Thursday, November 16, 2017

Vacation Day! My Thankful Entry!

Vacation Day!  Weeee!  So far I'm enjoying the day sippin' on some coffee and watching the news, not having to rush to meet the schedule.  I'll be making my salsa for tomorrow's feast at work, have to look up some information for our meeting today with the financial adviser, and we'll be going out to eat afterward with a gift card we have.  So a fun filled day with a relaxing start.  Ok the financial adviser might not be fun but it will be interesting.  George is in the driver's seat on this one.  I will follow their lead, but I will have some input in the decisions. 

I was going to make an egg in the hole this morning and went to do it and the eggs were gone.  ::sigh::.  I had asked George at the store if we needed eggs and he responded "enough to get through the week".  So I reached in to get them - GONE!  But that is ok.  I had a egg white scrambler bowl in the freezer.  Actually it might have been George's, but that is what is for breakfast this morning.  ;-)

Yesterday was a quiet day.  I had a lot of tedious work that I was working on with spreadsheets.  Didn't get anywhere near finished but at least have a handle on it.  Will have to work on it tomorrow and into next week.  I had meetings in the morning and mid day that messed with my ability to work on it, so got a late start.  I will be anxious to get all that done.  But no worries over it today.  It'll all be there waiting for me tomorrow.

After work I rushed over to get my nails done.  Toes were the day before, but nails yesterday.  I wish I had asked for RED!  But I do like the basic pink/white french style manicure. The lady that did mine yesterday is one of my favorites.  She does a good job. 

Thankfully, my arm seems a little better, (it has good days and bad days).  And thankfully last night when 7 p.m. hit, I did not have chills nor did I feel fluish or lethargic.  So that is good.  The two previous evenings it's been like the "flu hit" - all the symptoms w/o the fever.  I don't know if I had some type of mild virus that got worse at night. I have no idea but much more energy when the sun goes down. 

George and I had pizza and watched two shows of Mr. Bean.  I fell asleep during the 2nd one.  lol  It was after 9 and I usually turn into a pumpkin at 9 on the dot.  lol

Sleep was good last night. 

Since I'm off I'm going to do my Thankful Entry included with this blog post! Many things to be thankful for. 

*Thankful for my family. 
*Thankful for our good friends.  We have such good friends that we consider family.  So much so that we share many holidays together (often not on the holiday but around it.)
*Thankful for my daughter and that we have been able to bond and go on girls trips together.
*Thankful for my home, the house over my head, the location, the nice neighbors we have. 
*Thankful for the jobs that we have that have fed us, clothed us, kept the roof over our heads, given us transportation and have funded our good times too. 
*Thankful for the car that is serving me so well now.
*Thankful for the nice improvement in the work location so that I no longer work in the some of highest crime areas in the city. 
*Thankful for the nice people that I work with and that I have nice bosses that actually listen, ask for your opinion, and care what your thoughts are.  I haven't always had that. 
*Thankful for the Christian people that I work with.  And that we can pray at work and support one another. 
*Thankful for the doggies and that we have a wonderful "pack" at our house.  And that Maisy has been good the last two days with no issues.  Training is happening and finally working.
*Thankful for the electronic gadgets that we have to entertain us and aid us in our daily life.  Although I do realize in some parts of my life it does need some drastic improvements. 
*Thankful that God has been there for me, leading me this year.   There have been some tremendous family issues, work issues, and sometimes household issues that God has had to "take the wheel".  The fruits of His Spirit, His knowledge and wisdom, taking over.  While not all resolved, He is still very much in charge and at the wheel. He sets my paths.  And keeps His hands over my mouth by giving me patience I've never had before.  The devil continues to send people in my path daily to throw darts and test my patience.  Only God could have kept me from saying things that were on my mind! lol  So thus we have ALL been blessed. lol  I'm thankful for that.
*Thankful for all the books we have b/c I enjoy reading even though I rarely to get to read a chapter b/c the day is so packed with work, commute, and busy comings and goings.
*Thankful for the church we are going to and to be able to worship with our friends.

I'm thankful for a lot of things.  Not all mentioned. 


  1. Yay it's a vacation day ! Was so nice to see your thankful list. You have much to appreciate and be thankful for . Hope you enjoy your day and the meeting goes well. At least you have dinner out to look forward to.

  2. hope your meeting went well. lots to be thankful for indeed.


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