Monday, November 6, 2017

Catching up on Pics and "Oh What a Night"

Sharing some pics, and trying to get caught up.  Here is Granny Jan from last Thursday night at her birthday celebration.  I think she really enjoyed her night.  We had balloons and flowers and cake and gellato and my SIL brought a BBQ dinner. 

Took a shot from my office last week, watching a storm roll in as the sun's glow was coming through as daylight occurred.  I got there just in time so as to miss the storm itself.  Hard to really see the colors in the pic.  But it was impressive in person.  

I was able to cross "take fall pics" off the bucket list.  Just an annual tradition to get a few pics of the fall colors from our yard or wherever I find myself able to take them.  

Here you can see a tombstone looking through the trees. 

And here below one little Crepe Myrtle turned colors and the other didn't.  lol 

So yesterday we rolled the clocks back.  Of course the dogs go by their own schedule which apparently is around the clock.  lol  Maisy is very needy.  Tugie has become needy due to her old age.  Roger is just perfectly laid back and could sleep forever.  Bless him!

So we didn't have to be at church yesterday until 10.  And we had paid for our lunch already and had wrapped the gifts for the 5 children that we drew to buy gifts for.  And headed in to church.  If we hadn't paid and hadn't needed to take the gifts and it wasn't the Homecoming Sunday, I might have just stayed home.  I have struggled with fatigue, muscle aches, hurting arm, hurting knee all weekend.  But I pushed and made myself go. 

I'm glad we went.  We had our turkey and dressing meal for the season.  It was catered by Hermitage Smorgasboard and it was really good.  I have never been to this restaurant but I know where it is and I'll be wanting to go there.  They have a buffet of Southern homemade food and a salad bar.  It's hard to find a good salad bar anymore. 

Then we went to the Lebanon Outlet Mall to Christmas shop.  We bought a few things for presents - although fewer this year.  They just don't have the stuff.  I figure that space will end up being offices before long instead of retail space.  However, they do have some shoe stores and George and I both found some shoes.  I bought black boots that come up to your knee, to wear with a couple of dresses I have.  I have a black maxi skirt and a Lula Roe Dress that I can wear with them.  I had been wanting some.  Now that opens up my wardrobe a little bit.  I won't get them til Christmas.  I still need a small pant boot to wear with khakis though.  But they have to be the right color and I really do not want suede.   George bought some shoes that I thought would look nice on him.  He was glad to get those. 
We will wrap these things up later.  It just works out better for both of us if we shop together and let the other wrap it.  We will always have a few other surprises too.

I decided not to do a Christmas app this year.  I'm just using regular paper to keep up with it all.  However, I've not actually started listing everything yet.  The weekend ended before I could get down my to do list.  We were gone much of it. 

So after that we went to Aldi to get some salads and some smoked turkey and then ran in Walmart to get some dog food and some Icy Hot patches for me to take to work for my arm.  I will use the cream at home and that at work.  The cream is messy.  But hopefully the patch won't be.  I'll know soon enough.  My arm is better today after having Icy Hot on it yesterday afternoon and also last night.  Somehow it calms the muscle. 

And then we came home and I immediately set into laundry, folding, ironing several things for the work week while George went to visit his Mom. I moved all of our gift purchases to the back bedroom where I can go through them and mark them as purchased and try to get the budget set up sometime during the week.  I changed the sheets on our bed.  The only thing I didn't get done was the vacuuming.  George got home, but we got a call as I was going to do that.  Granny Jan was being uncooperative with the nurses and the staff.  At this point she doesn't really understand they are trying to help her, bathe her, and get her to dinner.  She also has picked at a place on her skin they were trying to bandage up but she didn't want them to help.  So George and I went over.  We got her to dinner.  And sat and talked with her while she ate.  We took Maisy with us.  The ladies there just love the doggies.  It makes them so happy to see them.  They had bandaged Granny up pretty good.  And the nurse kept checking to see if it was holding and not bleeding.  It was.  So that was good.  She said that she may need it looked at to get stitches if the area does not hold together and continues to bleed. 

Then we realized that Granny has lost her room key.  We tore her room apart looking for it.  George has his key.  But we have no idea where her room key is.  We reported it to the office. 

I told George he and his sister need to be getting together on the next level of care.  I just don't think she is going to be allowed to stay there much longer.  They need a plan B b/c it's going to be plan A in a very short time and there may not be much time to react. 

Anyway, so we got home and had pizza for dinner which was very tasty.  We don't often get pizza anymore. 

And we read and I tried to go bed early b/c I was tired and sleepy.  Then we were going to take 3 dogs out and realized we only had 2 leashes.  George said "what have you done with the leash?"  I normally do not misplace the leashes.  We had Maisy with us and George said "let's retrace your steps".  We did.  It was no where.  Then George disappeared and came back with it and said "My bad, I had it and put it in the other car when I opened it up to get something out of it".  I mumbled something like - "yeah it's always assumed it's me that screwed up".  I was happy he had to eat the crow and come up stairs with it.  I kinda mimicked him "let's retrace your steps", lol, to make my point.  It's all good.  We all blame others at times as we all think that we could never do such.  But happy it was NOT ME this time. 

At that point I was no longer sleepy and it was 20 minutes after my bed time since we had torn the house up looking for that!  So I read some more in my Charleston History book.  Finally went to sleep as I was reading twice so I gave up. I noticed it was hot and had thought that the a/c was on but it was on heat, so I switched it to a/c hoping it would cool at that point.  Sleep was good for the first 3 hours.

At midnight, Maisy licked me wanting out of bed.  She wouldn't sleep so I just went on and got up and took her out. She pee'd and came on back in.  It was very windy like it was about to storm.  I noticed that it was sweltering hot.  I decided that cheapness was for the birds if sweat was pouring from you at midnight on November 5th.  So I got the flashlight (the hall light was too much and would wake George up).  The a/c was on and I turned it way down to see if it wouldn't cool as the temp was set to 75.  But I noticed it was 80 in the house.  I actually told George as it appeared he was awake, that something was wrong with the a/c.  His response was "greeeeaaaat"!  So when I went to the vent, it was blowing hot air.  Nothing cool. So I went to the freezer and got out a big gel pac and put it in my hugger pillow.  This brought such a relief that I would put my hands on it and then to my face.   I didn't want to open the windows b/c a storm was coming but it was about 70 or even 65 outside with a breeze.  George opened them anyway.  I was thankful feeling the breeze come across my face and feeling the coolness of the ice pac on my hands.    I felt bad for the dogs having hair all over their body.  Maisy was just panting but finally went to sleep when the windows were open.  I did too. 

At 3:30 Maisy was jumping up at the side of the bed and licking my hands and wanting on the bed.  Whaaattt?  How did she get down?  George said "I think she jumped down earlier".  I said "oh dear, I bet she has done something on the carpet".  I was too sleepy to get up and go look and neither did he.  Getting up would come soon enough.  When 4 came too quickly, I set it to 4:20.  That seemed like a 30 second snooze. 

So up I got and took the dogs out.  I feel pretty good to not have had much solid sleep in the last - how long has it been?  It's almost like we have a new born in the house.  I think we may have to go buy her a diaper, speaking of.  All George does now when he is home is clean up after the dog.  Of course as you know, I'm taking a break from that.  He usually did most of it anyway, as I was the one early on that never wanted pets in the house b/c of that, but I was trying to help with it since Maisy has arrived and has been a bit much and he bit my head off for trying to help, so I quit helping.  That is what happens when you bite the helping hand. He owns that now, and he is keeping quite busy with it. So I suggested a diaper.  He wanted to argue with me just now that he does NOT spend all his free time cleaning up after the dog.  Well ok, whatever, as I hear him working on the rug from the other room.  He has been doing carpets for at least the first 30 minutes after he got up.  He went in and turned the light on in the dining room and found about 8 more explosion spots and another in the sun room.  I don't go in those rooms in the morning so I had not seen them.  I think I would have just busted down and cried if I had.  I'm so tired of this already.

And I am going to demand new flooring.  And I hope that the a/c is only a minor fix.  George think it is.  He'll call them today. 

So yeah, home, the place of refuge, has not necessarily been one this weekend.  Maisy has eaten something that has torn her up.  None of us is getting any productive sleep.  And we have become eternal bears, so look out when you see us.  I turn into "Frank" (lol) when I don't get enough sleep.  That means no BS, just straight talk, and I'm frank with you.  I lose my filters with the lack of sleep.'s Monday and it's back to work.  The to do list at home awaits.  But at least in some ways the weekend was productive, Christmas wise.

I have scheduled a vacation day for next week.  It's on a Thursday.  If I don't switch it to this week.  But I think I will keep it at next Thursday.  Next Friday was our Thanksgiving meal (tacos) at work so I guess I'll just be off on Thursday.  I have to also go to a meeting at 3 with George that day for some financial planning that we want to do.  I was going to have to go in early and get off early that day so now I will not have to worry about that and can be off already. 

But I'm needing some time folks.  And thank goodness there is a few days planned in the next month.  I'm no longer taking the day before thanksgiving and so I moved that one up to next week.  Since I won't be cooking anything I won't need the day.  I won't cook until Mom's and I'm fixing that wonderful Irish pork stew with the french bread to dip.  Oh that was good.  I want to fix that for Mom the Day after Thanksgiving.  I will chop everything up the day of Thanksgiving.  I'm looking forward to that.  And we get to see the kids, my niece and nephew.  I miss them so much.

Well, I best go as I have to make a stop for birthday cake and ice cream for those with birthday's for Oct and Nov.  I was gone in Oct when all the birthdays were and no one bought cake while I was out for them so I will do both months in Nov to play catch up.  I'm not sure if I will have any.  I just really need to try to stay far away from the sugar b/c it's a demon of it's own.  I really think it is impacting my mood and also not helping with the weight.  My system just cannot process it very well anyway.  So I think I'll pass today.  Need to stick to my dark chocolate, once the halloween candy is gone.  Ok so I may splurge on a mini reece at 3 pm daily but no cake if I can help myself.

Ya'll have a good day.  I'm trying to get myself back.  I have been so:  anxious, worried, negative, angry.  I want to show the fruits of the spirit.  It's so hard when things seem to stack up against you regardless of how hard you try to keep organized.  And I do realize I have many things to be thankful for.  And the sermon was wonderful yesterday.  I listen better when I take notes.  I will share that perhaps tomorrow.  I will keep a list today of things that I make progress on, fix, make better, or am thankful for, or enjoy.  So that I can try to highlight the positive things tomorrow when I blog instead of just what went wrong.  How's that?

Off to responsibility...(rolls eyes, lol)...I soooooo need another day off!


  1. What an uncomfortable night you had. Not a good way to start a Monday but I guess it could be look for things you are thankful for always helps our attitude. Your Granny Jan still looks wonderful and you'd never know she has problems looking at her happy face. So sorry she won't be getting better and sadly you are right they need to be thinking about what comes next. It was warm and humid here yesterday but we had storms and tornado warnings and today it will be much cooler. Haven't had to use the a/c for quite a while now. Hope your's is an easy fix.

  2. Granny Jan is so pretty. She looks so happy blowing out her candles. It is so hard seeing the ones we love hurting and sick. I hope she gets to stay where she is at. They sound like they care for her very well. Take care of that arm. I think I would go get a cortisone shot for it. Being in pain every day takes a toll on the rest of your body. Your new dog sounds like a handful. I hope she gets use to your home and going outside. A diaper sounds like a great idea so you can get some sleep. Maybe she might do better to sleep in a different room with a nice soft dog bed.
    I have painters coming today so I better get off of here. Still have to cover some furniture.

  3. I was so hoping that I would be reading that you felt refreshed after your weekend.....maybe that was wishful thinking !!......I'm sorry that Maisie seems to be taking a backword step with regarding toilet....if she will wear a diaper it would be a good must do something, or your whole house will need new carpets....if you can't get her trained one way or another and that means.......very soon.....she will have to be made to sleep in her own bed in a separate room with only Lino on it...I know she nor you would like it but it would be better than giving up on her altogether...and it could come to that....wonder why she has regressed....anyway love, hope today's been ok at work. You will be home now and hope it's all peaceful xxx

  4. Glad the icy hot is helping with your arm. sorry to hear about the temps making sleeping difficult.


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