Thursday, November 2, 2017

Ebb and Flow of Life and more Charleston Historic Homes

Continuing to share more beautiful pics of the Charleston Historic district.  Look at these places.  How charming.  Scroll down for the daily blog entry.  

Was trying to think what to blog about this morning.  If it were not for coffee, I think I'd wonder if I actually exist.  I slept well last night, having had only 5 hours the night before.  Almost got the full 7 last night.  But I'm severely groggy.  I think that the alarm went off in the middle of a REM stage cycle.  They say to sleep in 1.5 hour cycles.  Which if I go to sleep at 9 I should get up at 4:30.  That is the way that I had it set, but set it back to 4 b/c I wasn't getting my morning time and no time to fix lunch with showering, taking care of dogs, dressing, doing makeup, packing lunch, gathering things and coffee to go and getting down stairs out of the garage, GPS to best route and out of the driveway by 6:30 to 6:45.  You really need to leave the house at 6:30 to not get stuck in traffic at Hermitage.  But 6:30 is hard to meet when I blog.  And this morning, I feel very zombie like for some reason.  Only two more work days and then I'm on my agenda and perhaps can get sleep if the dogs will allow it.  If not then perhaps a nap at some point to try and catch up.

Have been in weird odd mood lately as before mentioned.  But I'm ok.  Just having to rethink a few thinks things.  My vision is sort of gone in a way now that a few things have changed and the path is much different than before.  I have felt akin to the following:

1.  Five steps forward, 4 steps further forward motions.
2.  Betrayal
3.  Lack of Trust
4.  Disappointment
5.  Bursted Bubble
6.  Uncertainty
7.  Lack of Desire to Fix it Since I Didn't Break it
8.  Disengagement
9.  Lack of Purpose
10.  Anger
11.  Resentment
12.  Lack of Resolve
13.  Withdrawal

I could probably go on and continue to describe my feelings or current vibe.  But that pretty well describes the mood or situation of late.  It's ok.  There is always the Ebb and Flow of life right?  There is always joy and sorrow and change and disappointment.  One thing goes well and another farts the big one right?  <------Sorry but what better way to present that thought.  Fits it soooo darn well. 

All you can do is find humor in the day in situations in which you feel you have no control and honestly wouldn't want it anyway, lol.

I really like to retreat into books, games, and most any other thing than to have to deal with the world and it's "nonsense".  But I'll zonk out of this mood once I feel or determine that the train is back on the track.  Right now I feel like the train has totally derailed and sliding down the mountain.  Gonna have to lay some new tracks I think.  The old tracks are worth repairing they just need some new parts. 

I know I speak in cryptic terms a lot.  But that is ok.  That is what I want and need to do.  I have to adjust the sails and will focus in other areas of life and all will be well.  I'm not worried too much.  Just have a bit of left over resentment I think -like if someone stole something from you, or broke your favored vase.  Yeah that.  It's not that it impacts everything but yet, it's just a sore thumb.  And when nothing else is there to blog about, feelings come to surface, and the persona that likes to fix all things broken starts to emerge.  Like a farmer needing to repair a fence on his agenda for the day.  I feel like it needs to be fixed.  But I'm not in the mood to fix it myself.  lol  Part of that comes with the stubbornness of "I wasn't the one that broke it".

Ahhhhhh I realize sometimes this journal is only for myself to work through a few things.  So thanks for your patience over my cryptic dribbles this morning.   And here is a poem of the Ebb and Flow of life.

While one mood exists today, it will be gone and a new one replaced tomorrow.  So I just need to wait for the new wave.  ;-)

Well, let's see.  We had a nice little night last night.  Actually had a bit of time to myself (30 minutes I suppose).  I played candy crush and then was falling asleep and decided I needed to get up and get things done.  Laundry and a bit of putting up and cleaning until George got home from his errands.  We had chili and watched Below Deck.   I love that show.  Not much to it.  But I love the ocean and watching how the crew does things.  

Anyway, I'm off of here this morning to start the Thursday.  A busy day with several appointments.  Then tomorrow is Friday.  Then I can work on things I need to work on from home that I'd really like to be doing today.  But...oh well. 

Ya'll have a great day!


  1. Life is definitely full of things that can bring us down if we let them. The trick is to always bring your own sunshine. We can adjust our attitudes but just like the weather, we cannot change it or others. So don't let someone else determine how you feel. They rob you of your happiness. And no one should have that much power over you. Life is too short to be anything but happy! Sending you love and hugs ! Hope your Thursday is a great day!

  2. I think you are too strict on yourself. You need to ease up & cut yourself some slack.
    I love the pics. Bravo has a show called 'Southern Charm' that takes place there. I love the scenery.
    Take care, Monica

  3. I like the poem Ebb and Flow. sums up alot going on in my life too.


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