Thursday, November 30, 2017

It's My Friday!

It's my Friday!  I'm ready to "try" to sleep in tomorrow but I doubt the dogs will let me.  Anyway at least I won't have to rush around tomorrow morning. 

Last night I was able to put 1 Christmas box of stuff out.  It was mainly for the mantle.  Perhaps I'll get another one done tonight.  It's weird being two weeks behind on getting it done.  But it was my choice b/c I didn't want Christmas stuff about on Thanksgiving day.  At least our shopping is going well.  But we will soon need to wrap and get Auntie M and Uncle K's things to them in Yulee, FL. 

One day at a time and thankful to have time off tomorrow even though it will be heavily interrupted mid day. 

NO BIG plans this weekend.  George was drumming up shopping plans and I said "not til after the decorating is done". 

The inflammation Rx is helping the movement and stiffness of the arm.  The way I test it is by doing a stirring motion as if stirring a pot.  When I outreach like that is when I hurt the most and heaven help us if you are picking up something like that - no way!  But I have noticed that there is less pain.  It's like a prescription strength Advil.  But it is not for pain.  It's for inflammation.  It doesn't make me sleepy - thank goodness.  I can't even tell that I'm taking it at all.  Other than no pain in my arm.

Well, not much to say.  Just moving on to some other things I want to do this morning.  Hope you all have a great day.  I am a bit sleepy this morning, but I rested good.  I think I just needed to keep snoozing - but the alarm was going off and the dogs were stirring and expecting to get up - so I got on up.  But even with a cup of coffee in me, I think I could go right on back to bed.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tuesday's Tales and Spiritual Encouragement

Morning!  Still no Christmas stuff up yet.  We came home and then headed out to Publix to get my Rx for the arm (inflammation meds) and then to see George's Mom, with the 3 dogs in tow, lol.  

I'm sad to say that Granny, although she still loves to talk, is not able to finish many sentences coherently.  She forgets the subject matter and ends the sentence with something else entirely - so it is hard to understand.  I just say "unh huh" and smile.  It is so sad to watch.  On the bright side, she seemed to be fairly happy.  

We came home and split an Asian salad kit and smoked salmon on crackers with Jalepeno Cream Cheese.  We watched Below Deck while eating.  Only one more show left.  

I totally failed yesterday at having time to do arm exercises and I failed to remember to put an ice pack on my arm.  The day was full already.  So today I need to try to do better.  I also don't like taking meds so I really don't want to take these anti inflammatory things but I will b/c I want the arm to get better.  So I've got to try to remember to do everything and work it in the schedule. 

Christmas shopping is going along - George ordered the kid's freezer.  We ordered them a small freezer.  Between their normal weekly groceries, Cody's "evidence" items, and killing a deer, etc - their freezer space is limited.  So it is ordered and we'll pick it up soon.  They know about it b/c you don't buy someone something that big without asking.  lol 

Well, still no Christmas out though.  A few boxes are waiting for me.  But we didn't have time to get started on it.  I did reboot laundry and fold towels and get those put up.  

Maybe by the time Christmas is here I'll have it up.  I'm off Friday but we have that appointment smack in the middle of the day.  I was going to shop for George that day but since I did his on line and he picked out a bunch for himself while we went shopping too - I think I only have stocking stuffers to do for the most part.  I will probably wait til later to do those.  I have another off day on the 15th I think.  So will do the stocking stuffers that day.

Plenty to do. Then there are the Christmas cards.

Well, I finished my Bible study on "How to Lead When You are Not in Charge" and "Who God Is?" and both were really good.  It was so good that I kept going, soaking it up like a sponge.  If you have not checked out the YouVersion Bible App - you should, and pick some "Plans" to do.  These are very encouraging and uplifting.  You can pick plans accordingly as to your needs.  I have just needed some encouragement lately.  It seems that since my travels - things have just not been "right".  I've had to take some time to sit back and go "whooaaa" and take inventory and analyze and assess, decide what is wrong.  I've tried to figure it out.  I'm not sure I'll ever totally figure it out.  But nothing can stop a train wreck but God when things spin out of control so big.  You can't control others.  As they are going to be as they are.  But I can pray over my day and have God bless it.  If bad things happen, or others try to mess with my well being, He has shown me that He is with me and that there will be "joy in the morning".   

And I'm waiting on the Lord ----b/c he said those that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary and they shall walk and not faint.  Soon (probably lunch time) I will finish the Bouncing Back from Disappointment study.  It's been a good one.  I am blessed, but I will say that there have been some pretty strong disappointments lately.  I think we put too much pressure on people around us to be more perfect than they are.  We expect more than we get, and often give more than we get.  I think also through some of these studies, I am learning at 55 of age, that there is not justice in every situation.  And regardless of the effort to find it or make it - it's just not always going to be there.  Why we have to justify justice in our mind to have peace I'll never know.  It's true that things in life just are not fair, equal, right, or just.  Evil entered the world and so there is always lies, jealousy, incorrect perceptions, selfish pursuit, and PRIDE.  Pride being the very thing that leads to other sins and deficiencies.  It paves the path.  The whole reason the devil fell from a righteous being.  Humility is the opposite.  Something we ALL need.  No one is exempt.  

Well, good stuff there, but I need to get some other things done and be on my merry Wednesday Way.  I have a lunch outing today planned that will give me good cheer and keep me whistling.  Then I'll come home and do Christmas stuff.  And Tomorrow is my "Friday" - Lord Willing.  :-)

Ya'll have a good one!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Monday's Moments: A Pretty Good Day

Good morning!  Well the doc was able to see me yesterday at 5:30.  I am glad to know that they serve those long hours like that.  They open early and stay late.  I left at 4:30 so I'd have plenty of "bad traffic" interstate time.  Glad I did.  Traffic was indeed already clogged.  Got there on time. 

He said that it sounded like I had a torn rotator cuff.  He said it is usually in the shoulder but hurts in the arm a little lower, where mine is hurting.  He has a plan A and a plan B.  

Plan A 
Put ice on it as much as I can
Do exercises that he gave me
Gave me a shot in the butt hip for inflammation
Take Rx for inflammation (called in)
See him again in 2 weeks. 

Plan B
If still hurting and no better
A cortisone shot (I think he said it was cortisone) in my arm
Physical Therapy

We didn't discuss Plan C and I don't really want to right now. 

George retrieved several boxes of Christmas stuff for me.  I can't do it due to the arm.  
So tomorrow night I can dive into a box or two and get started. 

We also did our "Amazon night" (there has already been some of those, lol) by ordering his jeans on line.  He has to pick those.  So he did and two pair of different styles, are on their way. 

I did a load of laundry and did my exercises and then we had a reading night.  I read in the Charleston history - all about the American Revolution, the Stamp Act, the Townsend Acts, and so forth.  Oh my gosh.  I'm just not into history.  However, I do find it extremely interesting when you look at it from a place in time.  Things that took place, where we stood.  How our country was formed and how the various views shaped us from the past.  It is interesting to see that turmoil (much turmoil) existed then as it does now.  Opinions, anger, jealousy - from both an individual standpoint and a group standpoint, most of which had influential leaders that led change in the society.  Just think, back then there was no internet, no social media - they had to meet in person I guess or send word.  In Charleston, there is a street called Meeting Street. lol  There is a Meeting Street Inn that is said to be haunted in rooms 303 and 107.  Noises in 303 and apparition in 107.  Yikes.  lol   So while history can be boring, it can be very interesting if explained in the right way.  I WANT to know the past and the history but my mind tends to block it out.   I tend to like history as it relates to places I've visited.  
Otherwise, it just seems to much info to take in and remember.  

I also read into my book about a girl that got a job running the controls of the fireboat in NYC.  I am not sure that the book is that interesting to me, but - she writes good - so I'm getting through it.  

And I made a seafood salad last night out of that imitation crab meat.  We love that stuff - although it does have some fish in it - did you know it's mostly egg whites?  lol  Anyway, I just tossed in with the crab meat, some shredded carrots, celery, green onions, mayo, white wine vinegar, worcestershire sauce, Bouquet Garni by Penzy Spices (a mix of savory, rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage, and several others that is good in soups and salads), pepper flakes, garlic powder, and a pinch of sugar.   I wrote down what I did b/c George said "mmmmmm that was pretty tasty".  To get compliments from the Master Chef is a gooood thing.  So I'll have to update the recipe blog with that and the Irish Stew - so we have it as a family favorite. 

I have been pondering the winter bucket list for the things we will put on there.  Fixing meatloaf is going to be on it.  ;-)  I have a really good meat loaf recipe that uses oats instead of bread crumbs and BBQ sauce instead of ketchup.  Honey mustard BBQ sauce is the best - but that flavor in BBQ sauce does not trend much anymore and can be hard to find.  

At lunch yesterday I did work on some of the devos through YouVersion and our prayer team at work met and prayed.  I'm so glad.  We needed it, lol.   I took screen shots of some points that I needed to keep to reflect on.  That was good.  I need the dose of positivity to keep my outlook up.  

Well, I guess that is about all I know for today.  Off to work a bit early today since I left early yesterday.  I always try to make it work out right. 

I'm so glad it is Christmas time.  Such a happy time of the year.  It doesn't matter what else is happening.  Or how bad any situation gets - no one, no entity, no thing - is going to ruin my Christmas.  Well I guess some situations could - but it'd be related to my family if it did.  Nothing else in our lives should matter so much, you know?  It's really all about God, family, and following His will anyway. He leads our steps.  Amen?

Regardless, I would appreciate your prayers for the upcoming days.  Silent prayers.   


Monday, November 27, 2017

Online Shopping and Postponed Christmas Decor

Well, I DID get the fall stuff up.  I DID NOT get the Christmas stuff up.  I will officially be about two weeks behind the norm by the time it all gets up.  But that is ok.  I did not want my house decorated like Christmas while we were doing Thanksgiving.  So this works.  Since we'll be only having it up for 5 weeks instead of 7, I'll probably not put as much out.  It is a lot of work and with an arm that won't outreach too well at the angles I'll be needing to reach out - will be interesting.  I guess I'll call the doc today to set appointment.  I turned over in the night and it is hurting increasingly to try to turn over in bed, or even get out of bed.  It's weird that it only hurts at certain angles or if I try to put a lot of weight on it.  At least it is useful most of the time.  It really hurts to reach out and stir a pot - I know that.

Well, the reason I did not get the Christmas out is I was giving a shot at ordering some things on line with the supposed cyber deals.  I'm finding that I have been able to do a few things.  I am not sure I'd really call them deals though.  The things I bought were probably the same as in the store on a regular sale day.  Well ok maybe better as most have free shipping - or free shipping with a certain spend.

So this one website, after I found what I needed, I only needed $15 to get free shipping.  Well, pay the shipping or get something for part of that money?  Well of course I found something so I didn't pay shipping.  Ok then if I spent $20 more to make it $100, I got $20 off.  Well that is a no brainer too.  So then I was able to pick something else out.  But it takes FOR. EEEVERRRRR.  I bought at Belk, Steinmart, Amazon, and toyed with buying things at Penny's, Old Navy, and Walmart.  I shopped probably until about 3:30.  Off and on.  I'd go to iron something and think "wait - let me go check this out".

I am pleased that I was able to get several things for folks.  We do plan on doing some shopping tonight too.

We are on our way to being finished.  Well I'd say about 60 percent done.  And most of the rest we have to buy for is easy stuff as we know we are doing gift cards and such.  Or things we know what they are that we will just run out and get - say like a bottle of someone's favorite wine or beer and so forth.  That kind of thing.  I'm feeling like we have accomplishment.  We will be way OVER on Katy and Cody.  George will be way over.  I'll be way over.  lol  I know that.  I mean heck, we bought ourselves new den furniture!

So I feel good about the progress, making the decorations not put out, not being as big of a deal.  The shopping is much harder.  And now I'm off Friday so I can work on all that Friday.  We do have the 2nd of our financial meeting for retirement on Friday.  In the middle of the day which kind of ruins things.  But I did not want to have to leave work and be gone for 2 to 3 hours at lunch to do that.  I always feel like I have to make up the time - even though it always evens out over time.  But my luck is that others will not see that you work longer hours on the days you do, they would only see when you are not there.

But we'll get it done.  George is going to bring the decor up for me tonight.  And we'll at least work on some of it a little each night.  But mainly we need to get George's Jeans.   Anyway, will be a busy week and have some other goals I need to work on, may have to be pushed on down the road a bit.

Ya'll have a great day and a great week.  Did you do any black Friday shopping?  Are you cyber shopping?  If so what online store?

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Devos and ReDirection

Good morning!  Have had good sleep.  We came back home from Mom's yesterday, and unloaded and I began a load of laundry and unpacking a few things. 

I tried to do some shopping on line.  I just didn't really see anything else that I thought would work for anyone.  It seems you have to know what you want for folks.  Otherwise it just takes hours to sort through websites and look.  I love shopping on line, especially with free shipping, but it's just not the same I guess.  I do better at finding unique things for people - out physically shopping.  I guess we put a lot of hours into that too.  But we usually find success. 

I started on the big mounds of laundry that I seem to be behind on since we have been gone so much lately.  We ate a pizza for dinner and watched Diners, Drive-in's and Dives (or whatever that show is).  I was not in the mood for anything heavy like Soprano's.  Then I tried to read and that was a mistake.  lol  I became so sleepy.  So I ended up going to bed at 7:30.

I woke up a bit when George came to bed and perhaps another time.  But for the most part I slept til 5 something.  I love the fact that I've been able to get some sleep this weekend.  It's hard to come by sometimes - mainly b/c of the dogs. Tugie, the 16 year old, specifically.  Life is always more rosy and more happy when I've had sleep.

Well, so I'm up this morning - rebooted laundry and have several loads to do today.  The coffee is flowing and very good this morning.  The dogs have gone out for their first morning business and are fed and back to sleep, and the sun has somehow come up behind me. 

George and I are taking the day off from church to recoup.  We need a day at home to chill.  I have a devo I will be doing instead.  I have several plans from YouVersion that have spoken to me as good ones for me to do.  I need the quiet time anyway to focus on a few things.  When things get busy, crazy, chaotic, and start sliding sideways on you and spinning out of control, it's time to step back, take a look at things, take inventory, and see how make life better, and how to be better as people, and figure out how we best serve those around us with the talents we have- whether it be family, work, or daily living.  I've picked these plans for me for now.  Some I'm almost finished with, others I'm halfway through, and some I haven't started. But these seem to be really good for me for right now.

*Bouncing Back from Disappointment
*How to Lead when You are Not in Charge
*Finding Forgiveness
*Breaking Free - Beth Moore
*Who God Is?
*Make A Difference
*Spiritual Renewal Study

 I think there has been such negativity in my life in the last few months AND it's been so busy that I've not really had much time to work on myself - other than a mini renewal on Sunday mornings (which gave some hope), but a lot has been dormant in my psyche. Since the blog is heart felt,  I blog about the undercurrents, and have also shared with a few people that I considered to be friends and trustworthy (although probably weren't).  I felt that if I parked the feelings here on the blog, I can be a better person actually in person and not carry those things that bother me with me (although I probably carry it anyway) so that I'm not  complaining all the time about what needs improving or fixing. There is enough of that going all around us as it is.  However, I think that fails me at times.  I think I've worked so hard at becoming a better person so that I do not say everything I'm thinking like I've been formerly trained to do. So I actually hold in a lot - to my detriment and then seethe over it later - and it seeps out.

It always astounds me that I can try so hard to be a good person, but yet the devil gets involved and meanders through with his snakelike ways, and tries to ruin things.  I am a person that "feels" things more intensely than many. Very sensitive, and a bit shy, although I try hard to be outgoing.  God made me that way, and there is not much I can do about it, but continue to study his word and try to be the person he needs me to be and try to be the person that has a loving and serving heart, and I'm so far from that right now.  I get caught up in my agenda - b/c that is what I think I'm supposed to do, called to do, that I sometimes lose sight of the big picture. I've always felt we needed to do the big list of "to do's".  To me that was life's big thing.  Getting the list done. 

Of course in most areas of life, I've had to set my own to do list.  If you have no direction, you chart your own course right?  Sometimes you get off course, or even get blown off course, sometimes you chase things on the horizon, and find that what you were chasing is not even there.  Sometimes you find yourself on an island by yourself.  Or an island stranded with people with whom you had rather not be. lol But I'm letting God on board now and he is the Captain.  I think I had him asleep down below deck somewhere.  I think I'm in the process of being thrown overboard but He is sending out the life preserver.  ;-)  I love making analogies.  And one day the Big Ship will come in.  But til then - life is NOT worth being unhappy.  Oh hell no.  It is NOT.  It is not worth being mistreated, misunderstood, misconstrued and being hurt over it either. 

 Being sensitive you also think that everything is about you.  Sometimes it is not, sometimes it is.  All in all, it doesn't really matter in the end.  At the end of the day, your soul is what matters, your family.  It all needs to be God led.  Our days need to be God led, to keep the devil from meandering in our business, deceiving us, and deceiving others with lies and uncertainty. 

As I've mentioned - the devil has been attacking hard every since George and I found a church we both liked worshiping alongside our good friends Richard and Kathy. I have to remember though I cannot control people around me.  I can only control me.   And I can do better.  I can only improve with my own actions and beliefs.

And so I think the plans will help me and lead me as I do some assessment and listen to his leading.   God loves, God protects, and He leads those that love him.  He will set the paths straight.  I believe that with all my heart.  Some days I have to remind myself of that.  I need to let him take the burdens for me, b/c he said he would.  I'm resting my weary heart of much and taking some time off for self study and rejuvy.

And also today I will be taking up the fall decor, cleaning a bit and then starting to put the Christmas decor out.  I am a week behind really.  Time marches on.  Christmas is coming.  And we will be ready - come hell or high water, loss of jobs, family difficulty, health or unhealth - whatever comes.  Lord, please don't have me be like Job - I'm too sensitive to bear it all like he did.

Also going to have to go have my arm seen to.  It hurt all day yesterday and the day before.  It hurt to stir, it hurt to try to reach the recliner button to lean the chair back, it hurts to pick a dog up, it hurts to reach out and up away from my body - especially if anything is in my hand.  So I will need to go and get this checked out and maybe get some PT or heaven forbid surgery - but my gosh - it's starting to impact daily things I do.  It got better (and there are good days and bad days) but just reaching out to stir a pot hurts, or to get a plate from the cabinet.  So I guess I'll go ahead and make the appointment in the coming weeks.  I have to have another appointment for meds renewal before long so I might wait and do both at once.  We'll see.  But something will have to be done b/c this is gone on a while.

Off to do my devo and get started on the day!  Ya'll have a good one.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thanksgiving Time at Mom's

Irish Pork Stew, leftover today.  Yesterday we had it over mashed potatoes.  It was really good.  A little something different that we did for Thanksgiving this year.  This is such a good stew for a really cold day and it was better today.  

So we had a really nice Thanksgiving day and then yesterday, up early to do some chopping, make mashed potatoes, and get all prepped and ready.  I made it really easy.  It's always hard to cook in someone elses kitchen.  So I even took my own pan, my own oil, my own salt and pepper and cooking utensils.  I didn't want to me in the kitchen asking Mom for this and that.  I wanted her to just sit back and enjoy.  I had to smile at her permission of passing the baton, by saying "I'm just going to let you take over".  That was the plan.  I didn't want her to have to do anything as she cooked the day before.  

So it went well.  I began fixing the stew and got it going and it took 2 hours.  The last half hour I heated potatoes and rolls.  

My niece and nephew came over and it was great to see them.  Mom and Katy both had made appetizers.  We had dips and chips and little wienis for lunch.  That kept us good until the stew was ready.  Mom had also made a dessert of peach cobbler.  So she still fixed quite a bit even though I was making our dinner.  

We sat around  and watched Lifetime channel, and all got on our social medias, lol.  I went to bed about 9.  It was struggle to last that long.  But I did it.  

There is not a king size bed here so Tugie and Maisy and I took the other guest bedroom.  I really sleep good in there.  George and Roger took the other bedroom.  Tugie had to get up at 2:30 in the morning.  It woke George up to.  I had to pull up and find Mom's overnight code to unset the alarm so I could open the door and take the dogs out.  George sat in the den while I took them out.  I had not wanted to go out in the night by myself.  At least if something "got me" he could call for help.  lol Then he went back to bed.  I was awake and sat up and played on candy crush and instagram to kill time til the drowsiness came.  I actually drank some coffee lol.  Once the coffee was gone, I felt sleepy.  Isn't that strange.  Sometimes it calms me.  Anyway, we trotted off back to bed and slept to 7.  I heard the sound of people talking and forks clinking against plates.  Mom had gotten up early, made our casserole and she and George were eating.  George has said let me sleep b/c I hardly get any these days.  So I appreciated that.  Sleep was good.  REAL good. 

The temps have been mild here.  But I think a front is coming through.  We are about to head home. 

I have ordered Mom's tablet and have had it delivered here.  Hers is falling apart.  And I suggested that she go ahead and begin using it. I'm not sure that hers is safe.  So we are happy to have taken advantage of the Staples Thanksgiving day sales. 

Ordered a few other things as well. Will wait til Monday night to order some things but need to see what to order so I can be ready to go since I work all day.  

While sitting around, it's given me an opportunity to redecorate the blog.  I just could not do the red and green tradition.  I just needed bright and sunny.  One day I WILL GET a beachy Christmas.  I cannot wait!  But the way this is decorated suits me just fine.  Perhaps at some point I'll redecorate if the mood hits for a snowy wintry look.  

Well, I think George is ready to go.  So I need to go pack up so we head out.  I will attempt to get fall items up this evening and attempt to bring the Christmas stuff up tomorrow (or at least clean everything really good before redecorating.)

Ya'll have a good Saturday evening and rest of the weekend.  
We have church tomorrow.  And I'll get done what I can. 

Have a lot of things I want to work on this week in addition to Christmas decor and Christmas cards out.  

I am happy with some things that I have come to find resolve with.  And that sure lifts a load. And I realize how lucky I am to have the family that I do.  And glad they love me so.  

Thanksgiving blessings for sure.  

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving Day Meals, Little Bit's House, and The Truth on Blogging

Good morning!  Here is where the "red neck" in us comes out.  When you love your cat more than you care what anyone thinks about your little man made winter cat box on the front porch.  lol  It has been really cold so I finally made Little Bit a new box for this winter.  It is made out of the styrofoam box that we got from Omaha Steaks.  And also it has a cardboard box inside of it.  I packed with blanket/throws.  He really likes it and is using it.  Although he'd rather be inside. 

Since we cleaned the house and George moved his "piles" I can show pics of the fall decor.  

Nice little fall table.  We were doing casual buffet style so no place settings.  Although we did use my China for plates.  

I had a few Christmas ornaments and a snow man to give Katy and Cody for Christmas so I gave them to them now so they could enjoy it.  

This was me, waiting til they got there.  

Soon, I won't have to stretch out with feet on the coffee table, but can lean back in the recliner!  lol  Keep waiting for Dec 9 to get here! 

This is what happened when I went to take a picture.  Story of my life. lol 

Ok so here is our spread.  Our goal was appetizers so we would not be too hungry to eat dinner later.  Didn't exactly work. lol

But it sure was good.  I think my favorite thing was the smoked salmon on cream cheese on top of the cracker.  The sushi was good too.  So were the deviled eggs, sausage balls, and shrimp.  And the deer summer sausage was also excellent.

I'm not sure why these photos all turned out orange.  lol  They look orange to me. 


Katy's dressed eggs.

Deer "summer sausage".  Cody killed a deer and had it processed.  They brought other meat that is in our freezer.

Smoked salmon.

And I didn't want to take a pic of inside Mere Bulles with everyone there so I just shot a table view of my wine.  But what a nice time we had.  I want to go back again sometime when it's not a holiday.  

George and I both got the prime rib instead of the turkey dinner.  They had a special menu going.  They had 4 entree choices.  It was a busy place.

Let me tell you, I was so thirsty when we got in there.  I drank 2 glasses of water, a glass of fruit tea, and a glass of wine.   I'm not sure what made me so thirsty, but I was so relieved when that water brought water to the table. 

We both sat down at the restaurant still full from lunch.  lol  Oh well.  The prime rib and mashed potatoes and asparagus was really good.  I had an inkling for the wedge salad though before hand.  So I had that.  Then I could only eat 1/2 of my meal.  So I'll be gnawing on that for breakfast this morning! ha.  Right now I've popped two sausage balls in. 

It was a great day, a happy day, and a day that made me realize no matter "what is to come" we will get through it together. 

Then I had to go dream that George brought a date to Thanksgiving dinner and announced they were an item, with me sitting at the table.  I finally went to sleep and this is what happens?  Can I not have sweet dreams?  Like why couldn't I be the one to bring a date to dinner?  lol lol lol !!!!! Well, it was nice to wake up to reality.  At least he is in MY bed and not someone elses.  And as he said once - "I think I'll keep you b/c it's gonna be way too expensive to lose you." lol lol lol  And I guess that would about be the truth!

Anyway, it was nice to get sleep.  I went to bed at 7:30.  I did toss and turn a few times, but mostly slept good.  And now it's time to get the mashed potatoes done and the chopping done and that will help a lot at Mom's to just be able to cook w/o having to do the chopping.  All will be much easier.  I think I will take my laptop to Mom's so I can blog and perhaps do Paint Shop Pro and work on decorating the blog for Christmas. 

I had considered stopping the blog for a while, but came to the conclusion that it is something I enjoy doing.  I'm not doing anything wrong.  I'm talking about my feelings and no one elses.  And if someone misconstrues or misjudges the meanings, then it's their fault and not mine.  God has shown me that in recent days.  My heart is a true thing.  God sees.  God knows.  He knows my heart and that is all that matters, in the end, at the end of the day, and at the end of time.  So blogging continues.  Hate me for it if you will.  Then you must ask yourself why. 

Words are hard to read sometimes.  The truth often hurts.  But the truth will set you free.  If the truth chooses to separate you from the bad things in life - and lead you to the better things in life - then it seems that goes along well with God's Will.  Whoever deserves the gravy - gets it - in God's eyes.  What good does it do to cover up and act like nothing is wrong when it is?  To accept things that go amiss around you?  No way.  If something is bothering me.  It is.  Don't shoot the messenger!  But if you do, you do.  And it might be just the opposite of what should have been done.   Don't shoot the good ones just b/c they have opinions, feelings, and hate to see a difference b/w perfect and sub-par and speak up about it.  Sometimes those are the ones that actually make a difference and get things done in life.  But folks don't always realize that til it's too late when they have dismissed the truth.   And that is ok too!  Because God has a plan.  And it's becoming mine.  And it's all going to be ok. 

Looking forward to Mom's and seeing my niece and nephew.  And I need to get up and get choppin' - literally!  Ya'll have a good weekend and Thanks for reading.   Take care. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving, A Sleepless Night, But Faith Endures

Hope you and yours have a Wonderful Day.  Didn't get to post yesterday and today will be a short one as we try to make Thanksgiving special for those we love and enjoy it ourselves. 

I woke up very happy this morning, even after a sleepless night of seeking God's Will and His advice on something.   When I did finally nod off Tugie wanted out.  Surprisingly, I woke up from cat naps all happy and with clarity and with a plan.  God and George have helped me to see that I've been taking a few things seriously that are really not near as important as I've been making it.  Story of my life I think.  I've always been serious, and responsible, to the nth degree.  I need to knock it down a few notches. Nanny Voss used to tell me to quit being so serious.  lol  Thank goodness for friends that make me laugh and pull out that side of me at times.   I need to laugh more and worry less. 

So we had a grand evening by going to the grocery store for my Irish Stew for tomorrow at Mom's.  George obtained his shrimp/sushi for today.  We came home and cleaned.  It was nice to get up and it be already in good shape. 

I'm cracking up b/c the dogs are sleeping good right now even with my 80's music playing on Alexa.  I'm sitting here yawning and about to go find more coffee!

Where's my toothpicks?  Need 'em to keep the eyes open today.  But it's ok.  God and I wrestled over a few things with the tossing and turning.  He had a few things He wanted to say and I had all sorts of questions.  He answered what I needed for now.  And now I'm happy and we are going to enjoy our day and the day after that and the day after that.  And.....we will go forward.  God places our steps through all of our trials and tribulations.  About a week or week and a half ago, I had a really, I had a dream...I think it was a sign.  So we've been talking about it since.  I know I talk in cryptism, but just can't share every little thought and issue. Lord knows I do open up with most.

So, you all enjoy your feast and family!  ;-)

 All is well here and will be - regardless of the arrows that are sure to come.  I know that the devil has his arrows ready - and God will lead me away from their destruction.  It's so good to have faith.  I'm not sure how a person could stand being in this world without it.  It's the ONE thing you can count on.  The fight is real and the fight is on. 

But we have each other and today is the day to celebrate that.  Ya'll have a good one! 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Good Sleep and an Epiphany!

Oh I got some gooooood sleep last night.  If I woke up, it was only once.   I remember pulling the covers tighter.  Yep, Some goooood sleep.  Felt good.

I don't have a lot of time this morning, since I posted in my private blog.  But I wanted to come in and say hello.

Yesterday went well for a Monday.  Accomplishments on track.  Much to do still.  But at least on the way to getting it done by deadlines.

Last evening had some rather unpleasantries, but dealt through it. Despite that, we had a good evening watching the Soprano's and having a Greek chicken salad.

 I did have an epiphany this morning. lol I've discovered that sometimes turning the other cheek is the wrong advice for certain situations.  Since the truth can set you free, sometimes it's better to go around like a banshee...waving the truth in people's faces! Nothing shuts up a devil the size of Manhattan- like the truth.

And I will end on that note.  Ya'll have a good day.  I intend on enjoying mine! 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Big Ole Shopping Weekend!

This weekend has been so busy that I've not even had time to do a blog entry.  It's been like - move, move, move - all weekend.  All good stuff, all fun stuff, but we've been hopping. Even THIS blog entry is having to be done in pieces.

After work we met at home and George handed me some surprise mail!  Blog reader Sybil sent us a Christmas card all the way from across the big pond, BOX, (Corsham) in the UK.  

Friday night we went with friends to celebrate our friend Richard's birthday at Rodizio in Nashville.  A nice time had by all!  Katy was able to join us.  Cody was working.    I chose this wine for us mainly based on price being a little cheaper than the others.  A cheaper cab is much better than a cheaper Chardonnay according to my taste buds.  So we went with this to split b/c George and Katy and I.  And surprisingly it was really good.  We have typically liked Spanish, South American, and Chilean cabs.  

Rodizio has November as "Wild Game" month.  So among the steak and chicken and pork and lamb- we had frog legs, deer sausage, rattlesnake, wild boar.  Seems like I'm missing something but it was really different.  I was disappointed that Katy would not eat a frog leg.  It was delicious and came with a sauce to dip it in.  

So above is Richard and next to him, Kathy, our good friends.  And I want to point out that on the table are these widgets with a red and green block on each end.  When the block is down on its side, as in the picture, it means your "done" with your meal.  When the block is sitting up right with the green block on top it means "Have the Brazilian guys bring the meat (on a sword) to your table to be cut off.  You have tongs so as they slice it -you grab it with your tongs to "catch it".  When the block is sitting with the red block up, it means "let me catch up and eat what I have for a while".  lol  Once your block is on green, you are swarmed with guys with lamb, marinated pepper steak, BBQ basted chicken, bacon wrapped whatever, grilled pineapple, and just about everything you can imagine.  

Before the meat ever starts though, you go through the salad bar which has the most unique salads.  A regular salad plus things like BLT salad, watermelon salad, chicken and coconut salad, green pea, chicken curry salad, and I can't even begin to name them all.  But they have a big huge bowl of crispy bacon, which is a favorite.   

You can understand why are miserable when we leave and don't want food (especially meat) for two days.  lol  I try to space myself and get a spoonful of everything but it still gets a bit out of hand.  

Despite the fullness, we sent it over the edge with the Creme Brulee, b/c it's a favorite of mine.  I had a couple of bites and we passed it 'round the table for everyone get their spoonful.

Creme Brulee, Rodizio Grille, Nashville, TN

As the evening wore on, I became so ready for my bed.  So we drove home and took care of doggies and prepped for bed and it was a big ole crash landing!  lol

So at 2:30 Saturday morning, Tugie decided she needed to go out.  She would NOT lay back down and go to sleep.  So I got up and despite George's pleading to at least come back and let sleep happen, I was already awake.  He knew that we would have a busy day and he would have to spend that busy day with me - and wanted a RESTED Sonya instead of MEAN GRUMPY Sonya.  So his pleading had a tone of almost "parental urgency".  I'm not one to be told what to do, you know.  I head already known that I was awake and not sleepy.  So I took Tugie and Maisy out and fed them and played Candy Crush til the drowsies came and by then Tugie was fast asleep in her chair.  And so Maisy and I snuck into the guest bedroom #1 (our old bed) and fell into a deep sleep.  Maisy snuggled - usually she wants you to either pet her tummy or she is going to be asleep with no one touching her.  She doesn't snuggle like Tugie did.  Tugie doesn't snuggle much anymore either.  

Anyway, Tugie realized she was alone but her nose found us and she woke us up and I let her on the bed and we slept til 7:30!  George let us sleep despite the fact that he wanted us to be out the door around 8 or 8:30.  I got up had coffee and woke up a bit and headed for the shower and we began our day.  

We first went to Rice's.  Rice's has been a favorite in the area and I think they probably do a good bit of internet business from all around.   

Rice's Store, Mount Juliet, TN

However, we have friends from the north that had moved down here from Iowa (they have since moved to Houston) but one day we told them about Rice's and our friend Amy says "oh yeah, is that the place with the brown turd on the side of the building".  I remember it completely.  We were all piled in the car to go eat in Nashville and when she said that the whole car just howled.  lol   So as you see the pic above - every time I pass the building, I think of Amy calling this picture of a ham a big brown turd.  Despite that their hams, bacon, and sausage are wonderful.  (My system does not handle the "smoked" very well for some reason, I've learned.)  

Anyway, we bought some sausage for us and also for Richard and Kathy which we took to them this morning at church.   

Rice's Country Hams, Mount Juliet, TN

We had a cooler, and then we headed out to Smith's Furniture to look at sofa and chair sets.  We go to church with the person that sold us our bed.  Much to our surprise his wife is Richard's cousin.  It's a small world.  We saw them at Richard's Mom's funeral visitation and then again at church when we started going there - they were there too.  So we really wanted to give him our business.  However, what they had that I liked was about $1500 more than I wanted to give.  Here it is: 

This sofa and chair was awesome.  The ends of the sofa reclined out, with the electric buttons to your side.  The head would blow up and make a pillow, and the back had lumbar support that would blow up and down.  We really liked it.  But didn't want to be totally couch poor.  lol  It would almost jump up and do the dishes for ya. 

 I hated not to get it but I can't spend $1500 more on something just to help a friend out, so I told George we'd have to go look other places.  So I was disappointed.  I was really hoping that we could do it, but I felt it would have been irresponsible to do so.  So we went to D.T. McCall and Son's.  Not there.  But I found a fridge that looked good.  But we were not in the market for that just yet. lol 

We went to Big Lots, b/c what if they had what we were looking for?  They sell furniture.  But no they didn't have what we needed.  We went to Good Will b/c it was next door.  I bought two scarves and a brand new shirt.  For about $7.  

I told George that I was really hungry and needed to eat something.  I saw Ruby Tuesday's and said "salad bar"!  So we went in and both got the salad bar and iced tea.  Caffeine and food!  So we were set to continue.  That hit the spot. 

My salad, Salad Bar at Ruby Tuesday's.

We went to the Lebanon, TN square and shopped.  

The first store we went in, I almost turned around and walked out b/c of the prices, but there were things that intrigued me.  George had stopped somewhere near the front.  I went straight to a knitted wool shawl that was beautiful.  I looked at the price and as I figured it was 4 times more than I would be willing to pay.  So I skipped on around it and went straight for the most beautiful leather shoulderbag handbag that I have EVER seen.  The color was perfect, the leather felt so good in my hands, and the stitching, and the quality and craftsmanship was just spot on.  It was roomy and constructed to hold a lot, and had unique curves and structure at the bottom corners so that it would do so, unlike many real leather bags.  As I looked at the handbag, George called for me across the store.  He had his hands on a wool shawl and was saying "this looks like you".  I said "I know, doesn't it? I looked at it too."  He said "I don't care what this costs, let me buy this for you."  Wow!  He looked at the tag and I said, "it's just too much!"  He said "you would wear this right?  You like it?  I am getting it for you b/c this just looks like you!"  I said "well ok, if you want to - it'll always be special and I'll wear it."  I then said "Let me show you something, but there is no way we can buy it.  But I just have to show you the most beautiful purse I have ever seen."

He said "how much is it?"  I told him.  He said "yeah that is a lot but actually that is not too bad of a price for that since it is real leather."  He said, "it's a lot but if you want it, get it".  I said "no we shouldn't, but it is beauuuuutiful."  As I said that, I watched another girl reach for it and walk around with it to show someone she was with.  My heart sank.  George said "oh well" and the sales person said "if you want something in here you have to grab it fast, b/c this stuff moves".  The lady put it back. And then I went to grab it.  I looked at George and said "it's just too much".  He said "get it - I'll have your birthday DONE and I won't have to go shopping".  Happy camper I set it on the counter.  I felt like the most special girl in the world at that point.  I felt like a kid.  My purses are usually $19.99 canvas wanna be specials.  I have never gotten into COACH or any of the pricey stuff.  I have always not felt they were worth it.  THIS purse will last me until the end of my days.  The only worry is will someone steal it off my shoulder?  

So we shopped all around the square at all these antiques shops, which is unusual for George to want to shop in.  But we went up to floor two and three and up into sale attics and very old and squeeky originally floored places, with original brick and beams.  I'm thinking - man, what would it be like to turn this into an apartment or condo.  How gorgeous, and the history within those walls.  One building was the old hardware store.  

These shops took me back in time.  It's like visiting my Mam-ma's house back in the country.  I told George it's almost like someone took Mam-ma's stuff and dropped it off here.  This hat, that black purse, and that yellow hat on the wall.  These all look familiar to me.  What IF this WAS really her stuff?  lol

This set up here - this cupboard/shelving unit - actually looks like Mam-ma's kitchen.  

I laughed at the old wicker chair and pot in it.  Yep that would have been there too.  lol  I had to have a picture of this.  It feels just like I'm sitting in Mam-ma's old kitchen when I look at it.  Her sink would have been to the right and the stove.  
I believe her fridge was to the left (back a bit) and to the immediate left took you into the dining room.

George had a fit over this $65 space capsule.  I said we should get it if he wanted it for Christmas.  He said he didn't want it that bad. 

And then he saw the Lost in Space robot! $350 price tag.  Oh my gosh.  He loved it but said "no way" to the cost for something that would not only be in the way but would sit on a shelf and he could only look at it.  So no, he said "no".  

I agree that would have been too much but after that purse we bought earlier, what could I say?

Shopping on the Square, in Lebanon, TN
Shopping on the square in Lebanon, TN

You can tell in the pic above that the sky was not too happy.  Storms were on the way.

Anxious to be on our way back to our town (we had been about 30 -40 minutes away from home), we went to Ashley Furniture and I prayed that God would let us find our sofa and chair at an affordable price.  The fact that I wanted reclining sofas and chairs, added a considerable amount to the price.  But having sat in them at Mom's I knew that is what I wanted.  I always have my feet up at home and it hurts b/c I have it on the coffee table and it hurts the back of my heels, lol.  George had agreed this was the way to go for us considering the amount of time we spent at night together watching our movies together.  Something you use every day for about 15 -20 years.  If leather, even longer.  Of course the switch/motor could go out and it have to be fixed b/c it's electrical and not a manual one.  Even the manual ones can break.  

So we went into Ashley and walked upon one that was a little different in color (a little darker) than I had imagined.  But certainly not "off" by any means.  The price was much better.  And the financing of 12 months same as cash was there.   The chair reclines all the way back so on those early mornings getting up with the doggies, I can actually lay back comfortably here.  If we had company two could sleep here - one on each end.  It lays all the way back.  How exciting!  And it sits plush still against the wall.  In other words, it pushes outward toward the front of the sofa instead of needing to go "back" against the wall.  

They did not have the recliner in the store.  But we ordered the reclining rocking chair to go with it.  So it's a recliner but it rocks.  I'm ready for grandchildren now!  ;-) 

We ordered the sofa and the rocker recliner.  And they will be here at our house on Dec 9th.  Delivery day.  Only one snag.  It's the community Christmas Day parade.  So we'll have to tell them to plan to be here around that.  They had both of these in the warehouse.  So it only takes about a week.  I'm not sure why we couldn't get it for Dec 2nd.  Maybe there is something going on I've forgotten about?  

Anyway, so we have purchased our new den furniture and much to my surprise, it will be here for Christmas. ;-) 

While we were there, we had some bad bad storms to come through.  So we waited til the storms left the area and headed home.  Much to our surprise, just a few miles away, a tornado (F-1) touched down in Gladeville.  Gladeville is in b/w Mount Juliet and Lebanon.  A tornado warning went off in the store.  The store evidently had no procedure.  I stayed close to a piece of furniture that I could dive under.  lol  I know that usually this time of year, the damage is usually a bit off of the structure but not devastating like it can be in spring.  

So after the sofa purchasing, and shopping day, George said "It's Sonya Day - mark it on your calendar.  November 18th is Sonya Day.  He kept teasing me about it the rest of the day.  Even surprised me and brought me my dinner to the sofa instead of making me come get it b/c it's Sonya Day.  I asked him if was trying to make a point and being ugly or was he just teasing.  He said "it really is Sonya Day".  lol  Rolls eyes.  I don't know.  But whatever, it WAS a good day and it WAS Sonya day!  And I really liked it.  I believe that was about as a good day as a birthday - and it wasn't my birthday. 

George did open a bottle of wine to celebrate that we found success on Sonya Day.  (lol) 

While shopping I ran across this.  So perfect!

So we had a nice day yesterday and came home and had a sandwich.  And I went to bed. 

This morning Tugie woke up again at like 3:30.  George got up this time to take her and then I think that he fed her and put her back in bed.  I slept until 5:30.  Then took them both out again and of course fed them both.  lol So Tugie ate twice b/c I wasn't really sure George fed her.  So then we went to church. 

I was really feeling like I needed to stay home but we had to take Kathy her sausage, so we went.  Then we went to the store at Kroger and bought a bunch of stuff even though we have a freezer full.  We bought salad stuff to eat until Thanksgiving.  I'll have to go back out to the store Wed night. 

But anyway, George must have been hungry b/c he was putting things in the cart of all kinds!  I thought "I've got to get him out of here, since he was hungrier the further back in the store we got".  We have meats and stauffer dinners and pringles and breakfast burritos and ---and---and---!!!

Since being home I've done several loads of laundry and ironed and cleaned the kitchen a bit and have done this blog entry. 

I have so much to do.  I need to make a winter cat house for Little Bit, update the Christmas list, prep my to do list for the week, and chop some veggies and fix a South West salad.  I have such a list but I know I'll never get that far.  It's so aggravating that we don't have a lot of time on the weekends.  If you go do errands and shopping on Saturday and then church on Sunday - and to the store and then do laundry and ironing - your weekend is shot!  Argggghhhh.  Story of my life, but all you can do is the best you can do.  I'm very excited that we had our sofa.  We had a good fun date day out.  And it was a good Sonya day all the way around.  Well except for the Tornado Warning but we just stayed indoors. 

Ya'll take care.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Planning for Retirement Years

Had a lovely day yesterday.  It was nice to drink coffee and watch the news and blog in my jammies and play Candy Crush until I decided I wanted to get up and do something.  My "something" was starting on the laundry.  I cleaned the kitchen, swept the kitchen floor, made two batches of salsa - one for us and one for work. 

I had to create a sign on and get my social security statement to take to the financial meeting.  That is one of the key pieces that they needed.  I don't guess anyone has stolen my ID's b/c the right amount of earnings are showing up.  So that is good.   I was actually surprised by the amount.  George and I are both quite surprised at how much our social security will be when we retire so long as the program remains in tact for us by then.  I cannot retire "fully" until 67.  For George it is 66 and 10 months.  I was disappointed.  I had thought it to be 65.  I will try to hold out for that long.  But George said that may not be necessary.  But I will probably try to hold out til at least then. 

So I also had to print out my 401k statement.  I have been active in 401k and doing matches with what employers had it and have done well through the years.  I have invested former 401K's rolled over into some other funds.  Over the years it builds up. 

So the advisor spent some time asking us about our retirement goals.  Retirement goals?  What?  George and I have not really discussed our future much.  Whenever we try to talk about future, it always involves thinking about where we want to be and it usually involves a cost, and when talking about money - it never really was a good conversation and was often discouraging for me.  So it was something to really avoid talking about.  Which is kind sad.  So most of our future is what is going to be for dinner or what is our next event.

 George always wanted to handle the finances and he always thinks about the future from that standpoint.  But to dream is just to dream for me, not necessarily anything that would come true- of one day living near the ocean.  To discuss it, is usually not going to bring me much hope.  George will only say "you are the beach person, me not so much...who knows where we'll end up".  So never any excitement or anything in planning for the future.  It's uncertainly always looming.  It's been really hard for me to visualize.  And while it's kindof a bummer not to have any specific plans to lean toward, I've been ok with that.  I have books to read and I'll get to read them whenever I retire! That has been my only thought. 

What surprised me was having to answer the questions about what are our retirement goals.  I realized I didn't have any.  The only thing I could think of was living in a coastal town, but I don't HAVE to do that.  I'm not even sure that is the right thing to do.  I mean if you DO live to 80 would I be in shape to evacuate from that big hurricane coming in?  lol

I was stunned at how to answer the question but it needed to be answered.  It felt good talking about it. And safe, being that someone was there, where George wouldn't poo poo my answer. lol  Because I would get my turn and he would get his. And I got to go first and was not interrupted. And had plenty of time to answer.  Yay! My answer was that I wanted to be assured that I had enough money to be able to eat, have and maintain a roof over my head, still be able to do pleasurable things, travel some.  I said I don't have to do all the things we do now b/c I feel we often go overboard and I can reign it in quite a bit.  I said that it was important to me to feel that my house is nice and clean and decorated and updated, although not necessarily with the latest modern flair.  I said technology was important to me and would like to continue to have laptop, iphones, and ipads, etc. 

It surprised me that I sat in his office at age 55, that I didn't have any more life goals other than reading books, doing some travel, updating the house, maybe moving to a different locale at some point depending on where the kids were- and that was ok!  I realized that I pretty much had met my main life's big goals already.  I got the spouse, I got the house, I got the child, I got the job, I got the car, I got the computers, the dogs, the books, we get to eat out a lot and travel some.   Anything else in life is icing on the cake.  I sortof had a defining moment there realizing "I met all my goals in life - every one" sitting in that chair talking about my future, and thinking about my past.  It gave me a sense of accomplishment - not a prideful one - but more of a realization that it all occurred and that it was ONLY fitting to be sitting here discussing our retirement. I realized I'd had a full and exciting life already.  It actually felt - maybe not good - but fitting is a good word.  And it did feel good to be sitting there talking with an expert that we have come to trust.  This guy has been handling George's Mom's financials. 

So, George's answer was that he wanted to live the same life style but like I had said, we could tame it down quite a bit.  So the guy crunched some numbers and told us what we'd need to do to have exactly what we do today.  We'd have to save a lot more to do that.  Then he refigured at 80% of that and said that this is usually the more feasible approach.  He reminded us that with retirement you have a lot less expenses not driving to work every day, not eating as many lunches out, cooking more at home and so forth, not as much wear and tear on the car.  He said we were on the right track to be where we will have what we need.  I was really thinking that we were not going to be very well prepared for retirement.  We are going to make some changes and tweek some things.  Up our 401k's, continue to pay off the house, and we may move some investments around from our funds from previous employer 401ks. 

So working hard all these years and putting money in the 401k's have really paid off. All that is to say that we are on the right track provided that there is NO risks that occur and so forth. Risks being loss of jobs, one of us disabled, health issues, unable to work and so forth.  I think we both felt really good leaving the meeting.  He is looking at some stuff closely and will make some recommendations on how to allocate the funds, we may change some things around.  We will have another meeting down the road after he looks more closesly. 

So then we went shopping at World Market and then went to Stein Mart (I found some summer sandals, on sale).  Then we went to eat at Carraba's.  I got spaghetti bolognese.  And a wonderful glass of Merlot.  It was so good.   Sleep was good until Tugie decided she was ready to get up and needed to go out at 3 in the morning.  I took her and Maisy out and then gave them breakfast and then we went back to bed til my alarm went off.

Well, I need to finish getting ready and get to work.  We have our "taco meal" today for Thanksgiving.  I also will have my head stuck in a report all day!  But it's Friday! 

We have a birthday dinner to go to tonight at a favored restaurant with friends.  Looking forward to that.

Well, up and at it.  Ya'll have a good one.  OHHHHH and tomorrow we get to go look for a new sofa and chair!  ;-)