Sunday, December 3, 2017

Christmas Decorating, Christmas Shopping, and "The Essence of Me"

Hello lovelies, 
Sorry I've not posted for a couple of days.  We have been busy and have been trying to accomplish this Christmas thing, along with retirement planning and so forth.  And through it all have been enjoying ourselves.  George has a pretty bad sinus infection that has been working on him since Thanksgiving.  So does Katy.  I've been spared (so far).   

So let's see - Friday we had the retirement meeting mid-day - so it was a pretty short morning for me.  Leaving at 10 to be at a meeting in Hendersonville by 11 meant shower time by 9.  A lot of coffee drinking, and candy crushing happened b/w laundry, kitchen cleaning, and opening a few Christmas boxes and inquiring within.

Our meeting lasted about an hour - maybe a little over.  I am transferring my funds to another set of funds (a different type of funds) -expected to have better performance.  So our financial advisor went through all that and they even do the forms for you.   

While there, we saw Kevin's (our advisor's) framed verse on the wall.  I love it!  

This is perfect, b/c we all know that the devil works through others to forest our demise.  But we must remember not to be anxious, continue to be thankful, make any requests, and receive his peace! And what will his peace do?  It will guard our hearts and minds.  What a powerful scripture.  My heart and mind needs guarding.  It needs to be guarded from the evil doing, the busy bodies, the gossipers, those that pass judgment or false judgment, those that bring hurt and fear to us and bring disappointment.  Be GONE all of it, b/c my Lord is bigger than ALL THAT!  He knows what He has in store for me.  And I realize that life really has an open road from here.  In trusting God, Life's Possibilities really open up like a spring flower on a warm sunny day!  And that is both refreshing and exciting.  I loved seeing this verse.  How many times have I seen it?  But today, I look at it in a much different light.  How comforting to be blessed with God's golden nuggets.  And this golden nugget was rightfully posted in a gold frame with gold writing!  Perfect!

Afterwards George and I went to lunch at a place called Sax Deli in Hendersonville, and ran into a former minister and friend, Jason.  We had burgers/sandwiches and some wicked baked potato salad and left for the book store a few doors down. 

George found a couple of books.  I am running low on travel experience books, and biographies, but Lord knows I have a lifetime of books right beside me to read. 

I came back home, took care of doggies and began some serious Christmas decorating.  

This one follows me around everywhere.  God knew that I needed her at this point in time.  Such love can only come from God above.  She loves me like Roger loves George.  Makes me feel so good.  

While decorating the tree, I missed her and was leaving the room to go look for her and she quickly got up from under the tree to follow.  Ahhhhaaaa!  She was sitting under the tree on the tree skirt.  So I had her sit so I could grab her pic.  

She is happy and wants to talk! 

So George fixed us breakfast for dinner Friday night.  Eggs, bacon, and hashbrown potatoes with onions.  Was a bad eating day that day.  lol  Good but bad. 

I remember feeling so good that we still had the weekend before us.  I love a 3 day weekend.  It seems more balanced for us working women who still have a household to keep up and like to keep the "nest" poofed up and joyous to come home to.  

Saturday morning, I was up early - laundrying, kitchen cleaning (never ends), putting out more Christmas stuff and cleaning and moving things around.  I became incredibly hungry.  The stomach that ate sooo well the day before, wanted to be fed well again.  ::sigh:: So....I fixed sausage and home made biscuits.  Only the biscuits were from Houston's butchery.  I buy them and freeze them and you can't tell they weren't made that morning.  Oh these are so good.  I could so make my own.  And should, but shouldn't!  However, didn't our ancestors do ok with eating biscuits and ham and eggs and taters every morning?  We also had some strawberry preserves that we put on a biscuit.  They were little biscuits.  There's less guilt in little biscuits. I know that for a fact!

I'm remembering Mam-ma and her homemade biscuits.  mmmm butter and molasses!  And her tater cakes.  Mam-ma, I miss her so much.  We connected - she and I could have been much of the same person.  We laughed and talked and she was always a good listener.  She loved to write and was creative in many ways.  She loved nature, she loved the Lord.  I feel her spirit around me.  Even though it's probably not possible.  I do feel that her love is still here with me b/c love is not divided by death.  That part of her spirit remains here with me.  And I'm happy for that.  That is the part of being made in God's image that is so incredible.  And so that in each bite of a homemade biscuit - Mam-ma is with me.  And every time I see a red bird.  Every time I look into the woods.  Every time I pass Spring Hill.  ;-)  What a blessing to have had such a wonderful grandma.  

All of my grandparents were special and I have similar thoughts of each of them - only different things remind me of them. 

I cannot remember where I obtained this big roll of ribbon.  Perhaps a yard sale?   But I have had it for a few years now.  I love the stuff.  

I have it on the tree and on the mantle.  It does a great job of helping spiffy the place up.  
You know I'm just not too fond of a lot of red and green.  I like subtle.  Maroon is ok.  But too much red and green is just....well..too much!  I can do metallics to a degree.  George was thinking my hamburger ornament had broken.  It did.  But we don't remember anyone buying me another one.  But lo and behold, out from the Christmas box it arose, lol!  My BURGAH!

You know they will probably have a burgah cookout for my funeral? Can ya'll plan that oceanside as well?  lol 

Anyway, yesterday, George brought the trees up and the decorating began on the trees and then mid decor- George said "when did you want to go out and run errands?"  ---I wanted to pretend he hadn't said anything.  I said "mmmmm 2 p.m.?"  He said that was kinda late, but he could go get started.  He had ordered a gun (a pistol) and wanted to go see if it was in.  I had agreed, but decided I was at a good stopping point and actually a bit of running around didn't sound too bad.

So I took a shower and we headed out to the gun shop (it was not in).  Then we went to Tuesday Morning.  I love that store.   It's new to our town and I can see this as my store to go to when I really need a pick me up.  So many things for the house too.  We spent about $45 in there - George bought some dark chocolates for me.  ;-)  We bought Kona k-cups.  And I bought some kitchen towels for Christmas.  And we got a couple of gifts.

We went to Dick's Sporting goods, and found a few things there.  We had a coupon.  Then we went to the Home store and it was horribly crowded.  So we didn't buy anything.

We went to Books a Million and didn't buy anything there but I found these two books that I want to buy: 

1.  Tom Hanks has a book.  And it looks like it is not his first? 

2.  I didn't not spend much time perusing either of these books but read a paragraph on the inside cover of this one and it sounds like I NEED THIS BOOK!  

I have no idea if it's God blessed or not OR if it's too individualistic (selfish).  But it sounds like me.  I try to be myself and let me feelings show and then it's judged, misread, misled by others and it sends me reeling back into my corner of the world.  

Yet I always come back embracing who I am, the "essence of me".  I fight and weary myself over the unknown, of what people "think" of me b/c I do this blog and I am who I am and I write my mind, and let out my feelings.  Of course, these few moments of the day do not reflect entirely who I am as a person.  Only in the wee morning hours over coffee - do I reflect over yesterday, and try to squint into the future of the unknown.  Here I talk about my desires and goals and wants and needs.  I talk about my hurts and things that cut deeply and even discuss in detail some minor irritants - if that is what my subject matter is that morning.  

Because of my melancholy persona, and my need to improve - my writings are not necessarily all roses and of good morning cheer.  That makes me greatly vulnerable to those that read my morning luster.   Yet here I find myself here again the next day because, I choose to embrace myself and who I am.  And when I do mention others (never by name) that have impacted my world, it often leaves some wondering if I'm talking about them.  Most likely not - just relieving how I feel, or worry, or how I'm processing something that has made an impact on me - good or bad.  Sometimes things EAT at me b/c I let it, because God made me to be a certain way, and he made me to call out the things around me that need improving.  

George and I talked about the "Essence of Me/You" the other day.  It was a very good conversation in which he was trying to get me to realize that NO PERSON ANYWHERE controls "the Essence of You" he said.  They don't get to.  You may be a part of this group or that - but "the Essence of You" follows you wherever you go.  lol  So you have to take the "Essence of You" and find a place to plug in that GETS "the Essence of You" in the groups of people you are connected to.  

So I think this book above is along those lines.  

Do you all find that it is hard to be yourself?  Or do you have a hard time?  lol  I enjoy life, but in my quiet moments, I struggle with how to be a better person.  It always tears me apart if someone finds fault in me.  But when I blog like I do, or express my feelings, like I do - I put myself out there to be disliked, misread, misjudged, or fill in the blank.  It makes me vulnerable to changes.  

 I have always been very interested in psychology - the psychology of interacting is very intriguing to me.  It's why I like watching reality shows.  It's why I find it intriguing to see how things change with new people being added to a group.  It dramatically changes things sometimes- either for the good or the bad.  OR both. But all in all, I feel good about just being the "Essence of Me".  No one else can be.  And those that misread, misjudge, mis-personify - and then acts on that unfoundingly will be taken care of by the All Mighty one.  He is the one that is the ultimate judge.  He tells us that.  Everything in life comes around full circle.  That Karma can follow a person.  It feels good to have a God on your side that looks out for you, and allows you to be "The Essence of You" especially if you are trying to follow "The Essence of Him".  lol  We always miss the mark and I do every day.  There is no way we can match up to His perfection and His grace.  But thank goodness for it! 

Well that is as deep as it gets today.  Deep in feelings or BS - however your spirit (of good or evil) inhales the data.  lol   I can only attest for the words and feelings I have as genuine.  How others twist and turn it and agitate it and review it and spew my daily frothal - is totally up to them.  Just because one reviews an article or news and gives their spin on it - does not make it reality.   They are not the author - only the interpreter.  And we all know how interpretations go these days.  It's all over the place.  I've said before on this very blog that the reader is as important as the blogger - that if the reader misinterprets and blasts forth improperly or sheds in a different light than intended, God sees that.  He will deal with that as He may.  Especially if I go tattling to Him.  He hears me.  

So as for me, I choose to Embrace the Essence of Me!  Regardless of outcome.  And May God bless the Essence of Me and all that I try to do in the daily battle to live a good life and to make better the world around me in the future and as I recall and reflect, either good or bad, what happened yesterday.  AMEN!  

So, George did not sleep last night, and has a sinus infection.  So I'm devoing this morning on my own and will do the usual Sunday thing - more laundry, ironing, and will also finish getting up the Christmas, including the Sun Room tree, and will try to do Christmas cards, and perhaps do wrapping, reading and playing.  Oh and the grocery.  We'll see how far I get with all that.  ;-) 


  1. Goodness that was a great worded blog write so well, wish you had time to write a story or day when you retire maybe LOL...
    Glad you are embracing the essence in really are unique...
    Hope you got your wrapping started. I must get the cards started, meant to start today but visitors got in the way...maybe tomorrow will get a start.....night night nGod Bless nxx

  2. It's funny you should mention being yourself. I was just reading an article that said sometimes we spend more time being who others want us to be than being ourself. I never thought much about it, but agree it's important to be true to ourselves.

  3. Sorry to hear George and Katy have sinus infections. Glad you don't. Fingers crossed you don't get one. How cool is that? You have a new BURGAH ornament. but don't know where it came from???


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