Monday, November 13, 2017

Church, Making Christmas Progress, and iTunes Playlists

Here's all the kids toys at church for the children that would not otherwise have much of a Christmas.  This actually filled their wish lists.  I thought it was such a beautiful and happy sight.  Ours in in there somewhere to 5 different children.  I had grabbed one child to do (each child has several things on their list) but George grabbed 4 more.  He has a big heart.  We had a lot of fun going and shopping for them since we don't have many in our family that do toys anymore - not on a grand scale anyway.  George always likes to buy a toy for the adults too at Christmas in our family -  something fun - a game or puzzle or something.  

After church was over we were waiting around for a friend and I snapped the church auditorium so you all could see it since no one was in it.  

It's a beautiful facility.  The design of the ceiling is pretty and I noticed it for the first time yesterday.  I guess I never looked up.  I do however, enjoy looking at the little windows that go longwise at the top of the wall before the ceiling starts slanting up.  You can see the weather and if it is windy as the trees leaves move.  I like being able to see if it is cloudy, sunny, raining, etc.  

I have never seen a church do this, but they have bags for children for "quiet time".  I guess you pick one up before church and put it back afterwards.  I suppose they fill them with things for them to do and maintain them each week.  I think that is so cool.

After church and Sunday school, we went to Sunset in Lebanon.   It's a meat n 3 only I just got a veggie 4.  The fried okra is almost as good as Mom's but not quite.

We had a good time eating with Richard and Kathy.  Kathy had said to let George pick and he picked Bo Jangles or Subway or a chinese restaurant.  lol  Kathy said "no way".  lol  So we went to Sunset, which is where we all really kinda wanted to end up.  It's a busy place but we've managed to get in without much of a wait.

We then came back to MJ Town and went to Walmart to get some groceries.  I decided to eat breakfast this week so I can have some fruit and dairy.  I was not getting a lot of those nutrients by skipping breakfast.  And I just don't really do fruit and dairy items much for lunch and dinner.  I had not thought that through.  So I can skip breakfast some, but not always.  Losing weight is so hard and here it is at the holidays.

We then came home and I ironed 4 more pants that had dried, and Katy called and I talked with her.  I rebooted laundry - 2 more loads.  Listened to "Bread" through Alexa since I've not heard them in a long time.  I need to make sure I have them on my ipod.

So then I went to the back bedroom and went through the Christmas gifts and wrote them all down for each person.  George came in with the receipts and gave me the price for each.  I am not using an app this year - but just pen and paper to track.  That means I'll have to do the math.  But there is less fuss, less crashes, and less wait time to look something up.  It's just too hard typing everything in a little phone.  So I am going back the old way.  All that took about an hour and a half.  We are really doing good.  Katy and Cody have been who we have found things for so far.

Then George went to see his Mom.  While he was gone, I started on my iTune project.  For years I've been meaning to make iTune playlists.  I guess I'm the only one in the world who hasn't?  However, there just seems to be little time to do something so petty.  I put it on my bucket list for this fall though.  So I started on it.  I plant to put each song that I like into some type of play list.  Because honestly even if my ipod is on shuffle - it seems to play the same songs over and over each time.  I have no idea why.  But I want to hear some of the songs I never hear.  So every song is getting put on a play list.

Here are my playlists so far.  I may create a few more but here is what I have now (don't laugh) but I've created them by 'mood".  I did not want to do it by Genre b/c how boring is that.  Even the one Disco below - has any song about rythm or dancing and may include some slow songs too.  So here they are:

  • BEACH BUM  (Good travel music, beach music, party music, good mood music)
  • BLUE BIRDS SING (Life is happy and good and Mr. Bluebird is on my shoulder)
  • DISCO BABY (Disco, upbeat, or songs about dancing even if they are slow)
  • LET IT OUT (Mad music for when angry, and need to release, lol)
  • LOVE BUGGY (Love bitten songs, but includes all genres so when I think of how loving George is or how I wish he would be, lol)
  • PEACE OUT (Mellow, relaxing, but all genres might be involved)
  • SAD SAMMY (When in a sad mood and all gone to hell heck, and need some sympathy, or a good cry)
  • WEATHER IT (Since I'm a meteorologist at heart, how appropriate to have an outdoorsy, Rocky Mountain High, streams and rivers, and rain and snow and night and day and sun and moon category).  This may end up being my favorite.  
I had so much fun doing this last night.  I can't wait to keep working on it.  I might end up with a few more iTunesplaylists.  It will be fun to create certain ones for certain holidays or seasons too and I will make that part of my bucket list.  For example. for March I can make a St Patrick play list and call it Lucky Tunes or something to that effect.  Either that or March Madness lol. 

Well, Valentines day I guess we'll listen to Love Buggy.  lol

Well, I am pleased with all that we managed to do this weekend.  We were gone a lot but made progress.  

Oh and when George came home last night, I made us a Southwest Salad with some spinach we had.  I had chicken tender left over from the night before and it was huge so I heated it up and sliced it b/w us and put it on our salads for dinner.  I added black beans and corn and shredded cheddar and whole grain tortilla chips and drizzled cucumber ranch dressing on top.  It was really good.

Well, I need to get on in to work.  Need to make a sandwich also.  Ya'll have a superb day.


  1. Looks like a wonderful Sunday for you. Our church is very old and very different with beautiful stained glass windows. Yours looks quite modern and large too. Yes, it's important to have something good for breakfast. Yogurt with granola would be good to have if nothing else. Hope you do have a great start for the new week! Happy Monday !

  2. your playlists sound delightful. dinner looked good too.

  3. so many pretty presents. That was wonderful for your church to do that for the children. I wish every child would have a present to open on Christmas. I give up trying to lose weight this time of year. If I maintain I will be lucky. My family loves to get together and eat good foods at Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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