Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Good Sleep and an Epiphany!

Oh I got some gooooood sleep last night.  If I woke up, it was only once.   I remember pulling the covers tighter.  Yep, Some goooood sleep.  Felt good.

I don't have a lot of time this morning, since I posted in my private blog.  But I wanted to come in and say hello.

Yesterday went well for a Monday.  Accomplishments on track.  Much to do still.  But at least on the way to getting it done by deadlines.

Last evening had some rather unpleasantries, but dealt through it. Despite that, we had a good evening watching the Soprano's and having a Greek chicken salad.

 I did have an epiphany this morning. lol I've discovered that sometimes turning the other cheek is the wrong advice for certain situations.  Since the truth can set you free, sometimes it's better to go around like a banshee...waving the truth in people's faces! Nothing shuts up a devil the size of Manhattan- like the truth.

And I will end on that note.  Ya'll have a good day.  I intend on enjoying mine! 


  1. Got to be thankful for a good nights sleep for sure. The truth is always a good thing, even when it hurts. The truth will set us free! Hope you have a terrific Tuesday !

  2. you are right about the truth. it'll set you free. glad you got a good nights sleep.

  3. I agree with Ma...truth is best even if it hurts...xxx. Hope you have had a good day xxx


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