Monday, November 27, 2017

Online Shopping and Postponed Christmas Decor

Well, I DID get the fall stuff up.  I DID NOT get the Christmas stuff up.  I will officially be about two weeks behind the norm by the time it all gets up.  But that is ok.  I did not want my house decorated like Christmas while we were doing Thanksgiving.  So this works.  Since we'll be only having it up for 5 weeks instead of 7, I'll probably not put as much out.  It is a lot of work and with an arm that won't outreach too well at the angles I'll be needing to reach out - will be interesting.  I guess I'll call the doc today to set appointment.  I turned over in the night and it is hurting increasingly to try to turn over in bed, or even get out of bed.  It's weird that it only hurts at certain angles or if I try to put a lot of weight on it.  At least it is useful most of the time.  It really hurts to reach out and stir a pot - I know that.

Well, the reason I did not get the Christmas out is I was giving a shot at ordering some things on line with the supposed cyber deals.  I'm finding that I have been able to do a few things.  I am not sure I'd really call them deals though.  The things I bought were probably the same as in the store on a regular sale day.  Well ok maybe better as most have free shipping - or free shipping with a certain spend.

So this one website, after I found what I needed, I only needed $15 to get free shipping.  Well, pay the shipping or get something for part of that money?  Well of course I found something so I didn't pay shipping.  Ok then if I spent $20 more to make it $100, I got $20 off.  Well that is a no brainer too.  So then I was able to pick something else out.  But it takes FOR. EEEVERRRRR.  I bought at Belk, Steinmart, Amazon, and toyed with buying things at Penny's, Old Navy, and Walmart.  I shopped probably until about 3:30.  Off and on.  I'd go to iron something and think "wait - let me go check this out".

I am pleased that I was able to get several things for folks.  We do plan on doing some shopping tonight too.

We are on our way to being finished.  Well I'd say about 60 percent done.  And most of the rest we have to buy for is easy stuff as we know we are doing gift cards and such.  Or things we know what they are that we will just run out and get - say like a bottle of someone's favorite wine or beer and so forth.  That kind of thing.  I'm feeling like we have accomplishment.  We will be way OVER on Katy and Cody.  George will be way over.  I'll be way over.  lol  I know that.  I mean heck, we bought ourselves new den furniture!

So I feel good about the progress, making the decorations not put out, not being as big of a deal.  The shopping is much harder.  And now I'm off Friday so I can work on all that Friday.  We do have the 2nd of our financial meeting for retirement on Friday.  In the middle of the day which kind of ruins things.  But I did not want to have to leave work and be gone for 2 to 3 hours at lunch to do that.  I always feel like I have to make up the time - even though it always evens out over time.  But my luck is that others will not see that you work longer hours on the days you do, they would only see when you are not there.

But we'll get it done.  George is going to bring the decor up for me tonight.  And we'll at least work on some of it a little each night.  But mainly we need to get George's Jeans.   Anyway, will be a busy week and have some other goals I need to work on, may have to be pushed on down the road a bit.

Ya'll have a great day and a great week.  Did you do any black Friday shopping?  Are you cyber shopping?  If so what online store?


  1. sounds like you got some great online bargains. hope you'll have your christmas decor up sooner rather than later.

  2. Wow being 60% done with your shopping is great. I'd say I'm about 30 % and I know I'm behind. I started putting fall away and getting Christmas out but I'm only about half way with that too. You are blessed to have some help there. For the most part I'm on my own here, but one of my sons did say he'd be over to hang a wreath outside for me. Hope your have a good start to this new week! Happy Monday!


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