Sunday, November 19, 2017

Big Ole Shopping Weekend!

This weekend has been so busy that I've not even had time to do a blog entry.  It's been like - move, move, move - all weekend.  All good stuff, all fun stuff, but we've been hopping. Even THIS blog entry is having to be done in pieces.

After work we met at home and George handed me some surprise mail!  Blog reader Sybil sent us a Christmas card all the way from across the big pond, BOX, (Corsham) in the UK.  

Friday night we went with friends to celebrate our friend Richard's birthday at Rodizio in Nashville.  A nice time had by all!  Katy was able to join us.  Cody was working.    I chose this wine for us mainly based on price being a little cheaper than the others.  A cheaper cab is much better than a cheaper Chardonnay according to my taste buds.  So we went with this to split b/c George and Katy and I.  And surprisingly it was really good.  We have typically liked Spanish, South American, and Chilean cabs.  

Rodizio has November as "Wild Game" month.  So among the steak and chicken and pork and lamb- we had frog legs, deer sausage, rattlesnake, wild boar.  Seems like I'm missing something but it was really different.  I was disappointed that Katy would not eat a frog leg.  It was delicious and came with a sauce to dip it in.  

So above is Richard and next to him, Kathy, our good friends.  And I want to point out that on the table are these widgets with a red and green block on each end.  When the block is down on its side, as in the picture, it means your "done" with your meal.  When the block is sitting up right with the green block on top it means "Have the Brazilian guys bring the meat (on a sword) to your table to be cut off.  You have tongs so as they slice it -you grab it with your tongs to "catch it".  When the block is sitting with the red block up, it means "let me catch up and eat what I have for a while".  lol  Once your block is on green, you are swarmed with guys with lamb, marinated pepper steak, BBQ basted chicken, bacon wrapped whatever, grilled pineapple, and just about everything you can imagine.  

Before the meat ever starts though, you go through the salad bar which has the most unique salads.  A regular salad plus things like BLT salad, watermelon salad, chicken and coconut salad, green pea, chicken curry salad, and I can't even begin to name them all.  But they have a big huge bowl of crispy bacon, which is a favorite.   

You can understand why are miserable when we leave and don't want food (especially meat) for two days.  lol  I try to space myself and get a spoonful of everything but it still gets a bit out of hand.  

Despite the fullness, we sent it over the edge with the Creme Brulee, b/c it's a favorite of mine.  I had a couple of bites and we passed it 'round the table for everyone get their spoonful.

Creme Brulee, Rodizio Grille, Nashville, TN

As the evening wore on, I became so ready for my bed.  So we drove home and took care of doggies and prepped for bed and it was a big ole crash landing!  lol

So at 2:30 Saturday morning, Tugie decided she needed to go out.  She would NOT lay back down and go to sleep.  So I got up and despite George's pleading to at least come back and let sleep happen, I was already awake.  He knew that we would have a busy day and he would have to spend that busy day with me - and wanted a RESTED Sonya instead of MEAN GRUMPY Sonya.  So his pleading had a tone of almost "parental urgency".  I'm not one to be told what to do, you know.  I head already known that I was awake and not sleepy.  So I took Tugie and Maisy out and fed them and played Candy Crush til the drowsies came and by then Tugie was fast asleep in her chair.  And so Maisy and I snuck into the guest bedroom #1 (our old bed) and fell into a deep sleep.  Maisy snuggled - usually she wants you to either pet her tummy or she is going to be asleep with no one touching her.  She doesn't snuggle like Tugie did.  Tugie doesn't snuggle much anymore either.  

Anyway, Tugie realized she was alone but her nose found us and she woke us up and I let her on the bed and we slept til 7:30!  George let us sleep despite the fact that he wanted us to be out the door around 8 or 8:30.  I got up had coffee and woke up a bit and headed for the shower and we began our day.  

We first went to Rice's.  Rice's has been a favorite in the area and I think they probably do a good bit of internet business from all around.   

Rice's Store, Mount Juliet, TN

However, we have friends from the north that had moved down here from Iowa (they have since moved to Houston) but one day we told them about Rice's and our friend Amy says "oh yeah, is that the place with the brown turd on the side of the building".  I remember it completely.  We were all piled in the car to go eat in Nashville and when she said that the whole car just howled.  lol   So as you see the pic above - every time I pass the building, I think of Amy calling this picture of a ham a big brown turd.  Despite that their hams, bacon, and sausage are wonderful.  (My system does not handle the "smoked" very well for some reason, I've learned.)  

Anyway, we bought some sausage for us and also for Richard and Kathy which we took to them this morning at church.   

Rice's Country Hams, Mount Juliet, TN

We had a cooler, and then we headed out to Smith's Furniture to look at sofa and chair sets.  We go to church with the person that sold us our bed.  Much to our surprise his wife is Richard's cousin.  It's a small world.  We saw them at Richard's Mom's funeral visitation and then again at church when we started going there - they were there too.  So we really wanted to give him our business.  However, what they had that I liked was about $1500 more than I wanted to give.  Here it is: 

This sofa and chair was awesome.  The ends of the sofa reclined out, with the electric buttons to your side.  The head would blow up and make a pillow, and the back had lumbar support that would blow up and down.  We really liked it.  But didn't want to be totally couch poor.  lol  It would almost jump up and do the dishes for ya. 

 I hated not to get it but I can't spend $1500 more on something just to help a friend out, so I told George we'd have to go look other places.  So I was disappointed.  I was really hoping that we could do it, but I felt it would have been irresponsible to do so.  So we went to D.T. McCall and Son's.  Not there.  But I found a fridge that looked good.  But we were not in the market for that just yet. lol 

We went to Big Lots, b/c what if they had what we were looking for?  They sell furniture.  But no they didn't have what we needed.  We went to Good Will b/c it was next door.  I bought two scarves and a brand new shirt.  For about $7.  

I told George that I was really hungry and needed to eat something.  I saw Ruby Tuesday's and said "salad bar"!  So we went in and both got the salad bar and iced tea.  Caffeine and food!  So we were set to continue.  That hit the spot. 

My salad, Salad Bar at Ruby Tuesday's.

We went to the Lebanon, TN square and shopped.  

The first store we went in, I almost turned around and walked out b/c of the prices, but there were things that intrigued me.  George had stopped somewhere near the front.  I went straight to a knitted wool shawl that was beautiful.  I looked at the price and as I figured it was 4 times more than I would be willing to pay.  So I skipped on around it and went straight for the most beautiful leather shoulderbag handbag that I have EVER seen.  The color was perfect, the leather felt so good in my hands, and the stitching, and the quality and craftsmanship was just spot on.  It was roomy and constructed to hold a lot, and had unique curves and structure at the bottom corners so that it would do so, unlike many real leather bags.  As I looked at the handbag, George called for me across the store.  He had his hands on a wool shawl and was saying "this looks like you".  I said "I know, doesn't it? I looked at it too."  He said "I don't care what this costs, let me buy this for you."  Wow!  He looked at the tag and I said, "it's just too much!"  He said "you would wear this right?  You like it?  I am getting it for you b/c this just looks like you!"  I said "well ok, if you want to - it'll always be special and I'll wear it."  I then said "Let me show you something, but there is no way we can buy it.  But I just have to show you the most beautiful purse I have ever seen."

He said "how much is it?"  I told him.  He said "yeah that is a lot but actually that is not too bad of a price for that since it is real leather."  He said, "it's a lot but if you want it, get it".  I said "no we shouldn't, but it is beauuuuutiful."  As I said that, I watched another girl reach for it and walk around with it to show someone she was with.  My heart sank.  George said "oh well" and the sales person said "if you want something in here you have to grab it fast, b/c this stuff moves".  The lady put it back. And then I went to grab it.  I looked at George and said "it's just too much".  He said "get it - I'll have your birthday DONE and I won't have to go shopping".  Happy camper I set it on the counter.  I felt like the most special girl in the world at that point.  I felt like a kid.  My purses are usually $19.99 canvas wanna be specials.  I have never gotten into COACH or any of the pricey stuff.  I have always not felt they were worth it.  THIS purse will last me until the end of my days.  The only worry is will someone steal it off my shoulder?  

So we shopped all around the square at all these antiques shops, which is unusual for George to want to shop in.  But we went up to floor two and three and up into sale attics and very old and squeeky originally floored places, with original brick and beams.  I'm thinking - man, what would it be like to turn this into an apartment or condo.  How gorgeous, and the history within those walls.  One building was the old hardware store.  

These shops took me back in time.  It's like visiting my Mam-ma's house back in the country.  I told George it's almost like someone took Mam-ma's stuff and dropped it off here.  This hat, that black purse, and that yellow hat on the wall.  These all look familiar to me.  What IF this WAS really her stuff?  lol

This set up here - this cupboard/shelving unit - actually looks like Mam-ma's kitchen.  

I laughed at the old wicker chair and pot in it.  Yep that would have been there too.  lol  I had to have a picture of this.  It feels just like I'm sitting in Mam-ma's old kitchen when I look at it.  Her sink would have been to the right and the stove.  
I believe her fridge was to the left (back a bit) and to the immediate left took you into the dining room.

George had a fit over this $65 space capsule.  I said we should get it if he wanted it for Christmas.  He said he didn't want it that bad. 

And then he saw the Lost in Space robot! $350 price tag.  Oh my gosh.  He loved it but said "no way" to the cost for something that would not only be in the way but would sit on a shelf and he could only look at it.  So no, he said "no".  

I agree that would have been too much but after that purse we bought earlier, what could I say?

Shopping on the Square, in Lebanon, TN
Shopping on the square in Lebanon, TN

You can tell in the pic above that the sky was not too happy.  Storms were on the way.

Anxious to be on our way back to our town (we had been about 30 -40 minutes away from home), we went to Ashley Furniture and I prayed that God would let us find our sofa and chair at an affordable price.  The fact that I wanted reclining sofas and chairs, added a considerable amount to the price.  But having sat in them at Mom's I knew that is what I wanted.  I always have my feet up at home and it hurts b/c I have it on the coffee table and it hurts the back of my heels, lol.  George had agreed this was the way to go for us considering the amount of time we spent at night together watching our movies together.  Something you use every day for about 15 -20 years.  If leather, even longer.  Of course the switch/motor could go out and it have to be fixed b/c it's electrical and not a manual one.  Even the manual ones can break.  

So we went into Ashley and walked upon one that was a little different in color (a little darker) than I had imagined.  But certainly not "off" by any means.  The price was much better.  And the financing of 12 months same as cash was there.   The chair reclines all the way back so on those early mornings getting up with the doggies, I can actually lay back comfortably here.  If we had company two could sleep here - one on each end.  It lays all the way back.  How exciting!  And it sits plush still against the wall.  In other words, it pushes outward toward the front of the sofa instead of needing to go "back" against the wall.  

They did not have the recliner in the store.  But we ordered the reclining rocking chair to go with it.  So it's a recliner but it rocks.  I'm ready for grandchildren now!  ;-) 

We ordered the sofa and the rocker recliner.  And they will be here at our house on Dec 9th.  Delivery day.  Only one snag.  It's the community Christmas Day parade.  So we'll have to tell them to plan to be here around that.  They had both of these in the warehouse.  So it only takes about a week.  I'm not sure why we couldn't get it for Dec 2nd.  Maybe there is something going on I've forgotten about?  

Anyway, so we have purchased our new den furniture and much to my surprise, it will be here for Christmas. ;-) 

While we were there, we had some bad bad storms to come through.  So we waited til the storms left the area and headed home.  Much to our surprise, just a few miles away, a tornado (F-1) touched down in Gladeville.  Gladeville is in b/w Mount Juliet and Lebanon.  A tornado warning went off in the store.  The store evidently had no procedure.  I stayed close to a piece of furniture that I could dive under.  lol  I know that usually this time of year, the damage is usually a bit off of the structure but not devastating like it can be in spring.  

So after the sofa purchasing, and shopping day, George said "It's Sonya Day - mark it on your calendar.  November 18th is Sonya Day.  He kept teasing me about it the rest of the day.  Even surprised me and brought me my dinner to the sofa instead of making me come get it b/c it's Sonya Day.  I asked him if was trying to make a point and being ugly or was he just teasing.  He said "it really is Sonya Day".  lol  Rolls eyes.  I don't know.  But whatever, it WAS a good day and it WAS Sonya day!  And I really liked it.  I believe that was about as a good day as a birthday - and it wasn't my birthday. 

George did open a bottle of wine to celebrate that we found success on Sonya Day.  (lol) 

While shopping I ran across this.  So perfect!

So we had a nice day yesterday and came home and had a sandwich.  And I went to bed. 

This morning Tugie woke up again at like 3:30.  George got up this time to take her and then I think that he fed her and put her back in bed.  I slept until 5:30.  Then took them both out again and of course fed them both.  lol So Tugie ate twice b/c I wasn't really sure George fed her.  So then we went to church. 

I was really feeling like I needed to stay home but we had to take Kathy her sausage, so we went.  Then we went to the store at Kroger and bought a bunch of stuff even though we have a freezer full.  We bought salad stuff to eat until Thanksgiving.  I'll have to go back out to the store Wed night. 

But anyway, George must have been hungry b/c he was putting things in the cart of all kinds!  I thought "I've got to get him out of here, since he was hungrier the further back in the store we got".  We have meats and stauffer dinners and pringles and breakfast burritos and ---and---and---!!!

Since being home I've done several loads of laundry and ironed and cleaned the kitchen a bit and have done this blog entry. 

I have so much to do.  I need to make a winter cat house for Little Bit, update the Christmas list, prep my to do list for the week, and chop some veggies and fix a South West salad.  I have such a list but I know I'll never get that far.  It's so aggravating that we don't have a lot of time on the weekends.  If you go do errands and shopping on Saturday and then church on Sunday - and to the store and then do laundry and ironing - your weekend is shot!  Argggghhhh.  Story of my life, but all you can do is the best you can do.  I'm very excited that we had our sofa.  We had a good fun date day out.  And it was a good Sonya day all the way around.  Well except for the Tornado Warning but we just stayed indoors. 

Ya'll take care.


  1. What a wonderful day you had. Getting a purse and finding your furniture. it was your special day for sure.

  2. Fantastic!
    I really like the color of your sofa. It's neutral but not boring at all. Very nice choice.
    The purse and the shawl also sound fabulous. These are things you use and not regret buying.
    I want a Monica day!!! (Have George call my husband please:)
    You did a lot this weekend.
    Sleep well,

  3. Congrats on finding the new furniture! How nice you can cross that one off your wish list! It sounds like a wonderful weekend all the way round. How cute about Sonya Day. Hope the week ahead is a great one for you ! Nice anyway that it'll be a short work week with Thanksgiving.

  4. Looks like a comfy sofa. I am glad you found what you ordered. I think next time we get furniture I want a sectional. We have never had that kind. You may want to check and see if the one you bought goes cheaper on black Friday.
    As hard as you work you deserve nice things. Furniture is something we use everyday. I try to get good quality when we buy cause we keep for a long time. Happy Thanksgiving.


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