Saturday, December 16, 2017

Blog Entry - Catching Up!

Good morning!  I've tried to do a blog entry on this blog like 3 times in the last couple of days but get side tracked or interrupted.  Even doing this blog at 4:30 in the morning, I've had to stop twice to take dogs out as their getting up times are staggered this morning, lol.  It has been busy and a bit of a whirlwind.  I won't even be able to capture it all b/c when one day happens it erases the day before.  Too much going on.

I think it was Wednesday night as George was coming home that he got the call that Granny needed to be taken to the hospital and after tests discovered another UTI.  She had become extremely irritable and difficult.  And I think in my opinion, at this point, is unable to tell anyone when she hurts or is having an issue.  So she was taken over by ambulance due to her frailty and I'm guessing her resistance at being looked at b/c she hates doctors and hospitals.  George came home the first night but stayed with her the 2nd night as she was a bit disoriented being in a different place.  He did not get but an hour or so sleep and then went to work from there.  Bless him.

The 2nd night she was in the hospital before he went over to stay overnight with her - he and I went to the store to get some gift cards and a few other things.  I had already been the night before and got a few quick things to eat b/c I could see the schedule was getting crazy and everything we had took time to fix.  So I had obtained sandwiches and salad kits and eggs - eggs are quick.  Discovered George had bought a dozen on a recent trip as well.  So we have lots of eggs!

So - while George was at the hospital - I tried to sleep just me and the doggies.  Lots of room in the bed.  But it's like my cold had started all over again.  It has come and gone over the last week.  I was all stopped up and couldn't breathe.  I had to try to sleep sitting up. My nose began pouring like a faucet but yet was still stuffy.  I went through 2 Kleenex boxes in about 12 hours.  It was hard to sleep with George being gone and being stopped up too.  I ended up playing candy crush until after midnight.  Then I got sick to my stomach.  So now when I look at candy crush it gives me a sick feeling remembering looking at all those bright pastel colors while feeling green. lol  I finally went to sleep about 3 in the morning and the dogs woke me up at 5 wanting to get up and go out.  So up and out we went. No sleeping in for me. I sat b/w 6 and 7 with coffee trying to wake up.  I fixed a whole pot hoping George would come home at least for a shower and change of clothes before work. He did have another shirt with him in case. I was going to fix him eggs and bacon, knowing he would be exhausted and need some energy. But he did not call, nor come home so at 8:15 I had to text and ask what was going on.  He had just gone in to work from the hospital. And had emailed me from there but I didn't know it b/c when I'm off, I don't usually do emails - we do texts, lol.

So, I went on about my morning.  And knew that since the furniture was being delivered at 3:30 I needed to go on and get my stuff done out in the retail world and get back.  So I showered.  As I was getting ready to leave I got a call from work.  And that call was interrupted by another call from work.  So I spent about an hour or longer on the phone with work and then I took care of the doggies and doggie proofed the house and then off I went to go finish up George's and a few others Christmas.  Needed a few things for people to unwrap - beside gift cards.  And needed George's stocking stuffers and such.  So I went to Walmart, (insert Taco Bell here, lol) Bath and Body Works, Publix, and the beer/wine store.

Then back home and I think it was about 1:30 or 2.  Had loads of stuff to bring upstairs.  And tack a do not enter sign on the back bedroom door til I could deal with it all.

George had texted around Noon Granny was being dismissed from hospital and would go back to assisted living.  So he left work to deal with that.

So I began trying to clean up around the house a bit.  Laundry is getting caught up, ironed a pair of pants, rebooted dishwasher, and then picked out what to have for dinner.  There was no way I'd let George cook.  I knew he'd be exhausted.  I also knew that we had no idea whether the furniture would be here at 3:30 or 6:30.  So I decided on Lasagna (Stauffer's Family size) and a salad kit so I didn't have a lot of prep or fixing time. 

I got up on the stool and cleaned the fan fixture and blades in the kitchen.  It gets so dusty, greasy, nasty - with the cooking and all.  So that looks better.  And the big thing that really helps me is that I sat down and cleaned up and found the bottom of my desk.  The last two weeks I've had things piling up.  I feel good when that is all clean.  I really feel organized when my desk (at home) is clean.  I've not had much desk time.  I was nervous that perhaps my confirmation had not taken for the furniture delivery (via text) so I called to make sure we were on the delivery route.  We were.  But me the worrier had to make sure to ease my mind.  I knew I'd be in fits if this furniture did not arrive today.

I'm not sure how I was able to do what I needed to do yesterday on a couple of hours sleep.  Around 3 I had to have coffee for sure.   We did not get a call from Ashley Furniture until about 5:10 that they would be on their way.  I figured they'd make me wait, lol.  So they got here about 5:45 and quickly set up the furniture.  George got home before they did and took the dogs to the back bedroom and laid down for a few minutes.

The furniture - oh my heart - is wonderful!  So I noticed something.  George and I sat back in our new furniture all relaxed, and the conversation is better on new furniture.  It's just more comfortable and more conducive to having a chat. Weird and hard to explain.  But there is something about the new furniture that makes one want to stay put and have a conversation.   lol  I love it and that was unexpected.  George seemed to wake up and come alive after his little 30 minute excursion to the bedroom to lay down.  He took a shower while I made the salad and got the lasagna out of the oven and fixed our plates.

Then I went to bed.  He stayed up and wrapped some and I went to bed and so did Maisy.  I slept good all night - might have turned over around 1 but woke up at 4 and was ready to get up by 4:30 or so.  No dogs came with me and slept until I started this blog entry, of course.  And I'm sitting all reclined and doing this blog by laptop in my new sofa with Tugie by my side.  And Maisy on the other side of Tugie  - at least a foot between them.

So this morning I will make sausage balls and we'll take that to the ornament swap (dirty santa game with the ornament swap) party this afternoon.

And I need to finish wrapping from my excursion yesterday.   Despite my rest last night, I still feel groggy and sleepy.  So I'm going for another cup of joe and then on the Tropical paradise before starting my day.

Ya'll have a good weekend. Sorry I got behind posting.  Life got in the way!  lol


  1. Life does throw us some road blocks now and then. Glad George's mom was released from the hospital though, it means she's better. And happy to hear that you finally got the new furniture and like it ! Hope that cold goes soon, it's hanging on and on. Have a great day !

  2. I am so sorry that Georges Mum has been in hospital, it is such a worry for you all, trying to think what is best for her. Will the assist living place where she is at the moment be able to care for her when she needs more and more attention, it's not right that it's George who has to go at the run when she is poorly, what about his sister ? Does she not take it in turn ..?.....I'm very very happy that your chairs have arrived and that you are comfortable lying on them, lovely way for you both to's great also that your on top of the laundry...I do hope and continue to pray that you will feel much better soon. Xxxx

  3. I am glad you have your new sofa. It is nice to come hard after a days work and to have a comfy spot to relax. I hope your Granny feels better. Those UTIs are so painful. I would hate to be in that shape and not able to tell anyone. No wonder she was irritable. I know from experience that you need family with you when you are sick in Hospital. They take better care of you if family is there. I am glad your husband was with his Mother. I know it is hard on him. I went through this with my Mom. There is a bond between a Mother and son that can never be broken. I am trying to get everything wrapped tonight. Cleaning tomorrow and Monday and a trip the grocery store. Then Christmas baking with daughter. Christmas eve dinner at my house. There just is not enough hours in the day. Enjoy your new sofa..

  4. glad to hear your furniture was delivered. and that you love it. sorry to hear about georges mother. that is a sad situation, indeed.


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