Saturday, October 7, 2017

Yard Sale, Cleaning the House, and Ready for Some FUN!

What a beautiful sky we had (for a few minutes) this morning.  We got up at 4 and set out all the yard sale stuff.  We had quite a good crowd and made a little bit of money.  Just about everything was 25 cents and 50 cents.  But we were pricing it to move.  George kept giving everything away.  lol  He will do that.  You can't expect to get much out of a box of anything.  He will say $2 a box.  If it has $20 item in it, you better make sure it's not in a box.  I had already told myself he would give away the tablecloths from the wedding - lol - so I just went ahead and priced them ridiculously low.  Then all was well.  I had no expectations and therefore no disappointments.  And it's funny b/c HE is the tight one.  I really don't like to do yard sales to tell you the truth.  We price things low and still you have people that want to have it lower than that.  But for the most part, people were very respectful.  We did have one lady that just kept on negotiating.  Even George said "well that's a good deal I gave you right there now".  lol  This same woman owned a shop in town.  We had two boxes of bubble pack mailers $2 for the whole great big cardboard box.  And she wanted a deal better than that.  George told her a price and she wanted even lower.  lol  It just bothers me.  I know that other countries barter and negotiate like that and I guess men do a lot of it at times.  But I like for things to have a price and be sold at that price.  I don't like to be negotiated.  It puts you in a bad spot. 

The day went by pretty quickly.  And we got to see a lot of our neighbors.  Some light showers came through about 11:30 and so we shut it down about noon.  I had wanted to take all the stuff to Good Will this afternoon but George didn't want to today.  I thought that was odd.  That is what we have always done.  So we had to put it all in the garage and then we'll have to move it again into the car for Good Will at X time.  :-O  Oh well.  Nothing like moving things twice.  He didn't want to fool with it today for some reason.  It would not have taken long.  So I didn't get the reasoning - but whatever. Twist my arm.  I had things to do anyway.  

So I had been dreading the yard sale but glad it went by quickly.  We did get rid of some stuff but ----still seem to have most of it left.  ha.   Oh well. 

So, I tried to rest and play Candy Crush this afternoon but I tell you, I kept falling asleep.  Candy Crush relaxes me and it just knocked me out.  lol I had to get up and start moving.  We have company coming over and they will be here soon.  Our house was desperately needing cleaning.  So I have vacuumed and spruced up.  

Katy spent the night with us last night.  She had a rehearsal dinner.  And she had to be back over there this morning at 8:30.  She got in late - after 11.  I was already in bed but not asleep.  She took Tugie in there to sleep with her.  It gave me more room to stretch out and I slept so good last night until 4 anyway.  We had to get up, get showers, make coffee, and I boiled some eggs and put those in a cold pack for when we got everything set out.  Katy had to make a breakfast casserole to take this morning for the brides maids.  She sat with us for a few minutes.  

Well, going back to yesterday - had a lot to do to finish up the week but managed to get it all done.  It felt weird to leave knowing I'd not be back in the office for two weeks.  

I have several things I need to do that I've not had time to finish at home.  Still need to research some places in Charleston.  Shopping, restaurants, touring some homes, a plantation and Folly Beach.  I need to check the weather.  I never did stop and get that purse umbrella.  George and I are going to Walmart tomorrow after church and after we eat with Richard and Kathy.  I want a little tiny purse size umbrella.  And I'll have to do laundry and pack tomorrow.  And do the research.  I've decided not to take my ipod, but I do need to take my earbuds.  I am taking phone, and iPad and camera.  Camera not as heavy as I thought. 

Tomorrow right as Sunday School starts, I have to check us in for our flight.  

It's just been a really busy week but about to wrap up the busy-ness and have some fun.  

We are hanging with friends tonight.  They will be here soon and we have some fun planned.  

Hopefully will get some good sleep tonight too.  I hope I don't fall asleep before bedtime though.  lol 

Katy coming back tomorrow night to spend the night and George taking us to the airport.  

Better go.  Might need more coffee.  :-O


  1. I think a lot of people go to yardsales to barter. It gets annoying. Some just won't give it a rest.
    2 weeks off/out of the office, sounds so good. Enjoy your time and share pics & stories as you wish.
    Be safe & enjoy it all!

  2. Nice to know that you will soon be on vacation and can rest and relax a bit. This surely has been a busy time for you but sounds like it all went well. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday !

  3. sounds like you had a nice yard sale. good to get rid of some things and make a little money.

  4. Just imagine your yard sale was such a long time ago it must be a bit like a dream! might not even see this coment. But you know we have both been away and I've not been very well since getting back So I am just slowly checking things out..Did want to see how the sale went.....As you know we don't have yard sales....mores the pity.....we do have occasional jumble sales where people take for about $5 a table and pile things as high as they can afford too...people flood in as sion as doors open and start grabbing and asking for....whatever it is cheaper and cheaper still. It puts me clean off...after all it was properly priced very cheap in the start...I hate it.....but in some ways it was fun.....Anyway glad yours went well. It was odd that George didn't take the stuff left right away...but when e feels like going It is going to smell the car !!


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