Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Charleston Six, Walmart Gift Cards, and Coyotes in the Neighborhood

Six More Charleston Pics.  The end of the carriage tour and beginning of the Charleston harbor tour.
We sat in the bottom of the boat with the a/c; however it made the pics yellow looking through the window.  Oh well.  We really needed the a/c.  I don't think either of us wanted the hot sun.  But I do feel bad that the pics came out so horrible with the yellow glow.  Not the end of the world though.  lol  Scroll on down past the pics for the Daily Entry.

Here is pic I took mainly to capture the bridge in the background.  It's really hard to see.

We stood in the hot sun to board the boat.  Was shocked that October could be so HOT.  There was a pole that gave us some shade while we waited in line.  

Passing the German cruise ship.  These photos look vintage, lol.

Below you can see the US Customs House with the columns.  

Normal Daily Entry: 

Well, yesterday went VERY fast.  I went to Walmart to get the cards.  Sometimes it's nice to do something different and GET TO MISS RUSH HOUR altogether.  My work started in MJ Town at the local Walmart yesterday where I bought gift cards for our employees.  At last count we had 265 with more in the process of being hired.  So I purchased 275.  

First of all, it's always interesting to get the buggy and then go count out the cards at the gift card stand.  I always count in groups of 10.  You can feel the eyes of the Walmart employees on you as you do this.  lol

Then moving to the check out line.  I asked the lady how she wanted to do this, that I had 275 gift cards to be activated for employees.  She said, as expected, "oh you need to go to customer service".  I said "oh ok.  But I bet they send me right back to you as that is usually what happens."  So she followed me up there and they told her she needed to ring it up.  So she did.  It was not busy though.  And she did a great job.  And as predicted she said "well, I enjoyed doing this b/c there is no lifting to it".  I smiled. 

 Have I done this enough to know how it goes?  lol  It always amuses me.  And it didn't take too long.  After something like this, I usually go thru the Chic Fil A drive thru b/c the traffic is gone, and it's easier to get across the bridge to get it and then back on the interstate to work.   I was at work at 9:30 and onto doing our November list trying to wrap up with a lot of things going on.  Seems most all I'm working on are dependent upon other people in some form or another.  So touching base is the name of the game with all parties or vendors or whatever.  

Lunch was later due to that my Chic Fil A held me.  I have a conf call at my lunch time on Wednesday's anyway so it was a good day to eat breakfast late to hold me through that.  Normally I've not been eating breakfast and I can tell this pair of pants is loose after only a portion of a week of no breakfast.  But yesterday was my exception.  So didn't have lunch until about 1:30 or almost 2.  And ate at a restaurant nearby, just really needing to get out and away for a few minutes. 

George and I had pork chops and beans for dinner.  However, I did not want the pork chops.  I guess having eaten so late in the day hampered that but...I also just was not in the mood for the meat.  I mainly had the beans.  I felt bad.  I know George cooks for us and last night they sounded good but I just could not do it.  George also uses a LOT of salt and if something is overboard I just cannot do it.  I have to watch the salt anyway and my body is not tolerant of it and I'm way sensitive to it.  The pork chops were very salty so I put mine in a baggy.  I thought I might take it to lunch.  But really I still just kinda want the beans.  I'll take it and hope that I will be in the mood for it though.  

We watched Revenge -we got in 2 shows last night.  They were really good.  This whole last season is good.  

Sleep was good too. I woke up at 11:30 though felt sick to my stomach.  I sat up for about 15 minutes and it got better.  Had a little trouble with the arm/shoulder last night - mainly getting up and out of bed and turning over - just hard to put the weight on it.  Range of motion improving and I notice the left arm starting to have pain also like the right arm once had.  So inflammation - you hear a lot about it on TV "pain and inflammation" but you don't really think about it much until it's happening to you.  Some say go to the Chriro and get readjusted and others say go to a reg doc and PT will be assigned and they will help you to work out of it.  I may wait and go to the reg doc whenever I do my annual check up.  And see what he says then.  We'll see.  Right now it's only a minor annoyance though.  I'll keep doing exercises and trying to work through it.  

At 3:43 Maisy growled at Tugie for no apparent reason.  I guess Tugie was moving around and she wanted to give her a warning signal of "don't come into the Maisy Zone".  lol  I told both dogs to give me a break that I had 7 minutes left before the alarm goes off.  They minded.  At 4 I got up and took them outside.  Immediately I heard howls in the neighborhood and it sounded like a lot of chaos with howls and barks.  It sounded like a pack of coyotes. We came in quickly.  
 I listened to some on YouTube to see if that is what I heard and it sounded similar.  I know there are some around I've heard.  So after the dogs ate, I did not take them back out.  I heard sounds coming from the woods from the sun room so I was afraid to.  

Oh well.  

Well, I better go and get ready for work.  We have some special plans for the evening.  Will talk about that tomorrow.  Ya'll have a great day.  So glad the week is moving quickly.


  1. I'm glad all went well with the gift cards, even if it did turnout to be exactly the way you thought it would. They say coyotes are getting to be more and more prevalent here and that is a bit scary. I wouldn't want to run into a pack of them. Hope they moved out of your neighborhood after last night. Hope that pain goes away soon for you. It many not be bad, but still disturbing. Hope you have fun this evening! Happy Thursday!

  2. I love every year when you go to get the tokens ! As you say they are always reluctant at first then they actually enjoy it....hope today has gone quickly...tomorrow is Friday YIPEE then it's weekend....wonder what's planned...whatever it is remember to have some time to REST time fitted in.....take care. God Bless. Xx

  3. scary if they were coyotes. hope your arm pain heals soon. congrats on getting those gift cards purchased.


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