Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tuesday Morning Thoughts ~ Over Coffee

Had to share my room service tray from Phoenix.  We had an evening flight one night, putting us at hotel close to 9 p.m. - and whether that was Nashville or Phoenix time, I cannot recall, but it wouldn't matter.  I was done for the day.  It had been a long day or two and I ordered a Burger from Burger Theory.  I was really excited that the meal came with the little silver trays like you see in the movies.  I guess I have never ordered room service before.  But I was most impressed with the little mustard, mayo, ketchup bottles.  They were cute.  It was a meal enjoyed.  

Someone asked me yesterday if I'd lost weight.  The ultimate compliment.  However sadly my pants feel tighter than ever having eaten VERY well the last two weeks.  While I've been pretty active, I've needed SOME of the extra calories, but perhaps not all of them.  ;-) 

So it's time to tighten up a bit on the calories and fat intake.  Need to curb the white bread, white rice, white pasta and start to be particular.  However - geez the holidays are coming up.  Gotta be good on most days so I can be bad on some days.  

My arm is much better today.  Instead of sharp surprising pains when lifting my arm, it is more dull and my range of motion w/o having pain is increasing.  I tried not to use it yesterday despite the load I had to haul around going back to work yesterday and doing our meetings at the plant.  George massaged my back, arm, shoulder area last night and that seemed to loosen up the muscle some and relax it.  Everyone keeps saying to take something but no I don't just "take something".  I'm not in total agony, it just hurts when I move it.  So I choose to just not move it.  I don't want to mask the pain and then hurt it and it hurt worse.  But I can see improvement today and I'm sure the massage helped.  Plus I became quite the left handed person yesterday.  lol 

Perhaps by weekend it will be a faded memory.  Yesterday it hurt to lift a coffee cup, hurt to drive, hurt to open the car door, hurt to reach up for anything.  The coffee cup was easy breezy this morning.  And yes my coffee cups are kinda heavy.  I like those old fashion coffee diner types of mugs.  It's like lifting a brick.  lol

As far as the work zone goes, was able to get through 437 emails fairly quickly to determine which needs to be deleted and which printed and which needed action.  I had gone through most of them on my phone for the last two weeks. So was aware of most of them.  I am now questioning whether one should actually go through email while on vacation. Wondering what your thoughts are on this.  I DID this on my vacation as a favor to my company to try to be there and be aware from a distance. I think I may rethink this in the future.  Why not just tell everyone if you have an urgency or something happens that just royally busts the seams beyond reason, just call me.  And be unplugged.  Because are you doing anyone a favor if you are not able to follow thru completely like you usually do?  Then it makes you look bad b/c you were aware of something but didn't do your normal activity on it b/c after all - you DID just land at that airport and are lugging luggage around and calling ubers and such, and being with family and it is leaving you to defend yourself as to why you didn't just find a desk, plug in and start making phone calls and follow up b/c you were aware of something b/c you checked email.   

It's ok.  I know I worry too much.  I try to hard to figure life out and I take it personally b/c I actually AM PERSONAL about my entire life.  I want it to be right.  It seems in life you get in trouble for just waking up in the morning though.  lol Sometimes you get negativity in life for things you try to do well and would have been best if you hadn't attempted such.  I have always found, sadly, that the more you try to please, the more people end up feeling like they were shorted.  And therefore the people that are lazy often have the best reputations b/c they are not involved in anything and therefore don't make anyone mad, light anyone's fires, or get on anyone else's agenda.  I don't want to be lazy.  I like to be involved.  But I have reason to think I may be on to something with not checking email in the future and just telling everyone to call you if they need you.  

Ahh well, I just think of the irony of things in life sometimes.  All you can do is laugh or it will drive you crazy.

I am also the one that over analyzes things in life though.  Like when you go in that public bathroom stall in an effort to encounter the fewest germs, do you go in stall 1, 2, 3, or the handicap one?  Well, you think most people would just go in the first one available.  But wait, if they analyze like me, they will think the same, skip the first one and go to the 2nd one.  So then I will go to the 3rd one.  But what if they all do that too? 

Decision making is difficult in my world sometimes.  I weigh out the options.  And that is why I would ponder such as thing as whether to check email on vacation.  

Regardless of that answer, I'd still have 437 emails upon the return b/c our system does not sync with phone emails.  I will say though that having checked the emails while on vacation DID help ME. It may have may have caused friction in some areas but it DID help ME.  Because yesterday I could breeze through the morning deleting, saving, printing and not having to bother anyone if this or that was taken care of b/c I already knew.  So...there is THAT.  

So my inbox (actual inbox) was huge.  I really only had time to sort it and put it in the "work centers" of activity which is prioritized for me to do.  Never did get to work on any of it b/c I had meetings at our plant location in Nashville.  Since I was at work at 6:30 yesterday I left after our meetings there about 3:30 ish and came home.  Talked to Mom on the way home.  Then worked some more from home on phone calls.  But it was nice to be home earlier and take the dogs out and feed them.  It's fun to see them so excited when you come home.  The first person coming home for the day gets the most excitement.  The second person there is a little excitement but they have eaten and back to snoozing again at that point usually.  

I was able to get my Charleston pics posted on facebook.  That is my trip back up for photos.  I don't think anyone even looks at my stuff on facebook anymore.  I'm not on it much.  I thought maybe some folks would enjoy seeing them but only two or three noticed I think.  Oh well.  I had posted for me anyway.  I think facebook is losing it's charm for most.  It's no longer interesting for me.  I get on about once a day if I think about it.  It used to be that we were all busy connecting and sharing our lives and funny things and sad things and we connected.  Then it all got political, and people get ugly and then there are people that misunderstand you, or misread you, or make fun of you, and everyone wants to correct you, or talk about you, and then it just wasn't fun anymore.  Even I start to get judgmental after a while.  lol 

Who needs that stuff?  Not me.  I prefer a good book or a game of Candy Crush to clear the mind.  It's fun to see if you can beat that next level, and beat the score of your friends.  I love it when my face goes clamoring up the leaderboard atop my friends scores.  lol  I can be competitive without being really competitive. ha.

And so I have blogged long enough about fluff and stuff.  I need to get to work.  The coffee was good this morning!  Good old Maxwell House Columbian - has a pretty good taste.  

Oh I finished my Rod Stewart book.  I am happy to have finished two books this week.  Thanks to plane rides and lonely nights in hotel rooms.  George has been working on his project.

Well ya'll have a good day.  I better go.  I'm not going in as early today but I'll work later.  

And.  I don't know why I'm sneezing like the dickens but ---oh well, I'll just go get more coffee.  I've already had my flu shot.  Ya'll take care.


  1. Before the days of cell phones and tablets, I used to love vacations because I was totally unplugged . Now we don't have that option. But I would agree to taking time away from emails for those work related. If it's an emergency the could call but most would think twice before calling. It would be nice if we could have a message that would respond automatically on emails saying we were out of the office... like we used to on our telephones. Glad you have the opportunity to take a slower start to the day after the early morning yesterday. Happy Tuesday !

  2. Oh my dear Sonia...you and your analysing, it makes me laugh....not at you!!.....but I will say again when you are away from work you can't do anything about what might or might not be going on I think your phone and messages should be shut of...perhaps a quick look through if your actually on work business once a day perhaps in the evening would be ok. BUT ON HOLIDAY. NO WAY you should be out of contact ALL the time. You must have off time and your not relaxed if your working all the time......
    I'm just glad coffee is good this morning....by the way if you use the handicapped toilet I will back out and mow you down without a backward glance LOL.........hope all goes well at work today and try not to think things through and then through again LOL

    1. Yes, if it is a crowd I would never think to do the handicap one. Most of the time there is not a wait and the choice is ours. Plus business is quick and not much of a wait if there was to be one. I guess in America it is not really bad to use the handicap one unless there is a situation where there is a large number in the group. The main thing here is to have it available for wheel chair accessible. I think all are very good about not using that stall if there are folks around that need to use that one.

  3. I took my work email icon off my phone home page while on vacation and told my boss he had to call or text if he needed to reach me. I checked it only twice during the week I was off. I have left it off my home page and it has really helped my personal stress level!

  4. decison making about vacation versus work related stuff can be a big chore. i say vacation is vacation, period.


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