Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Smiling Pig to the Smiling Elephant

Mr. Pig wins 3rd place in Gibson Halloween contest

Here's the pig George has worked so hard on. 

He won a DJ Turntable.  He was hoping for a guitar of course.  But was happy to place 3rd.  He said the competition was getting tough. 

We had chili, hot dogs, chips, and desserts at work.  It was all really good.  Most of the chili was eaten so I took it as a good sign. 

After work we went to a Thai place not too far away.  I had checked the hours of a thai place in Hermitage (next town over) and they were open to 9.  I used Google.  When we got there, there was a sign on the door that said closed at 6 due to Halloween.  Oh well.  We'd been wanting to go there for about 2 years and just had never made our way there.  Typical of our luck, especially the way mine has gone lately.  However, there are many other restaurants that would be open that deserved our business so we decided to find another.  I was giving suggestions closer in.  But George said we should go to the Smiling Elephant since it was on our bucket list.  So we drove on into Nashville and it's on 8th Avenue, not too far from Zanies and on the same side of the road.  A small place, minimal parking.  There was 1 parking spot.  We took it and it was a very pleasant place. 

The Smiling Elephant, Thai Food, 8th Ave S Nashville, TN 
Lemongrass Soup and Jasmine Hot Tea, Smiling Elephant, Nashville

I love a place that automatically brings you chop sticks without asking!  We had a cute little table and I was in the mood for the soup.  It was good.  I had been coughing earlier and this was soothing.  The tea was also really good. 

Ginger Chicken, Smiling Elephant, Nashville, TN

This was George's appetizer, however we both had this and the soup and shared.  I was fond of the sauce which I think was a peanut sauce.  I asked for extra to go with my ginger chicken b/c it was a bit dry and w/o a lot of flavor, I hate to say.  I really wanted to get something different from the curry that I usually get at a Thai restaurant.  And I certainly did eat much of this.  However, I was wanting it to be more saucy I suppose.  Anyway, the meal was certainly good for us.  Lots of veggies and it was good.  And we enjoyed it.  I also dipped some of my veggies in my lemongrass soup.

And for dessert. We had this Coconut Custard. 

Coconut Custard, Smiling Elephant, Nashville, TN
So that is a normal size plate that bowl is sitting on.  It's a mini bowl that would fit in the palm of your hand. You can see the spoon behind it, so that should help you see the size.  The pic makes it look bigger.  I was shocked to see it was so tiny.  However, I told George that this was the perfect size of dessert.  Just a little something.  The top part was like a sweet frothy coconut milk and it was over what reminded me of chess pie filling - which was like a hardening gel like substance.  It was very good.  Our meal was fulfilling.  

And we set back to home, and to our doggies, and to cross another thing off our bucket list.....
watching a Scary Movie and laughing at it.  We did watch something actually called "Scary Movie".  It was really a terrible movie, but yet we were entertained and we did laugh.  It is sortof a mocking of the Hollywood scary movies.  It did have some pretty horrible sex scenes, and some scenes that many would now find racist and unfitting.  The movie was made in 2000.  Not a recommend for a good solid movie.  But for us two on a Halloween night - yep it did the trick.  We laughed and were amused.  And I promptly went and marked it off the list.  

So that brings us to Wednesday morning.  So incredibly nice of the dogs (NOT) to wake me up at 3:30 before my alarm goes off wanting to get up.  They would not lay down and let me sleep.  So up at 3:30 to take them out and feed them.  Geez.  

I just dove into my blog early then awaiting the alarm to go off at 4.  Now I need to go and get ready and get to work I suppose.  Rain is on the radar, just in time for morning commute, I think.  Yeee Ha! 

It's over the hump day.  This week is going by fast.  Now it's November.  The month starts over and I've much to do at work.  And much to do at home.  I'm really feeling the crunch time here.  And I think we have very little planned this weekend.  So I'm looking forward to getting some things accomplished.  As I go through the house I see little odd and end things that need doing.  Hundreds of them.  I can only pass by them and do the current task at hand.  There is not enough time in the day to do all I want to do.  All my life I have been frustrated by this fact.  I now realize that I pack life to the fullest.  Many hobbies, many things calling, many friends, detailed and picky and thorough, and so "my life" just takes time.  

Oh the things I could do if I were off today.  If I go through this exercise, it relaxes me and makes my mind almost feel as if I'd had the luck of having the day off.  So if I were home today I would do the following: 

1.  Laundry
2.  Iron the two pants that have hang dried
3.  Mop the kitchen floor
4.  Wash the big pans that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher last night. 
5.  Bleach the counters
6.  Clean off the pub table and find George's piles another home. ;-)
7.  Do up a Walmart order
8.  Put the $20 in my purse that is on the desk that I dropped
9.  Transfer the Eric Church and Rod Stewart CD's to my itunes and give to George to do the same.  
10.  Look at my new Irish Pub cookbook that George gave me and decide the next dish to fix
11.  Clean off my desk
12.  Go through and tear out the folded magazine pages for my "Making the magazines come alive project".
13.  Put more Kleenex and bubble water in my work bag b/c I keep forgetting
14.  Hem my black pants so I can wear them again.  The last hem fell out.  ;-(
15.  Wash the pets blankets from their beds
16.  Vacuum
17.  Run the diffuser with good smelling essential oils
18.  Dust
19.  Clean the coffee table - or at least arrange it more nicely.  
20.  Read
21.  Clean a window (but it will take George's help to do, especially now with my arm being messed up).
22.  Clean the bathroom tub and sink to a shiny squeek! 
23.  Put sheets back on the guest room bed (or old bedroom).  The sheets are in the washer currently.  But I may change to the flannels.  
24.  Talk to the doggies and treat them like Kings and Queens
25.  If I got this far I would be so far into heaven I'd never come back down to earth. But if there were more time, I might watch HGTV.  ;-)
26.  Work on the Christmas List
27.  Do an ABC order on line
28.  Schedule what days we would go Christmas excursioning
29.  Drink hot tea
30.  Put up my jewelry - into the armoire (it's all over the place from recent wearing and recent travel).  Still in my jewelry travel bag, in the bathroom where I've taken it off, and in the bedroom where I have a dish I put them in.  Every so often I have to put them all back up into their "spots" in the armoire.  
31.  I have some things I need to silver polish (some jewelry that needs it and some things in the kitchen that need it).  
32.  Plan some meals for the next week or so
33.  Work on some Alexa stuff (my app not been working right), and check on the Echo Dot thing
34.  Research Mom's tablet we are getting

And I would never get that far but anyway, what a day it would be to have an off day and get caught up a bit.  Only 3 more work days til that can happen.  Til then I go about the house from one end to another doing the current "whatever project" which is usually getting ready for work or getting ready for bed, and longing for time to get detailed and do all these things I want to do.  But I look at them and pass them by and go "later". 

So off the land of the shower.  I am doing things a little backwards today.  Normally I do the shower first.

Ya'll have a good day and I will try to do the same. Oh but... I feel weird a bit today.  Not sure why.  Well I do know a bit why. I'm just a little unsettled and not a rest about a few things.  I hope they work themselves out.  Sometimes you just get tired of things.  Sometimes you just want to quit analyzing life and just live it.  Me, the one who tries so hard to make like perfect, has a hard time just backing off and letting life be.  I like to blaze the path and find ways to make things work the way I think they should.  I get pretty frustrated when things don't fit the agenda, fit the plan, fit the idea.  I can conform to other ways of doing things in my life though if one way doesn't work.  I am a little confused on several things.  And not sure what to do about it.  Not sure how it will shake out in the end.  I keep trying to ignore it but I'm not at peace with a few things.  I am angry about a few things.  No I'm actually IRATE, I'm discovering about a few things.  Sad about a few things.  And going to be hard nosed about a few things because that is how I've decided to be!  ;-)  

And I'll end with that.  I'm going to take my Attitude filled Princess self to the shower now.  And wash away all the stinking thinking and towel off with a new attitude.  One of silence and contemplation is probably best for me today.  ;-)   I hate not being in control of a situation.  But I do love being able to go "God here ya go, I'm DONE!".  There is quite the resignation of issues in THAT! Just hand it over to God on a platter I guess.  Easier said than done, but there it's done.  


  1. A backwards start to the morning can be a little unsettling in its self. Being up so early is going to make for a long day for you. Hope that attitude shower did it's trick and you are smiling now and ready for a great day! Over the hump we go...sliding right into a wonderful weekend ! Hope you do have a Happy Wednesday!

  2. Afternoon Sonya, well it is with us anyway, I have just read your yesterday's caper to Mary and she too had a good old laugh !! Now today as you say is over the hump day for you and I'm real pleased for you, the next two days will fly past and you can have some time to,do some of the things on your list...unless you add some more to it...then you will have to try to catch up with them too !!...what a week you sure have had. Loved Georges pumpkin I think he should have come first, it must have been extreemly good the one that did come first. At around lunch time today Mary and I went out for a short drive there was a new M&S food hall opening. Not sure if you have M&S over in US but over here it is THE TOP shop for foodstuffs they used to be also for clothes but that has gone down a bit in last few years...anyway the shop was absolutely packed rarely seen so many was lovely though and I bought a few bits and pieces treats mainly...also they gave a wee cafe so we managed to get a table and had a delicious smoked bacon roll and a nice mug of was a nice change, think we may pop along there quite often.....have a good evening ,,,no more walking dogs !!!

  3. sounds like a wonderful dinner for hallowween or any night for that matter. yum. yum.


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