Friday, October 20, 2017

Tired From Phoenix But Flying Home Today

Well, I've been pretty tired out here - trying to be on a schedule that is 2 hours later than normal but with a body wanting to be the 2 hours earlier.  Waking up at 2 or 3 instead of 4 or 5 and then trying to have a later day but falling asleep by 8:30 or 9:00 here.  So, feel a little zombie like.  Drank coffee a lot yesterday to be chipper to get through training.  But was very relieved to be done with all the training at both plants.  Still have Nashville plant and Corporate office next week and a WHOLE lot of work to do at my desk and follow ups on nearly everything.

But it's Friday and today is a flying day.  George is leaving early to pick me up at the airport.  And we are heading home to our weekend. 

I'm so happy to be going home.  It's not that I don't enjoy the travel as I do.  Love getting to see the folks at all the locations.  Love getting to share meals with them and love getting to try cuisine. 
But I'm glad to go home and get in a routine again.  And get caught up.  We will be needing to dive into Christmas.  And we are going to a BBQ dinner tomorrow night.  That has been planned for a while. 

I've been up since 3:30 - but woke up several times last night and had some very real but crazy dreams catnapping around each of them since about midnight. I'm amazed I can even do a blog entry this morning, lol.  It could be some kind of Hitchcock blog entry if I wrote about my dreams.  Maybe it was the red wine and spaghetti.  lol

My business travel partner found an Italian restaurant as I've had steak and chicken and mexican and burgers and I really wanted some spaghetti.  So he found a restaurant called North Italia.

Walking in I could smell the "Italian" smells and it sure smelled good.  We had a very nice dinner and I had spaghetti bolognese.  I tried to stay awake after getting back to my room.  I read a lot into my Rod Stewart book.  Really wanted to finish it.  Fell asleep trying.  lol 

So I am almost finished with two of my books.  I'll probably finish Rod at home this weekend if I stop long enough to read.  And I should finish one of my books on the plane ride home.  Wish I could take both books on the plane but...the Rod book is a hardback and kinda big. 

I have to say though - about Rod Stewart.  I want to like him.  I want to understand him.  But I think after reading, I not quite as much of a fan.  I'm not sure what I expected.  I mean drugs, sex, and rock and roll - what else could it have been about.  lol  He also has an air of arrogance about him.  And he will admit it.  He will also admit his mistakes - so I do like that.  But I think many of them he repeated.  Anyway, it has been interesting reading some about his life.  I've just been really slow reading this year. 

Well, I'm trying to keep myself busy as we meet for breakfast at 7.  Then have to return the rental car and ride the rental car bus to the airport. I'll be glad to get the bag checked.  It's very heavy. 

I've lugged around a very heavy laptop case and purse and suitcase all week.  I'm ready not to have to do that anymore.  I am using my small suit case also.  It's busting at the seems.  lol

I may close my eyes and just listen to music on the plane also and check out.  I'm pretty zapped after 2 weeks of travel.  I have enjoyed it - well most of it, but just a bit zapped and ready for the weekend. 

Ya'll have a great day too.  Happy Friday.  Please pray for our safe travels.  I think we have to go over a couple of rough patches, but maybe it won't be bad b/c I don't think the midwest storms have fired yet. But the energy is getting in place.   Yes I'm watching the Weather Channel.  Just hoping for smooth flights. 

Well signing off.  Til later.


  1. It won't be long now!
    Have a safe trip!
    Take care,

  2. So pleased to read that you are home word bound, by the time you read this you will be home, having had a hug from George, and been almost eaten alive by the three doggies tomorrow is Saturday, I know you have a BBQ to go to but hope you can perhaps rest before you go out to it....take care, glad your home xxxx

  3. I am glad you get to go home. I know your husband and three doggies are missing you. I hope you have a safe flight.

  4. Hope you can rest up a little and enjoy your weekend at home ! Happy Saturday!

  5. hope you can rest once you get home. it'll be nice to be there i know.


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