Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Daily Charleston Six! And Walmart Gift Cards

Charleston Market to the left and a cruise ship up ahead in the port.  That is just surreal to me, to see a boat that big and at the end of the street, lol.   Scroll down for blog entry, just showing 6 more Charleston pics.  Six a day folks.  Six a day.  Til we are done! lol

I believe this was Bubba Gumps. 

A picture of the market in Charleston at the entrance of one of the buildings.

A pic of the Crab House in Charleston.  You know I like my restaurants, lol.

The Moon Pie store.  

Well I think this week is going better than last week.  I'm getting more sleep, the dog is improving.  I'm in a better mood.  And we've had some evening time at home.  I did stay at work til 6 last night talking to someone at work about a few things, so made a short quick night, but I've read some in my books this week and it makes me happy to be able to do at least something on MY agenda besides eat, sleep, and work and do laundry and clean.  

Another quiet night tonight hopefully.  Sleep makes a lot of difference in how we perceive life.   It's so nice to be able to get close to an adequate amount.  I'm still about 30 min to an hour short of 7 every night but I try to get 7.  Four or five wasn't getting it and even 6 with wakeups all through the night was often worse. So Maisy and Tugie have been sleeping and that is good.  I wish they would let me sleep late on the weekend though.  Sometimes I just want to go sleep in a hotel for a night just to sleep all night.  lol 

Well, the arm report - a couple of people at work tell me it sounds like I have a frozen shoulder.  My describing the need to keep my arm down to my side and close to my body and not wanting to reach out.  They said no surgery was required, just exercise to get the inflammation out.  They shared their exercise routine with me and so I'm trying to do some exercising of it through the day.  It is certainly improving.  I think there are two things going on - I think the muscle was indeed pulled, but I think the inflammation was already there and this made more inflammation in the area.  The ICY HOT works really well to limit the inflammation.  So I like it, but I may end up having to go to the doc if I can't get it back to where it doesn't bother me.  It's only a minor inconvenience right now, but still not right.  I can tell improvement day after day though as long as I don't have set backs with it when picking something up.  When I say pick something up - it's going to be a dog, a comforter, or the wet laundry out of the washer type of thing that normally is not a bother.  I do these regular things and it surprises me that my arm is pulled when I do this.  So I'm trying to be careful til it heals, but yet exercise and stretch the muscles too.  So will just try to keep working through it, and if I can't self heal then I will go to the doc.

Well, today I'm going to Walmart to get 265 Walmart gift cards activated.  I hope they shut the line off.  I always ask them to do that at first or to find a person that will set up to do that.  They always say they don't have an extra person, so I just go get in a regular line then, b/c I am a customer too and with a big order and I have to have these things activated.  Then it forces those behind to have to other lanes after I say "this is going to take a while" to everyone behind me.  This forces the lane closure anyway and forces them to find help up front to open another lane.  I've tried to order these on line and to alert them ahead of time, but they always act stunned and don't know what to do.  They keep passing me around to other people and finally come back and say "we don't have a service for that, just come in and get them."  Every time they tell me "can you call next time?"  and I reply, I tried that and you all said to just come in.  lol lol lol So every year it is an ordeal.  You know what is going to happen.  But I quit making the phone calls.  Our society is not set up to be prepared for things and people just try to get you off the phone or passed around to someone else and no one knows the answer or how to handle it.  Everyone is too instamatic, with no time, and a "deal with it when it comes attitude".  So fine with me, I'll conform and ruin your morning then today.  lol  I find it all amusing.  But over all those ringing up are always really nice.  Most of the time they actually enjoy it.  The girl last year said she wished she could ring up those all day long.  So I'll let you know how it goes.  

Well, ya'll have a superb day.  I'll be off to WallyWorld! 


  1. I love seeing your pictures of Charleston and summer. It's getting really cold here with temps below freezing last night. Thankfully we'll warm up close to 50 today. Glad this week is better, that sleep is soon important! Hope you have a good start to the day with getting those cards. Hard to believe it is that time of year again, but it won't be long at all till Thanksgiving will be here. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. I think if I had to do that Walmart gift card deal every year, I'd call up and ask to talk to the store manager and see what could be done to make it easier on everyone. Pretty pictures!

  3. Hope you got on ok getting all the cards...glad your arm is a bit better but you mustn't let it go on too much longer.....I hope things will become clearer very way or another.....Glad that Maisie's issues are better this week....take care, soon be thanksgiving...Night night. God Bless. Xxxx

  4. i always have a hard time with a handful of cards, much less 265 of them. hope that went well for you today at Walmart.


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