Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tuesday's Tales and Spiritual Encouragement

Morning!  Still no Christmas stuff up yet.  We came home and then headed out to Publix to get my Rx for the arm (inflammation meds) and then to see George's Mom, with the 3 dogs in tow, lol.  

I'm sad to say that Granny, although she still loves to talk, is not able to finish many sentences coherently.  She forgets the subject matter and ends the sentence with something else entirely - so it is hard to understand.  I just say "unh huh" and smile.  It is so sad to watch.  On the bright side, she seemed to be fairly happy.  

We came home and split an Asian salad kit and smoked salmon on crackers with Jalepeno Cream Cheese.  We watched Below Deck while eating.  Only one more show left.  

I totally failed yesterday at having time to do arm exercises and I failed to remember to put an ice pack on my arm.  The day was full already.  So today I need to try to do better.  I also don't like taking meds so I really don't want to take these anti inflammatory things but I will b/c I want the arm to get better.  So I've got to try to remember to do everything and work it in the schedule. 

Christmas shopping is going along - George ordered the kid's freezer.  We ordered them a small freezer.  Between their normal weekly groceries, Cody's "evidence" items, and killing a deer, etc - their freezer space is limited.  So it is ordered and we'll pick it up soon.  They know about it b/c you don't buy someone something that big without asking.  lol 

Well, still no Christmas out though.  A few boxes are waiting for me.  But we didn't have time to get started on it.  I did reboot laundry and fold towels and get those put up.  

Maybe by the time Christmas is here I'll have it up.  I'm off Friday but we have that appointment smack in the middle of the day.  I was going to shop for George that day but since I did his on line and he picked out a bunch for himself while we went shopping too - I think I only have stocking stuffers to do for the most part.  I will probably wait til later to do those.  I have another off day on the 15th I think.  So will do the stocking stuffers that day.

Plenty to do. Then there are the Christmas cards.

Well, I finished my Bible study on "How to Lead When You are Not in Charge" and "Who God Is?" and both were really good.  It was so good that I kept going, soaking it up like a sponge.  If you have not checked out the YouVersion Bible App - you should, and pick some "Plans" to do.  These are very encouraging and uplifting.  You can pick plans accordingly as to your needs.  I have just needed some encouragement lately.  It seems that since my travels - things have just not been "right".  I've had to take some time to sit back and go "whooaaa" and take inventory and analyze and assess, decide what is wrong.  I've tried to figure it out.  I'm not sure I'll ever totally figure it out.  But nothing can stop a train wreck but God when things spin out of control so big.  You can't control others.  As they are going to be as they are.  But I can pray over my day and have God bless it.  If bad things happen, or others try to mess with my well being, He has shown me that He is with me and that there will be "joy in the morning".   

And I'm waiting on the Lord ----b/c he said those that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary and they shall walk and not faint.  Soon (probably lunch time) I will finish the Bouncing Back from Disappointment study.  It's been a good one.  I am blessed, but I will say that there have been some pretty strong disappointments lately.  I think we put too much pressure on people around us to be more perfect than they are.  We expect more than we get, and often give more than we get.  I think also through some of these studies, I am learning at 55 of age, that there is not justice in every situation.  And regardless of the effort to find it or make it - it's just not always going to be there.  Why we have to justify justice in our mind to have peace I'll never know.  It's true that things in life just are not fair, equal, right, or just.  Evil entered the world and so there is always lies, jealousy, incorrect perceptions, selfish pursuit, and PRIDE.  Pride being the very thing that leads to other sins and deficiencies.  It paves the path.  The whole reason the devil fell from a righteous being.  Humility is the opposite.  Something we ALL need.  No one is exempt.  

Well, good stuff there, but I need to get some other things done and be on my merry Wednesday Way.  I have a lunch outing today planned that will give me good cheer and keep me whistling.  Then I'll come home and do Christmas stuff.  And Tomorrow is my "Friday" - Lord Willing.  :-)

Ya'll have a good one!


  1. He lifts us up on Eagles Wings...what a wonderful thought. Most of us need some uplifting words in our lives for sure! Yes you do have to keep to that schedule if you want your arm to get better. An ice pack would be easy enough to do while watching TV and would help. It's so easy to forget to take care of ourselves. But if we want to be good for others we do have to take care of ourselves first. I can only imagine the joy those pups of yours bring to the people at the home where George's mom is. Not just to her but the others there too. And the joy you give to others will come right back to you too. Getting over the hump of the week isn't always easy, but I do hop you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. I am glad you went to the Dr. Take care of that arm. I woke up with a sore back yesterday. I have no idea what I did. I guess it is just a sign of getting older. This time of year is busy. I have not really got into the Christmas spirit. Husband put up the tree and I decorated. We had painting going on on top of that. Now I need to shop til I drop. I think giftcards will save the day. I plan on buying lots of those. Most people I know love gift cards.

  3. Before I forget, I love your header it's looking really lovely...I have just read Ma's comment and her words are so good I hardly need add any more....I'm sorry that Georges mum is getting worse, it's so very hard when our loved ones get like that. Poor George he is such a good Son, not many would be as attentive to their Mums as George and you have been...I hope you enjoyed lunch out today, look forward to seeing how it went tomorrow. Been a nice sunny but very cold day over here. I have been very lazy, meant to get the cards out to make a start...but....ah well there's always tomorrow !!..keep hanging on to our loving God he will always be around with arms around you..night night. God bless. Xxx

  4. it is sad about granny. all you can do is make her comfortable. a freezer sounds like a nice christmas gift. they will appreciate it i'm sure.


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