Wednesday, October 4, 2017

We are All Lunar Ticks!

Making progress in the week, but it's taking it's toll.  We have worked on the yard sale the past two nights, have eaten late, and therefore stayed up late.  I also colored my hair last night.  So it's been a heck of a week working on things bit by bit.  I have had minimal time to myself.  The thirty minutes time for waiting for the hair color to set was like a piece of gold time where I could sit and do candy crush and watch instagram stories.  lol

So it's busy at work and busy at home.  The devil is also trying to throw his fiery gosh darn darts.  Things you don't have time for.  Attitudes, opinions, selfishness, and a full moon rising just makes everything a bit harder instead of easier.  Ya'll don't mind if I check out do ya?  lol Some things you just DO NOT have time for.  And sometimes you just throw your hands up and go....


You can't control life and you can't control others (unless of course you just do everything they want and be at their beck and call and do things their way and cater to them with silver tray, a wand, and clicky heals that grant wishes).  That buys you an easy road to happy relationships for a while right?

Rolls eyes. 

I think I have an attitude today.  I think others gave it to me.  But I can do this.   I can rise above it.  I can get beyond it.  Or I can have one of my own.  ;-)

Sometimes it makes life more fun if you have one of your own.  IF you go about it the right way.

Like if you just resort to your early teen years and make faces at life or who ever bugs you.

LOL....I guess I'll go and try to make the most of my day.  Gotta get through this list of stuff at work.  Gotta get through this list of stuff at home.  My hair is really standing out on it's edge.  So much to do every where. 

OH well, at least this entry was fun to stop and do.  I love to make faces at life.  At least I'm not doing at people.  YET. 

The day is not over! ;-)

Ya'll be good and I'll try my darndest to do the same.  Oh my that Full Moon hath its effect on EVEN ME! 

We are all Lunar Ticks I tell ya. 


  1. Try to take a lot of deep breaths...breathe. Your busy life and dealing with lots of people on a daily basis plus the extra work at home has got you on a merry go round for sure...Thankfully it's Wednesday and over the hump we go....

  2. This very FULL moon seems to be packing some extra craziness. Oh yeah😲

  3. Morning beautiful, it's certainly not that here in Box it's wild wet and's Thursday here and will be by the time you read this ! Tomorrow is your last day for at least a week then you can shake everything from your head and ENJOY the HOLIDAY with Kate..looking forward to popping in to see what your up to even whilst Mary and I are sailing in and out of the Greek Islands, first time ever I have paid to get internet access,
    Take this time to recharge xxxxx

  4. to quote a song, "Mama said there'd be days like this."


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