Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Just say Phhhhbbbbbft!

One of the earlier graphics, playing around, using a mask to make the matching template. 

Well, yesterday was productive.  Several things are coming together.  The future looks brighter.  For me anyway.  I think at this point we all have to blaze our own path - one way or another.  If not over here in this method then there, over yonder, with that method. 

Happiness is what you make of it. Nothing in life is perfect.  I choose to be happy.  ;-)  I get to control my own day, my own emotions, my own decisions, and go my own merry way. 

Try as you may to please everyone around you, I always come 'round full circle to realize that even doing 40 pretzel bends backwards to please, is not going to bring the Olympic torch to it's final fruition for everyone.  And continually trying please every person in your life is both brutal and futile.  But you can please a few and you have to figure out which ones you should please and which ones to give up on. Have you ever just said "Phbbbbbbbft...I'm Done!"   I think some things in life are like that.  And I think we should do that more often, with God's help of course.

I feel good today though having thrown hands up in the air on a few things myself.  It's very freeing to Let Go and Let God.  After all we are only human and not little Godlets or Genies that can wave wands around to make magic happen.  So I'm passing on the torch.  I don't have to be the one to make the finish line happen for everyone around me in life.  I don't even HAVE to be the one to finish the race myself.  God gets to determine that.  So for now, saying Phbbbbbbft----feels real good.  ;-)  God said "Let not your heart be anxious for nothing. Today has it's own issues so why worry about tomorrow."  So the Word has spoken and so has....the tribe (me, myself, and I).  Weeeeeeee!  Yay Me!  lol  Why do we keep forgetting that we actually have control, with God's help and when He is in charge overseeing us? 

So hopefully that will help someone today.  Be your own tribe, with God's help.  Give it to him.  Say phhhbbbbbttt to situations in your life too. 

So Kate and I went to get our toes done last night.  And then on to Cracker Barrel.  She has gone over with me some of the scenarios she has had to deal with as a teacher.  It takes a brave soul to go in to these jobs.  And a big heart.  She faces some real challenges every day.  Makes my job look like a piece of candy.  Talk about trying to please everyone.  Oh my gosh.  May the Lord be with her in all of it and help her place her steps as a teacher with a big heart in a big ugly world. 

I hate it when other people just beat you to death mentally and make you question your own motives, your own behavior, your own goals, your own reason for being there.  I think sometimes we ALL have those people in our lives who try so hard to push our buttons. 

So here's to all of you who have those folks in your life.  You can rise above it.  Don't let them discourage your good heart and your good actions.  It's the devil, the spiritual warfare, trying to get to you where your heart is, trying to ruin what good you try to do. 

And just say phhhbbbbbttth to those that try to ruin it all for ya!  (Well maybe not out loud, ok?)

Once again last night the freezies came and I was getting my toes done.  I could not get warm.  And then this horrible tiredness ran through my bones.  Slightly nausea but that may have been b/c lunch was so long ago.  I wanted to just go home and go to bed.  But we went to Cracker Barrel and I had breakfast.  It was wonderful.  Then we shopped.  Didn't buy anything.  I was too tired to even think.  I hated to drive home but was thankful I didn't have to drive as far as Kate.  Still had to reboot laundry when I got home and do a few things.  Bed felt so good again.  I was so exhausted.  I'm not sure why I have felt so bad the last two evenings.  Feel a bit more refreshed this morning, after coffee, but in getting up at first it felt like I'd run a marathon yesterday. 

I did our Walmart order this morning.  This is the time of year their focus turns to all the Christmas items and I think they let some of their regular stock items run out.  I've had to order from Amazon some of the things I'd normally have ordered from Walmart.  But whatever.  I always have this issue every year.  It'll get worse.  By February they will be back to their normal levels. 

Anyway, ya'll have a great day.  My phone just beeped to remind me that tomorrow is a vacation day.  It did not need to remind me!  That is keeping me going.  It's really kinda busy to take off but I need the down time.  My body is reminding me.  It can't come soon enough.  Well, it's nails tonight.  I really don't want to have to but I am going to have to.  Didn't have time to do both nails and toes last night. 

Take care!


  1. I love your word phhhbbbbbttth! So true there is never a way to please everyone. God is ultimately in control and I'm so glad I don't have his job...and thankful I can turn every thing over to Him. He does such a much better job than I ever could. I have teachers in my family too and know what you are talking about. No one could imagine all they do! It takes some very special people to be teachers. Yay! it is over the hump day and tomorrow you have a day off !

  2. i like your new word. phhhbbbbbttt. it really does sum up things, doesn't it?


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