Thursday, November 30, 2017

It's My Friday!

It's my Friday!  I'm ready to "try" to sleep in tomorrow but I doubt the dogs will let me.  Anyway at least I won't have to rush around tomorrow morning. 

Last night I was able to put 1 Christmas box of stuff out.  It was mainly for the mantle.  Perhaps I'll get another one done tonight.  It's weird being two weeks behind on getting it done.  But it was my choice b/c I didn't want Christmas stuff about on Thanksgiving day.  At least our shopping is going well.  But we will soon need to wrap and get Auntie M and Uncle K's things to them in Yulee, FL. 

One day at a time and thankful to have time off tomorrow even though it will be heavily interrupted mid day. 

NO BIG plans this weekend.  George was drumming up shopping plans and I said "not til after the decorating is done". 

The inflammation Rx is helping the movement and stiffness of the arm.  The way I test it is by doing a stirring motion as if stirring a pot.  When I outreach like that is when I hurt the most and heaven help us if you are picking up something like that - no way!  But I have noticed that there is less pain.  It's like a prescription strength Advil.  But it is not for pain.  It's for inflammation.  It doesn't make me sleepy - thank goodness.  I can't even tell that I'm taking it at all.  Other than no pain in my arm.

Well, not much to say.  Just moving on to some other things I want to do this morning.  Hope you all have a great day.  I am a bit sleepy this morning, but I rested good.  I think I just needed to keep snoozing - but the alarm was going off and the dogs were stirring and expecting to get up - so I got on up.  But even with a cup of coffee in me, I think I could go right on back to bed.


  1. congrats on getting some christmas stuff out by the mantle. i'm happy to hear the prescription is helping your arm feel better. hopefully you won't have to resort to plan c.

  2. So glad to hear that the meds are making a difference. I'm just about done with the decorating and have some sore muscles now my self. What a job it is! Even though I don't do even half what I used to it is a lot or work or should I say labor of love. I like to get it done early so I have more days to enjoy it. Some people I know wait till 2 weeks before Christmas and take it down the day after New Years. That is too short a time for me. Hope you have a good Thursday and even better Friday and success on the weekend.

  3. Hope the day went well and by now you will be nearly home and your almost weekend will start...I got Peter to bring down my nativity advent thing down from the top of the wardrope tonight so that will be the first of the Christmas decorating started ! I had a bad start to my day as when I tried to get up everything was spinning round me...I felt hot and sick so had to get up I made it to the bathroom just in time...hanging onto the walls as I went along...thankfully after I had a wash and got myself through to the sitting room I was able to just sit here with my eyes shut, Mary came over at her usual time 8.30 and was surprised to see me lying here...I should have been up at the church cafe !..she made our coffee and by about 10-1030 things began to settle down....I'm ok now...

  4. I hope you are OK.
    It's Sunday!


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