Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Eve Celebration at Our House with Friends

Trying to catch up on pictures.  Totally forgot about them yesterday.  But yesterday was really busy and had to have a quick entry.  I have a bit more time as it's noon before Katy and Cody will get here.  House already clean, food already cooked.  

The above was taken outside the Southern Tres restaurant in Columbia, TN. 

My sister's tree is always pretty with the big red ribbons.  Soon they will be breaking ground on their new house which is in the same neighborhood.  

My sister's dog, Sheba.  

Mom, Kadon, George, and Don
Ella, who is growing up on us!  

Desserts and present swap at my sister's. 

My French Silk Pie (Ree Drummond recipe)
Mom's coconut cake
My sister brought the lemon meringue pie. 
Brought these for the kids.  
Our mantle withe the photos of family ad stocking.

Tugie, yesterday, before our party.  She had followed me around a lot so I knew she was not feeling good.  Turns out I think she has some type of infection or kidney issues.  Which is a bad sign being that she is 16 or so.  So last night as guests were on the way, after being outside several times, she peed.  And continued to do this off and on through the evening.  We just explained the problem that she is having this issue and we apologize.  We gave her some yogurt, of which she normally likes but did not want any part of last night.  So if not better I guess we'll have to take to the vet.  I may have to get diapers for her til we get through this.  I just feel like that her kidneys could be failing.  I hope not.  Bless her.  Love her.  We'll see how today goes.  

George playing some music til guests arrive. 

Our tree....

Dogs gathered roun' as their daddy strums on the guitar....

The dinner menu - but you should have seen the appetizers.  Sorry I didn't get a pic b/c everyone arrived - but we had appetizers galore!

My beautiful Maisy, always the poser!  My little Messpot!  My little Echo that follows me wher e'er I go!  She is at my feet as I type, always.

The singing mice need some battery action.  They wouldn't sing or dance this year!  You press their foot and they sing and dance - each doing a different song.

Saint George, with halo over his head!  ;-)

Maisy was good last night.  She loved getting attention but was good to leave people alone once they were ready to move on.

Was hoping no one would notice that my Italian Cream cake was a bit leaning to one side after trying to correct one of the layer's "issues" -  but the first thing one of my guests said was "hey look it's the leaning tower of Pisa". lol - Doesn't matter to me - it was leaning a bit.  They all ate it!  

We had a great night feeding our friends.  We sat around and watched Elf and when everyone left we cleaned up and washed dishes and went to bed.  Sleep was good.  I was tired.  We worked very hard to get everything done yesterday, up on our feet most all day.  

This morning, we are using our Christmas cups, "Winter Greetings" by Lenox is my pattern.  Coffee tastes better out of it.  I'm not sure why we waited til Christmas morning to begin drinking out of them.

My stocking(s)....

Mr. Herschel, the monkey, holding my Christmas coffee for me this morning as he does every Christmas morning. 

And now we await for Katy and Cody to come so we can have our gift opening.  Lots of presents under our tree - from each other, to them, and from his sister and we hear there are more coming. ;-)
Plus Katy and Cody coming with their gifts also.  I'm sorry but I'm still a big kid and love opening the Christmas gifts.  And I can hardly wait even though I know what some of them are. 

Well, I'm going to go get ready.  And we'll get the spread ready for the kids.  So much food!  Blessed.  

Merry Christmas to you all!  Let me hear from you?  Anything special you are hoping you get for Christmas?  I'd love to get a smart TV but I know I won't get one as we just bought all that furniture.  But it's ok to wish right? lol  I did get the Roku and we will figure that out.  I did get an Echo Dot (extension of Alexa) in my stocking and excited to be able to get ready in the mornings with makeup and hear the news and weather or music or whatever!  Love it. 

More tomorrow.  I'm off tomorrow.  The 26th - tis my day to relax after all the going and doing and - just enjoy doing what I want.  Tomorrow it's just me - as George has to work so I will truly get to do what I want!  No doubt!  

Til tomorrow....have a wonderful day!


  1. From our home to yours Merry Christmas. I am very blessed. And thankful for the love from friends and family.

  2. Looks like you had a lovely holiday weekend. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  3. Your house looks beautiful and the cake too! I don't see it leaning but it must have been good it they ate it all! So glad you get a day off tomorrow to enjoy it all. I got a lot of different kinds of coffee for Christmas and lots of gift cards to Lowes. I need a few things here at the new house. Mostly in the way of storage. Now I can do that. Loved all your pictures ! Merry Christmas !

  4. Everything looks perfect. I'm glad you spent time with your mom and sister. Yes, you are blessed.


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