Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving Day Meals, Little Bit's House, and The Truth on Blogging

Good morning!  Here is where the "red neck" in us comes out.  When you love your cat more than you care what anyone thinks about your little man made winter cat box on the front porch.  lol  It has been really cold so I finally made Little Bit a new box for this winter.  It is made out of the styrofoam box that we got from Omaha Steaks.  And also it has a cardboard box inside of it.  I packed with blanket/throws.  He really likes it and is using it.  Although he'd rather be inside. 

Since we cleaned the house and George moved his "piles" I can show pics of the fall decor.  

Nice little fall table.  We were doing casual buffet style so no place settings.  Although we did use my China for plates.  

I had a few Christmas ornaments and a snow man to give Katy and Cody for Christmas so I gave them to them now so they could enjoy it.  

This was me, waiting til they got there.  

Soon, I won't have to stretch out with feet on the coffee table, but can lean back in the recliner!  lol  Keep waiting for Dec 9 to get here! 

This is what happened when I went to take a picture.  Story of my life. lol 

Ok so here is our spread.  Our goal was appetizers so we would not be too hungry to eat dinner later.  Didn't exactly work. lol

But it sure was good.  I think my favorite thing was the smoked salmon on cream cheese on top of the cracker.  The sushi was good too.  So were the deviled eggs, sausage balls, and shrimp.  And the deer summer sausage was also excellent.

I'm not sure why these photos all turned out orange.  lol  They look orange to me. 


Katy's dressed eggs.

Deer "summer sausage".  Cody killed a deer and had it processed.  They brought other meat that is in our freezer.

Smoked salmon.

And I didn't want to take a pic of inside Mere Bulles with everyone there so I just shot a table view of my wine.  But what a nice time we had.  I want to go back again sometime when it's not a holiday.  

George and I both got the prime rib instead of the turkey dinner.  They had a special menu going.  They had 4 entree choices.  It was a busy place.

Let me tell you, I was so thirsty when we got in there.  I drank 2 glasses of water, a glass of fruit tea, and a glass of wine.   I'm not sure what made me so thirsty, but I was so relieved when that water brought water to the table. 

We both sat down at the restaurant still full from lunch.  lol  Oh well.  The prime rib and mashed potatoes and asparagus was really good.  I had an inkling for the wedge salad though before hand.  So I had that.  Then I could only eat 1/2 of my meal.  So I'll be gnawing on that for breakfast this morning! ha.  Right now I've popped two sausage balls in. 

It was a great day, a happy day, and a day that made me realize no matter "what is to come" we will get through it together. 

Then I had to go dream that George brought a date to Thanksgiving dinner and announced they were an item, with me sitting at the table.  I finally went to sleep and this is what happens?  Can I not have sweet dreams?  Like why couldn't I be the one to bring a date to dinner?  lol lol lol !!!!! Well, it was nice to wake up to reality.  At least he is in MY bed and not someone elses.  And as he said once - "I think I'll keep you b/c it's gonna be way too expensive to lose you." lol lol lol  And I guess that would about be the truth!

Anyway, it was nice to get sleep.  I went to bed at 7:30.  I did toss and turn a few times, but mostly slept good.  And now it's time to get the mashed potatoes done and the chopping done and that will help a lot at Mom's to just be able to cook w/o having to do the chopping.  All will be much easier.  I think I will take my laptop to Mom's so I can blog and perhaps do Paint Shop Pro and work on decorating the blog for Christmas. 

I had considered stopping the blog for a while, but came to the conclusion that it is something I enjoy doing.  I'm not doing anything wrong.  I'm talking about my feelings and no one elses.  And if someone misconstrues or misjudges the meanings, then it's their fault and not mine.  God has shown me that in recent days.  My heart is a true thing.  God sees.  God knows.  He knows my heart and that is all that matters, in the end, at the end of the day, and at the end of time.  So blogging continues.  Hate me for it if you will.  Then you must ask yourself why. 

Words are hard to read sometimes.  The truth often hurts.  But the truth will set you free.  If the truth chooses to separate you from the bad things in life - and lead you to the better things in life - then it seems that goes along well with God's Will.  Whoever deserves the gravy - gets it - in God's eyes.  What good does it do to cover up and act like nothing is wrong when it is?  To accept things that go amiss around you?  No way.  If something is bothering me.  It is.  Don't shoot the messenger!  But if you do, you do.  And it might be just the opposite of what should have been done.   Don't shoot the good ones just b/c they have opinions, feelings, and hate to see a difference b/w perfect and sub-par and speak up about it.  Sometimes those are the ones that actually make a difference and get things done in life.  But folks don't always realize that til it's too late when they have dismissed the truth.   And that is ok too!  Because God has a plan.  And it's becoming mine.  And it's all going to be ok. 

Looking forward to Mom's and seeing my niece and nephew.  And I need to get up and get choppin' - literally!  Ya'll have a good weekend and Thanks for reading.   Take care. 


  1. Yum on all your Thanksgiving Day food with your family. Looks and sounds absolutely wonderful! Hope you have a wonderful day today too. The sun is out here and we have a fun family time planned making sock snowmen with the grandchildren ! I do know what you mean about blogging. It's a habit for me and one I faithfully do. Happy Thanksgiving !

  2. Your appetizer style spread looks scrumptious. Delish!
    The kitties box looks warm. I am sure the cat appreciates it.
    Enjoy your day with your Mom and family.

  3. Your Thanksgiving spread looked delicious. Hope dinner went well with your mother.


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