Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tired, Cold, and Crashing

Good Morning!  This is one of my graphics.  I love that colorful turkey.  

It's Tuesday and I'm pretty tired already.  But I just remembered I have Thursday off.  I recently planned the rest of my vacation days so that I do not lose any time.  I get 3 weeks plus I had a bit of carryover from the last year.  The carryover I used in May.  I have not taken onesy twosy days off all year like I usually do.  I have missed those random days to take when I'm feeling like I can't get things done at home.  We've not entertained much here either.  When I do I almost always have to have the Friday before off.  But I'm looking forward to a bit of rest and rejuvy for part of the day Thursday.  I do have to leave around 2 to get to Hendersonville for a 3:00 meeting and we'll go out to dinner after.  So it's good I'll be here to take care of doggies before I go.  So that means by 12:30 I'll need to be getting ready - so---- yeah not much of the day is "mine" but at least the morning will be.  It will give me some home time.  

But - last night when I got home.  I was so cold.  I had on my warm pj's, a thick sweater and wrapped a quilt around me. I could not get warm.  We ate dinner and then I began to get hot.  And then my body had this tiredness to run through it to where it was hard to move.  Dinner was a lovely scallops and ravioli meal (not tomato based but cream based).  It was very good.  A little salty for me as he always uses more salt than my body desires.  But I had seconds.  

We watched the Sopranos.  It was a good one and I stayed awake for it.  Then we took dogs out on a cold crisp night and I came in and CRASHED.  And a crash it was.  The bed felt so good.  Just to lie there, relaxed, not having to meet anyone's demands, not having to listen to anyone's issues, not having to try to keep anyone happy, not having to worry about what anyone thinks, not having to worry about dogs, not having to fight traffic, not having to plan, not having to do or think anything- just plain resting my weary bones.  

I'm not sure what was going on.  I took my temp several times during the evening.  It felt like the flu coming on.  As I laid down my heart and head was pounding.  I felt like either my BP was up or something going wrong.  But I was too tired to care or worry.  I went into the deepest of sleeps.  

I dreamed a weird dream.  It was not a bad dream by any means.  I think I was at a resort or a convention or something with family and there were all kinds of people there.   

Oh recently from one of those deep dreams, I dreamed one of our plants moved to Louisville, KY.  lol

Anyway, when I woke up it was weird b/c I really thought I was in that dream with those people.  It's kinda bad to think you are at a resort and then wake up and it's 4 in the morning and you have to take dogs out in the cold and then go to work, lol.  

But whatever.  I get coffee.  So, that is good enough.  I had thought of blogging the sermon entry today, but decided to hold off.  The topic, will make me write about some other things that I really should just leave alone.  I was going to do my thankful entry, but honestly I am a bit too groggy to sit and list everything I'm thankful for.  I'd forget something important.  

My arm inflammation has moved to a different place in my arm.  This is so weird.  I know that pain sometimes moves b/c of nerves though.  But it seems to have moved upward almost into my shoulder.  I've been exercising some as I can.  The movement releases some kind of chemical internally that makes it feel better actually as long as I stop the movement right as the pain starts.  I'm able to lift - probably up to 15 to 20 lbs,  but afraid to pick up too much.  I pick up Tugie and set her down but I use both hands to do it.  So probably can only lift that much if sharing the weight with the other arm.  Eventually I'll go to the doc.  But I hate going in there this time of year with the flu and who knows what.   I have a lot going on and it's not a good time for me either.  

Anyway, hopefully today will be a better day as far as how I feel.  Katy and I are getting our toes done tonight.  That will be relaxing.  Also Cody got a deer!  So they took it for processing and George had already told him if he got a deer, he would help pay for it if we could get some of the meat.  So they are bringing us some meat and sausage on Sunday from their freezer to ours.  That's exciting.  

I hate to think of the poor deer though.  I love them.  Here are the deer that were at our house in our yard last week. 

But I do understand it's the cycle of life.  I do like cows and chickens too - but I eat them.  

Well, I will quit my rambling.  
Off for another cup of coffee.  Ya'll have a good day. 


  1. It definitely sounds like its a good thing that you have Thursday off work. It'll be a nice treat to have a morning off. Certainly hope your today is better than your yesterday!

  2. concerned your arm isn't getting any better. i think you need to see a doctor. it's nice to have a good dream. it'll be great to have a vacation day this week.

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