Sunday, November 12, 2017

Shopping, Dog Trims, and Housecleaning

Well, what a day we had.  Up and at 'em!  We got the dogs at the groomer by 9 a.m. and then set off for our day of shopping.  We really had a good time.  The first store we wanted to go to was not open yet, so we thought we'd run through the dollar store.  Oh my!  I spent a lot in there getting some Christmas stuff - cute wrapping paper - a huge amount on the roll for just $1.  Bought some really cute name tags for the Christmas bags.   I was going to try not to buy anything this year and use what we have, but it's so hard.  I feel like I need to buy it if it is so cheap.  

Then we went to Marshall's and to Burke's Outlet, then on to a package store to get a bottle of Pinot Noir, then to Kohl's to use our free $40 coupon that we got $10 for every $50 we spent last Saturday.  I got my tree skirt and have marked that off the bucket list.   We had some success at each store.  At one store, George bought 4 pair of tennis shoes!  I have a lot to wrap for him already.

Then it was time to go get the dogs.  Our groomer said she didn't feel good and was going to rush and have them done by 1:00.  So I had not eaten breakfast b/c I knew we were going to probably eat lunch with one of our gift cards.  However, we shopped thru til 1.  My blood sugar was really feeling low.  I told George we were going to have to eat soon.  Normally if I miss breakfast, I'm still sipping on juice, and eat by 11:00.  But there was no juice and it was 1:00 and I was fading.  We got the dogs picked up and headed to Sonic. 

Now, since Maisy has been with us, the scenario is that George is "Driving Miss Maisy and her Sonster person, with a Tagalong Tugie" in the back seat.  This way two humans and three dogs and a steering wheel don't all become a growlfested tangle in the front seat while going down the road.  If a fight ensues it's just be me and Maisy and Tugie.  I make it sound like Maisy is bear of a dog, but she is really sweet.  She is just a one person doggie.  And she is jealous of me and protective.  That said she gets along with the other dogs most all of the time.   But if one touches the other when next to me - all hades comes to fruition.  So when we are all in the car, I sit in the back seat and George Chauffers me and Maisy and Tugie.  Tugie has to be in my lap of course.  She has been the Star of this Show for years, and that is her car spot.  Maisy has been very good to sit right by my side.  She travels well in the car.  When the car moves she sits very still and looks up - poised and looking ahead.  It's funny.  It's like she is a well behaved person taking her seat on the train and minding her own business, staring ahead.  Cracks me up. 

So - we decide to use the Sonic card.  Gone are my visions of having something non-fattening at this point.  I know there will be a burger involved and it will have bread and "bread makes you fat".  I know that I have now gone past my normal lunch time and as my sister said once "I'm so hungry I could eat my left arm."    So at that point, I knew "tots" would be involved.  "Tater tots" that is - not toddler tots for those unfamiliar with the term. lol  And tater tots have oils that at a certain heat can cause cancer.  

So, after we snarfed down the fattening cancer causing meal amidst 3 hungry doggies who were staring in our faces and got bits here and there, we then went to see Granny - at assisted living - 3 dogs in tow.  

Whenever we go in assisted living - even with one dog - it feels like a true Dog and Pony Show.  Everyone stops talking and ALL EYES are on us.  We are ON STAGE at that point.  There are stares, and points, and smiles and they LOVE seeing the dogs.  Often there are more than a dozen people sitting out and about and often they ALL want to see the dogs.  It makes them happy and remember their own pets.  They all have learned Roger, and expect him but haven't seen the other two as often.  So yesterday we had all 3.  

So somehow Granny found her lost key.  Who knows?  
Her sisters went to see her this week and that was so nice of them to go see her.  She loves the flameless candles that they bought her.  

So then we went home and I was able to reboot the washer and pick out my clothes for the upcoming week.  I ironed a couple of pairs of pants and two tops.  And took some things downstairs that had accumulated at the "staging area for stuff to go downstairs".  It took 3 or 4 trips.  

I began cleaning the kitchen and George grabbed the vacuum.  My fear was that we were going to have company and my house looked a fright!  I've avoided vacuuming to the last chore due to my arm and then it never got done in the last two weeks due to time constraints.  We have been gone so much and it really takes about 4 - 6 hours to get through the normal cleaning routine (which up to 6 includes laundry time).  I don't get the luxury of that time on the weekends anymore so I do what I can.  

The 4-6 hour cleaning breakdown (depending on how bad it is):

Stuff to Downstairs 
Sheets Changed
Bathrooms Clean and Stocked
Overall Pick up 
Surface Cleaning
Walmart Internet Orders

The 4 - 6 hours does not include any type of extras like windows, mirrors, baseboards.  

I end up getting about down either to or through the vacuuming and the rest I have to try to do during the week or "clean as you go" type thing.  

But on the weekends I also try to spend some time doing the following:

Focus on a Project 
(Might be a birthday, planning an event, or a household project)
On line Shopping Needs
Look at Recipes to try next week
Add needed items to the grocery list
Run Errands 
(I try to do this during the week if I can)
Grocery Store
And of course now a half of Sunday is spent at church. 
(during my morning productive hours) 

So life is busy and full.  Always. 

So....George's sister called to let us know where to eat.  We were letting her pick since it's her birthday.  She picked the Pour House in Hermitage or Old Hickory - where ever it is. 
We had a good time with them.  George said their birthday presents was taking each other out to eat from now on.  So that sounds like a good plan.  

She said that the family was actually going to have one more Thanksgiving on the Farm.  We have already made plans though for the day.  Katy and Cody are coming for Sushi and Shrimp appetizers at lunch time.  I think I will add sausage balls to the mix.  Was looking for a reason to fix them.  ;-) 

Then George and I have our meal at Mere Bulles, in which I will choose prime rib over turkey.  

This next Friday is our "Thanksgiving meal" at work but we are having tacos, lol.  I am totally ok with that.  I'm making pineapple salsa.  I've not had tacos in a while so that sounds really good to me.  

Oh, I just remembered that I ironed up an outfit to wear for Thursday and I'm on vacation.  But we have to meet with that financial advisor in the afternoon so I guess that I'll need it anyway.  But, I will probably wear jeans and just dress up the top with a scarf or jewelry.  

I'm getting excited about this next week then - something to look forward to.

Also every night this week has some sort of plan.  So I will need to go in early and get off early.  
Katy and I get our toes done one night.  I get my nails done one night.  We are going out to eat two nights and perhaps that leaves only one night at home.  

I need to go get in the shower.  We are going to church and we will be eating with Richard and Kathy afterward.  

Then we will go to the store.  I think I will eat breakfast this week.  You realize my rules of actions change as they go.  lol  I really need dairy is why.  I don't get a lot of calcium.  So I think I'll have yogurt one day and cereal one day and apples one day.  I have missed those types of foods the last two weeks.  Then I'll eat less lunch and try to take a healthy snack.  Then perhaps the following week I'll be skimpy and do juice again. 

I may buy a steamer to keep at work.  Everyone can use it.  But we could steam veggies for lunch.  I would really like that.  I actually like steamed veggies.  I do like a little butter and seasoning on it though.  

Well, really, I need to go get in the shower.  I will blog a bit each morning this week if I can, but it'll need to be short and sweet so I can get ready for church.  

Oh two more things: 

Doggie blankets:  I washed all the doggie blankets and as they were done, distributed them to the doggie spots.  I always move them around or use some in the closet that are already clean while the others are being washed.  Heaven forbid a dog not have its blanket or throw.  Usually it is no big deal.  However, Roger has become fond of his Gibson blankie with the fleece like fur on the back.  Whatever that material is that looks like a sheep.  He even went to the laundry room and found it on the floor (waiting for the wash) and slept there on it.  I had another blanket on his bed.  So when it was clean since Roger had the other blanket, I gave it to Maisy for her to use in her little bed under the end table (her choice of locale, not mine).  Then I later found Roger in it.  And then found BOTH of them in it. lol  I'm surprised that Maisy didn't snarl and growl at him but they shared it.  However, I don't want to temp fate, so I have put Roger's blankie back on Roger's bed.  And have given Maisy a quilt turned inside out and folded, and she took to it immediately.  I did not even get to spread it out good and she was on it.  I had also given Tugie a different blanket while her blanket was washing.  And she was on the new one when her blankie came out of the dryer - so I through it on the couch end.  She went over and pulled it off and sat on it on the sofa and left her bed to be with her blankie.  So I had to fix that.  I guess they are sending me a message.  Don't be giving away my blankies to another dog.  They love their own blankie.  Ok, well noted crew.  I will do better from now on!

Doggie Trims:  The dogs trims looked horrible this time.  Uneven.  And they barely looked as if they'd had one.  They were not as neat.  She has ALWAYS consistently done a good job.  She had told us she didn't feel good.  She has cancelled a few times (not many though) and she is saying that it hurts her back.  So I'm thinking she is going to fizzle out on us.  I may use a new place.  I think I'm going to try it.  I want to see if I can get them scheduled for January.   Oh well.  

Ok - over and out!  I really need to get in the shower!!!!!


  1. All that talk of blankies makes me wish I were snuggling in mine. Was up way to early and now must make it to church. Hope you take some more notes to share of your sermon today . I did enjoy last weeks for sure !

  2. it's nice the dogs can visit the assisted living place. so sweet about their blankies.

  3. Sorry I didn't get in to comment last night. My friend ...she is a blog friend of over 10 years, she has just had her very first cookery book published, it's rediculasly expensive....but she is such a good friend and needs encouragement so I bought the came yesterday so every time I sat down...most of the evening I just had to read the is enormous weighs 2.2kl. ,!as a wedding pressie it would be great the bride would never need another book...anyway that's where I was. Instead of reading about your great looks as if it was a good one and this week is going to be busy...take care you don't overdo things again !!


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