Tuesday, November 7, 2017

More Charleston and Things are Improving all Around

More Charleston pics from the carriage ride.  For my regular blog entry scroll on down below.

Monday was not bad for a Monday.  I have a lot going on.  Maisy did good yesterday.  Only a little issue.  Her tummy has been bothering her and I think once we get past this, maybe things will settle.  Already showing signs of improvement now with her stools.  She DID sleep all night last night.  Matter of fact my alarm did not go off.  I really haven't looked to see why but I suspect it is on silent mode or something b/c my alarm was set when I went to bed.  It could have gone off and I turned it off instead of snooze.  But I don't remember any of it, if that happened.  I counted it a blessing though to be able to sleep til almost 5.  For that reason this entry will have to be short.  

My arm has some improvements.  The pain is not quite as bad when I lift it at certain angles.  It is still there, so I'm wearing the patch and have noticed that certain things I do now are becoming involuntary.  Like this morning when I reached out for my coffee cup, I reached out with my left hand without thinking.  It's the reaching out that is the issue.  The patch is doing pretty good.  The icy hot really helps.  The patch is less messy for work going.  

Despite my sleeping til almost 5, I find myself very sleepy/groggy.  It's raining out.  I'm hoping the rain ends before I head out, but it probably won't.  George got up with me when I got up - to take the dogs out.  He said b/c it was raining.  But I think he realized I was late and was going to take them out for me.  However, Maisy would not go with him, she wanted me to go.  lol  So I took her.  We went downstairs so they could go pee in the grassy spot under the stairs.  They will go there in the rain without us having to go out in the rain with them to make them go.  

We had breakfast last night for dinner.  It was so good!  The bacon was delish.  We had blue grits.  And we had waffle with it. All was delightful.   Breakfast for dinner is such a blessing and a comfort food.  I had salad yesterday for lunch.  And only grapefruit juice for breakfast which was refreshing.  I was trying not to have cake and ice cream but after serving it to several people had such a longing - especially for the neopolitan ice cream, that I allowed myself to have a half of a cake and a little bit of ice cream - half the normal size.  So at least some improvement.  lol

I'm feeling better though not having had a lot of sugar in the last few days.  It seems to be the direct sugar (sweets) that is the worst.  Like potatoes or starch that turns into sugar doesn't seem to be as big of an issue.  But just poppin' Reeces or having Halloween candy here and there and then desserts and such - it just all adds up.   So I felt better yesterday not having all that mess for a couple of days.  I had waaaay too much sugar last week.  

I also did situps (in bed) but I still did them, lol. 

Well, I need to go get ready and get on the road.  Ya'll have a great day.  

Off to get more coffee!  


  1. Glad to hear you got a good nights sleep. The really does make a difference. Hopefully now everything continues to improve. We've had rain for a few days now and I'm looking forward to some sunshine. That always improves my mood. Hope you do have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!

  2. I too ate too much candy during Halloween. I am prediabetic so I try to not eat too much sugar. Ice Cream is my biggest temptation. It is very hard. I never knew how addictive sugar is until I tried to give it up. I hope your arm feels better. Have a great day.

  3. glad you got a little extra sleep. and happy to hear maisy is improving.


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