Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Day, Freudian Slip, Changes Coming

George and I got up and did our stockings and drank coffee and had a relaxing morning as we awaited the "kids" as we call them, to come over.  ;-)  Well they will always be our children, you know.  Once they texted they were on the way, the food was placed about.

Yes, even popcorn from the Ryman!  lol  Our friend Ron from the party the night before brought it. 

Well, most of our day was filled with party food, much like the day before.  We also had prime rib, potatoes and green beans leftover which we heated, and quite honestly - that is about all I had and nibbled on that as I was just absolutely "party food-ed" out.  Maybe one day we can carve out a formal sit down meal on Christmas at our house with a full on hot meal with the family gathered round.  I would like that a lot.  It seems that it should be that way.   Like have something non traditional like Rotel chicken spaghetti, lasagna, or tacos and enchiladas, gumbo, lol. Something really good! 

I had asked Katy if she wanted birthday cake but she wanted little desserts from Publix, so George went and got the petit fors for Christmas day.  They are cute, but so very sweet.  I think most were there left over and not eaten with just the four of us. Just too much food. lol  I may freeze them. Or George can take them to work.  Hard to put a candle in those.  And I'm thinking that we didn't sing happy birthday to Katy before she opened her gifts as we didn't have a sit down meal, didn't have a cake, didn't have a candle.  So therefore, no one thought of the song.  Oh well. 

I guess I'm still adjusting to our changes of how we do the Christmas thing.  I just really miss the sit down meal.  It just feels like a big hole is there - like something is missing.  Oh well.  Next year, I want a formal sit down meal for Christmas.  I even tried to have it with friends Christmas Eve but it turned into a party food event and the real meal took backstage as George wanted it to be more of a party event and not a special evening meal as I had planned.  He didn't want us gathering around the table to eat but wanted it to be more of a party. And as a result - of course of trying to hold my plate in my lap while sitting on the fireplace  three inches off the floor, eating what I could of my prime rib, potatoes and green beans (after eating all the party food) and amidst 3 dogs who were hungry for prime rib and milling all around me for some, spilled my plate on the floor.  George ended up getting the carpet cleaner out and doing carpets while guests watched.  Another reason to like eating at the table.  Imagine that - it holds your plate for you. What a concept! I'm NOT coordinated at all so of course I spilled my plate.  

It occurred to me later that dropping of the plate could have been a Freudian Slip  - oh gosh how funny.  Even I am smiling at the thought of this as I look back.  It's only too fitting that I dropped my plate and that realizing how I wanted a sit down meal, it of course was a Freudian slip that I did so.

George's mustard trey below in the flower plate.

Here is Katy and Cody opening up their stockings. 

I think I was a good girl this year.  Here's my stack.  

And a box of Pringles in various flavors.  

Here is Maisy amidst the Christmas paper and boxes! 

Birthdayin' in the den!  

After the kids left we went to finish moving Granny out of her apartment in assisted living.  We took two cars.  George got the tables out and I packed the rest up in some sacks and made a few loads.  We threw some trash away and turned in the key.  Tears stung my eyes as we left after turning in the key.  Just another door closed and literally another opening next door.  It's just so sad to see chapters ending and new ones beginning.  I guess that refers back to why the meals are good to come gather round, b/c you know at some point there won't be a meal or a table to gather around.  But, George's Mom is more secure now in the place next door that is locked down for wandering Alzheimer patients.  She will be safe and cannot walk out.  The facility is very nice.  The people seem nice. 

We had her to open her gifts.  She was a little confused.  She has trouble making complete sentences of one thought or idea.  And cannot think of words she wants to use and will insert any word she can think of in its place.  She seems happier here than the other place for some reason.  She seemed rested and content.  Her place is smaller but it is much nicer than I had expected.  Not like a nursing home.  The bathroom was much nicer than the other facility I thought.   

She loves having the tree - so much so that last year she would NOT let us take it down.  She wanted to look at it all year.  I can see why.  It adds beauty to a small room and when you can't get out in the world anymore to view and see pretty things, she needs something pretty to look at.  She likes to leave her room open too and seems to be entertained by watching the people coming and going.  Her room opens up to a big lobby and dining area - it's much like a hotel I guess.  I was impressed.  It's sad of course too with many who are near the end of their life.  But I did look into each face I saw.  Most smiled easily and the others were at least content and not in pain.  What more could you ask?

There is a code to enter and leave the facility and a sign that says for you to watch behind you so that no one leaves that shouldn't be.  As we exited the main section, and left the door with the code, there is an entrance lobby with a pretty tree.  The tree was made to look like it had ice on it.  I loved it and had to snap a pic.

George and I went home.  I am not sure what time it was.  But we at least had time to enjoy an hour and half of down time.  Each of us on the ipads, just relaxing in our new furniture.  Finally a moment to just sit.  It was nice.  

The Christmas rush is ending, although the birthday meals linger on with Katy's this week and mine next week.  We will morph into 2018 which for all of us could be a year of many changes.  The signs of this are already apparent as we close 2017.  While  the darkness of fear hovers over in the corner, faith lights up the room and shows us that IT WILL ALL BE OK, b/c WE ARE NOT IN CHARGE, but WE KNOW WHO IS!  

So the last two days, Tugie has had problems with her kidneys apparently.  I will be taking her to the vet today.  During the height of all of our friends being here and while during Christmas opening - she continually had to pee.  Lessons learned from the night before where accidents were cleaned - we were proactive Christmas Day and she would go to the door when she wanted out  - a practice she did not start until yesterday.  So we alternated taking her out.  Cody helped also.  It was annoying but better than having to clean carpets.  I'm talking about every 5 minutes there for a while.  Ridiculously so.  She finally calmed and slept for a long while, giving us some relief too.  She's not had problems like that for 20 hours or so but I'm still taking her b/c I have to work the rest of the week and of course it'll get worse if I don't take her on my vac day right?  Isn't that how life works?  So may as well go do it this morning and get it done.  Then get on with my day.  She needs to be seen to.  Love her and at 16, I'm understanding that we probably don't have a lot of time with her.  I hope they don't tell us this today.  But we already know it.  She is a tough old girl.  So perhaps they can fix her up. 

That being said, I'll need to go and get ready and get it done. 

Now that Christmas is over, I will be focusing on the new year, a new bucket list, and while I don't really do resolutions so much, I do use the New Year as a time to reflect and renew.  Feeling really strongly this year about the things left over in life that I want to do.   

Ya'll have a good day!  


  1. Hole they can give Tugie a rx that slows down the bladder runs. Our precious girl was almost 18 when this happened to her. You got to love them. Maisey is too cute.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Just got round this afternoon to reading two days.. It's been lovely seeing all your party food, people visiting,George playing...oh how I would just love to have been sitting there listning to George play etc...I'm sorry that Tuggie has been having problems. I hope to hear next time how you get on at the vet today....I wish I could show you my little place at Christmas and the food we had yesterday...I made a sit down dinner for just the four of us Mary, Peter my neighbour, Mitch my brother in law and me. It is three years since my sister Margaret and this year Mitch seems to have turned the corner and did not seem to be so sad as he has been last two years....dinner went really well, turkey,roast potatoes...that Peter did as well as roast parsnips, curly kale, carrots,Brussels sprouts, pigs in baskets !! We stopped after that and pulled our crackers, I had bought more expensive ones this year and knew that in each of them was a snowman on wheels...you could wind them up and there was a kind of race track where we could race against each other, quite funny as they would not always go in a straight line etc etc....after a fun game or two ..it was sweet time I had made some merangue sand filled with peaches and cream with our locally made ice cream....there was also mince pies but none of us had any room left....Around 6.30 Peter took Mitch home...Mary and I sat down to relax for a while before Mary went home around 8 OK.......Today is quiet Peter is coming over later and we are going to make chips and turkey and any Vegs that were left..( our chips. Are your fries) ...bye for now...good luck with Tuggie let me know how she is xxxx

  3. I hope Tuggie will be ok. I have seen so many pictures of her and she seems like such a sweetie. Sounds like you had a busy Christmas. I was exhausted last night. Christmas is fun but wears me out.
    Your little granny looks so sweet. I wish I could just give her a big hug. I have a cousin who is going thru the same thing with her Mom. It is heartbreaking. Luckily her husband is still living and she is able to keep her at home with his help. One thing that brings her mom comfort is baby dolls. Or stuffed animal to hold. I wish they would find a cure for alzheimer's. I wonder what causes it? I hope she feels more settled and happy at the new place.

  4. The little cakes for Katy's birthday look sweet. LOts of good food to be had too. Hope Tugie is feeling better soon.

  5. There certainly was no lack of food or presents for that matter at your house. But I do agree I like a sit down meal too. We tried the snack thing one year, but seriously it just wasn't the same. I'm having the few that will be in town for New Years day dinner. It's one holiday that we still celebrate at home. The kids have taken over all our Family get togethers for Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. Not everyone comes for New Years, but if they did, I'd have plenty of food here, just not much space. Hope the meds do the trick for Tugie. Getting old, whether human or pets isn't any fun for sure. It's hard to believe it's Wednesday all ready. Over the hump of the week we go...


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