Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thanksgiving Time at Mom's

Irish Pork Stew, leftover today.  Yesterday we had it over mashed potatoes.  It was really good.  A little something different that we did for Thanksgiving this year.  This is such a good stew for a really cold day and it was better today.  

So we had a really nice Thanksgiving day and then yesterday, up early to do some chopping, make mashed potatoes, and get all prepped and ready.  I made it really easy.  It's always hard to cook in someone elses kitchen.  So I even took my own pan, my own oil, my own salt and pepper and cooking utensils.  I didn't want to me in the kitchen asking Mom for this and that.  I wanted her to just sit back and enjoy.  I had to smile at her permission of passing the baton, by saying "I'm just going to let you take over".  That was the plan.  I didn't want her to have to do anything as she cooked the day before.  

So it went well.  I began fixing the stew and got it going and it took 2 hours.  The last half hour I heated potatoes and rolls.  

My niece and nephew came over and it was great to see them.  Mom and Katy both had made appetizers.  We had dips and chips and little wienis for lunch.  That kept us good until the stew was ready.  Mom had also made a dessert of peach cobbler.  So she still fixed quite a bit even though I was making our dinner.  

We sat around  and watched Lifetime channel, and all got on our social medias, lol.  I went to bed about 9.  It was struggle to last that long.  But I did it.  

There is not a king size bed here so Tugie and Maisy and I took the other guest bedroom.  I really sleep good in there.  George and Roger took the other bedroom.  Tugie had to get up at 2:30 in the morning.  It woke George up to.  I had to pull up and find Mom's overnight code to unset the alarm so I could open the door and take the dogs out.  George sat in the den while I took them out.  I had not wanted to go out in the night by myself.  At least if something "got me" he could call for help.  lol Then he went back to bed.  I was awake and sat up and played on candy crush and instagram to kill time til the drowsiness came.  I actually drank some coffee lol.  Once the coffee was gone, I felt sleepy.  Isn't that strange.  Sometimes it calms me.  Anyway, we trotted off back to bed and slept to 7.  I heard the sound of people talking and forks clinking against plates.  Mom had gotten up early, made our casserole and she and George were eating.  George has said let me sleep b/c I hardly get any these days.  So I appreciated that.  Sleep was good.  REAL good. 

The temps have been mild here.  But I think a front is coming through.  We are about to head home. 

I have ordered Mom's tablet and have had it delivered here.  Hers is falling apart.  And I suggested that she go ahead and begin using it. I'm not sure that hers is safe.  So we are happy to have taken advantage of the Staples Thanksgiving day sales. 

Ordered a few other things as well. Will wait til Monday night to order some things but need to see what to order so I can be ready to go since I work all day.  

While sitting around, it's given me an opportunity to redecorate the blog.  I just could not do the red and green tradition.  I just needed bright and sunny.  One day I WILL GET a beachy Christmas.  I cannot wait!  But the way this is decorated suits me just fine.  Perhaps at some point I'll redecorate if the mood hits for a snowy wintry look.  

Well, I think George is ready to go.  So I need to go pack up so we head out.  I will attempt to get fall items up this evening and attempt to bring the Christmas stuff up tomorrow (or at least clean everything really good before redecorating.)

Ya'll have a good Saturday evening and rest of the weekend.  
We have church tomorrow.  And I'll get done what I can. 

Have a lot of things I want to work on this week in addition to Christmas decor and Christmas cards out.  

I am happy with some things that I have come to find resolve with.  And that sure lifts a load. And I realize how lucky I am to have the family that I do.  And glad they love me so.  

Thanksgiving blessings for sure.  


  1. sounds like dinner at your mom's went well. and that the pups were well behaved.

  2. That stew looks wonderful! So glad you had a good time at your mom's! Had to laugh that it took two beds to accommodate all the dogs. They are so spoiled ! It was a great Thanksgiving weekend here. Today I'm ready for some rest.


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