Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Adventures on the Town with a Vendor Friend

Someone gave me a gift yesterday and do you think they know me well?  Or what?  Oh my word - how soft this lotion is.  Love it!  Love the smell.  

Also it was Monday after being off on Friday (well except that I did work about an hour and a half from home Friday.)  I had running around to do yesterday for these Christmas meals to get drinks and cookies and drop them off at the plant.  The emails were over a hundred total I think - with about 70 percent needing some kind of action, some urgent.  Felt like someone flipped on the crazy switch. I actually looked to see if it was a full moon.  No - just the opposite - NO moon.  Maybe the pendulum swings to crazy on both ends of the lunar spectrum, leaving the earth to slide a bit on its axis. I think that is what made that train derail out west.  Had to be.  

So George had wanted me to leave at 4:30 if possible but there was no way - no way!  I'd have been negligent to do so as I had to return some pretty urgent calls and finish up the email needs.  He and a vendor were here at the house waiting on me.  But I got here pretty quick.  Traffic was light here yesterday with schools out and people off work.  Every day I pass a major Nashville area mall "Opry Mills" and yesterday on the way home I noticed that the place was packed.  So everyone is out doing their shopping in the hustle and bustle this week.  Not a parking spot that I could see.  I didn't look that closely but it was busted at the seams for sure.

So I arrived at home and was interested to see how long an Uber would take and how much it would be.  Our vendor friend insisted that we Uber in and Uber back and go and enjoy ourselves and not worry with driving, nor the parking.  

So our Uber driver was 12 minutes away.  He (the Uber driver) says his night starts when someone needs to drive into Nashville - and then he Ubers folks around Nashville from there until early morning hours when people want rides to the airport and then he cuts it off and goes home.  Surprisingly, he says that during the holidays the Ubers gets slow.  It was about $22 (I think) at prime time from our town all the way into Nashville.  It's as many miles away where we were going I think.  On the way back the Uber was requested to make two stops - one to drop our vendor at his hotel and then one to our house.  It's all paid thru the app.  Any tips are done through the app.   Have you all done the Uber?  I'm fascinated by it.  I think Mom should Uber out to dinner with her friends when it's dark in the winter time instead of being cooped up. 

Our first stop was at City House for a cocktail.  And then we took a quick Uber over to Rolf and Daughters for dinner.  Both were amazing.  

The flavors at Rolf and Daughters are comparable to nothing I've had before.  Totally unique.  At this place the best thing to do is just share all the plates family style.  

So our appetizers included: 

Toast, dry aged beef tartare, poblano, radish
Sweet potato, nduja butter, allium, and lime
Lamb sausage, carrot, yogurt, fennel, dukkah

A main entree: 
Pastured chicken, preserved lemon, garlic confit

Pasta dish: 
Garganelli verde, heritage pork ragout, sarvecchio


O + S Chocolate, black sesame, hibiscus (the ice cream sandwich - below right). 
Apple, burnt honey, chamomile (below left).

The flavors of their food is incredible.  Each dish provided flavors that I have never had before ever in my life.  Each bite makes you go "wow" or "oh my gosh that is soooo good".  
I love this place.  

So we got home around 9:45 or so I think.  I went to bed.  Slept pretty good.  Woke up a few times.  Maisy barked a couple of times.  I think she was barking at the snoring, lol.  If she starts that, we are in trouble.  

I think we need to rename Maisy - "Maisy the Mischievous Menace".  Or "Maisy the messpot" one or the other. 

Well, I need to get off of here and get ready and head in.  Hopefully a bit earlier so I can catch up.  A short week.  Much to do.  Crazy.  

Ya'll have a great Tuesday.  Our holiday meal is today at work.  It's always so good.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Not having to drive would be a treat and not too expensive either. Nice ending for what was a crazy day at work. Tis the season for good food for sure...enjoy the meal at work too !

  2. What amazing food you pair seem to find...not only did it taste good....it looked good...I bet you will be going back there one day....I was amused to see that you have uber over with you. It has started here but regular taxi drivers especially those in London are up in arms...it's taking money off them they have to have a long training and have to.be police vetted etc and the uber ones don't ....there's even a court case going on at the moment....I'm not sure if they wipork in my area, even if they did though they are not registered so woudnt take my wheelchair.....anyway glad you can use them....hope today has been calmer at work....bye for now xxx

  3. what a wonderful meal you had. glad you enjoyed your night on the town.


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