Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving, A Sleepless Night, But Faith Endures

Hope you and yours have a Wonderful Day.  Didn't get to post yesterday and today will be a short one as we try to make Thanksgiving special for those we love and enjoy it ourselves. 

I woke up very happy this morning, even after a sleepless night of seeking God's Will and His advice on something.   When I did finally nod off Tugie wanted out.  Surprisingly, I woke up from cat naps all happy and with clarity and with a plan.  God and George have helped me to see that I've been taking a few things seriously that are really not near as important as I've been making it.  Story of my life I think.  I've always been serious, and responsible, to the nth degree.  I need to knock it down a few notches. Nanny Voss used to tell me to quit being so serious.  lol  Thank goodness for friends that make me laugh and pull out that side of me at times.   I need to laugh more and worry less. 

So we had a grand evening by going to the grocery store for my Irish Stew for tomorrow at Mom's.  George obtained his shrimp/sushi for today.  We came home and cleaned.  It was nice to get up and it be already in good shape. 

I'm cracking up b/c the dogs are sleeping good right now even with my 80's music playing on Alexa.  I'm sitting here yawning and about to go find more coffee!

Where's my toothpicks?  Need 'em to keep the eyes open today.  But it's ok.  God and I wrestled over a few things with the tossing and turning.  He had a few things He wanted to say and I had all sorts of questions.  He answered what I needed for now.  And now I'm happy and we are going to enjoy our day and the day after that and the day after that.  And.....we will go forward.  God places our steps through all of our trials and tribulations.  About a week or week and a half ago, I had a really, I had a dream...I think it was a sign.  So we've been talking about it since.  I know I talk in cryptism, but just can't share every little thought and issue. Lord knows I do open up with most.

So, you all enjoy your feast and family!  ;-)

 All is well here and will be - regardless of the arrows that are sure to come.  I know that the devil has his arrows ready - and God will lead me away from their destruction.  It's so good to have faith.  I'm not sure how a person could stand being in this world without it.  It's the ONE thing you can count on.  The fight is real and the fight is on. 

But we have each other and today is the day to celebrate that.  Ya'll have a good one! 


  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family. ENJOY!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family.

  3. I I love feeling that you are slowly coming out of the dark tunnel and with our god to lead us you will in the end succeed....I'm so pleased that you are determined to have a great Thanksgiving day.....we have so much to be thankful for, I know there are troubles we have to face but at least we have good friends how many poor people have no friends, have nowhere even to rest their heads in comfort, won't be looking forward to a wonderful meal ...yes. Thank you Lord for friends and family. Xxxxx

  4. Missed this entry yesterday somehow. So true we'll get through this...we all have a this of some kind. It seems if it isn't one thing it's another, but the good Lord gets us through it. I try to dwell on what is right and beautiful in the world and be thankful for them. Have a Happy Thanksgiving !


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