid" basket to help people at church who are trying to adopt a child. Oh but the hurricane Nate remnants are coming and it's going to be a washout of a day.  Oh but the devil wants you to NOT go b/c of Nate.  Oh so we'll go.  Reluctant and exhausted but we'll do the right thing.

---So get the doggies out of the bed. Turn the phone on so I can see without waking George up.  Tugie has to have a tummy rub.  So fine.  Do the tummy rub.  Oh but she doesn't want me to quit.  Now Maisy wants a tummy rub.  Oh my.  Ok.  Fine tummy rubs all 'round.  Ok time to get up so we can go out, we got a life to live.  No one turns over.  Come on now, I whisper and pat the bed.  George wakes up.  I finally have to turn Tugie over and pick her up and put her in the hallway.  Maisy jumps off the bed.  She can do that.  So that is good.  Now turn bathroom lite on and shut George's bedroom door.  I thought I had it shut anyway.  Roger likes to stay in bed and snooze with George.  I wish they all did.  lol

---So let's get everyone hooked up on leash and go outside.  Maisy is all hooked up and raring to go.  Where's Tugie?  Oh there she is giving herself a morning bath in the bad areas.  Tugie, Tugie, - come on.  She can't hear what am I doing.  She starts to come down the hallway but turns to go in the bathroom - she can't see me at the end of the hall.  I have to go turn the hallway light on.  She comes out and finally I hook her up and lead her to the door and take them both out.

---It is lightly raining, and both dogs hesitate.  I insist "go on".  They go, quickly and pee and then retreat to the door.  The cat is in the way.  He loves to harass them as they come in.  They barrel down the cat coming in and the cat knows that if he tries to come in too and "love on" the doggies (a manipulative move not a real "love ya mean it" move) that we will give him food to distract him away and get him back outside.  lol  So I do that and make a mental note to order more cat food. 

---Finally back inside.  I go to make the coffee.  I make a mental note to grind beans and refill the coffee canister this afternoon so if George wants coffee next week instead of K-cups (already bought those for him too) that he'll be good to go.  Tugie barks b/c I'm taking too long to fix her breakfast.  I tell her to hold on and be patient.

---Maisy and Tugie are looking at me and watching my every move.  Excitement builds as I grab the doggies plates.  I dig into the fridge.  Ooops we have used up all the Fresh Pet.  Oh and there is not another package of Buddig's except the 1/2 of one that George will use to give Tugie her pill and all the other dogs get a treat too b/c you can't give Tugie a "pill treat" and not give the others a "treat".  lol  So anyway, sorry my ladies, you will have to have dry dog food only this morning, but I love you so I'm going to give you a cheese cube too to make up for it. 

---So then they eat and I go to my desk and make of list of today's things to do for packing and that research I've been trying to get to all week.

---Finally dogs finish eating. Have to wait to make sure one doesn't sneak over and try to steal the other's food and start off a growling session.  It's been a whole day now and it's only 6:20. 

---Now plates clean, and off to the shower.  But first I stop to pick out my clothes to wear so they'll be ready to pop on when I get out of shower.  I hear Tugie bark.  What on earth.  She is in our bedroom barking b/c she wants back on the bed.  Maisy is dancing all around just happy there is activity.  I put them both on the bed.  George sits up and starts asking questions.

G:  What is going on?
Me:  Dogs want back in the bed
G:   Well is something wrong?
Me:  No
G:    Well why are the lights on?
Me:  Because Tugie couldn't see to come down the hallway
G:    So nothing is wrong.
Me:  Irritated at 20 questions, slightly raises voice "No, everything is fine, she just wants up in bed with you.  I'm sorry I thought the door was closed."
G:    I'm just asking if everything is ok b/c the lights are on.  (Hello I'm up is why the lights are on.)

I think he was still half asleep. 

---Going out of the room after dogs back in bed with George, I shut door and go to turn out hallway light.  Then see a poop in the floor.  It's a twisty poodle poop.  So it's Tugie's.  No wonder she wanted in bed.  She knows better and she knows I'll be mad and get on to her.  She wanted to be under George's protection.  She knows he's sleeping and I won't come in there.  Smart doggie. 

---Get rid of poop.  Big sigh. 

  ---Ahhhh finally a moment to myself  and I choose lovely Rosemary Mint Suave shampoo for the pick of the day.  And I use the conditioner that came with my hair color b/c it needs the deep conditioning.  It's harder to get out of my hair to rinse off, but I'm going for it.  I deserve it.

---Conditioner is in hair, and now using the Oatmeal Cinnamon Soap for lathering.  mmmmm you could almost eat it. lol

---Suddenly the water pressure drops and the water turns scalding.  At least the water pressure stops first so you know the scalding water is coming.  Somebody flushed.  Dang it I was almost through.  It takes two to three minutes for it to change back.  I don't have the patience so I twist and curl my body out of the scalding hot water and reach for the handles to turn the hot water completely off.  Now it's ice cold.  That was stupid.  Ok let's adjust and find middle ground so I can get this conditioner off my hair.  Couldn't he have waited to flush?  I was almost through rinsing but I still have this conditioner in my hair that is hard to get out.  Finally get water middle ground.  Must hurry b/c the water will come back really cold when the water shuts off of the toilet's attention and comes back to me.  I get the conditioner out and get out.

---I'm drying off.  George is getting up and 3 dogs follow.  I ask him if he flushed.  He says "sorry yes I did".  I told him it was ok, I was just making sure it was a flush and not a water pressure problem. 

---I decide my hair is too long and trim the back and then go and get dressed. I get the hiccups.  They won't stop.  George begins teasing me and otherwise tries to talk and ask questions. It's hard to talk with the hiccups and it makes me mad to try.  And George says "are you mad this morning?"

G:  Are you mad this morning
Me:  No - well I'm irritated.
G:   I can see that.
Me:  It's been a day already of taking care of dogs and everyone elses needs (as we both go for the coffee pot).
G:    Oh
Me:  And it's BC 

--- Then I go for my cofffee.  I sigh.

Me:  And it's all been BC
G:  BC?
Me:  Before Coffee
G:  Ahhhhh now I understand. 

So....yeah...I have coffee now.  Life should be good except that I see it's 7:56 and I meant to stop at 7:45.  So now we will be late to church or I'll be having to put make up on in the car.  We leave at 8:15. 

Rushing around. 


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  1. the dogs take up a tremendous amount of your time every morning, don't they? but they are so worth it with all that unconditional love.


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