Monday, December 4, 2017

Christmas Progress, Cozy Weekend, and Reasons to Love Monday

Look at these two lovelies!  This was when they first began dating many years ago.  It's hard to believe how time passes.  

The sun room tree is up.  It's the Birthday tree!  And there is a prezi under there!  It's Katy's.  We have some for Cody but haven't got that far yet.  George is getting ahead of me on the wrapping.  He always does.

My next step is to wrap Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken's stuff for Yulee, FL (near Amelia Island). We need to get theirs sent off soon.  And I need to get my Christmas cards out.   Then separate what is birthday from what is Christmas and then I can begin to wrap, wrap, wrap.  There are a few more gifts that need to be purchased.  Most are easy peasy and no fuss shopping:  gift cards, wine, beer, a candle, etc.  I do have a Secret Santa for work to buy for also.  The girls were so kind to reach out Friday to include me in the process and see if I wanted to participate.  So I get my name when I go to work today.  And I have already bought a couple of things since I didn't have the preference sheet and figured others would be bringing stuff in to day for their secret person. I picked things any woman would like.  If I got a man's name I'll give those items to someone else and will have to keep one of them for myself.  lol  And would have to run to lunch to get something for a man, I guess.  Usually the men don't like to do those things but we'll see.  It will be fun.

Well, this weekend was near picture perfect.  It was a very fun and cozy and yet relaxing weekend even though we were busy with our decorating and prepping for Christmas.  It feels so good to be home and safe and secure and happy.  The dogs are so much fun and so much company.  The house feels happy and warm and cheery.  And it is somewhat clean and neat.  I saw a cart while out the other day that had several shelves.  I told George we needed one for each room for his "stacks".  He said "needs more shelves".  lol  If I were rich I would totally do that.  All the wall space is pretty much spoken for - but the cart idea - yeah they are supposed to be moveable and sitting just anywhere - so it wouldn't look out of place really.

Well, all good things must come to an end (or at least recess for a bit, eh?)  So let's do this.  Because it has the potential to be a long week.  It is a full scheduled week.  No vacation days this week anyway.  We'll see what the week brings.  The rest of December brings either vacation days, holidays, or both - Lord willing and the creeks don't overflow, or the fat lady doesn't sing, or Elvis doesn't leave the building.  Sorry it's early still and I'm still working on that first cup of Joe Joe.  My humor is somewhere b/w dry and non-existent.

Ok time for cup two of Joe Joe -

 ::miniature pause::

Ok I'm back.  Continue reading.

REASONS to LOVE MONDAY which I've turned into mainly Reasons to Start This Week:

1.  I get to eat cereal and banana for breakfast and the bananas are still greenish.  And I got some new Maple Pecan crunch cereal.

2.  I get to find out who I will be Secret Santa for.

3.  I get to look forward to our den furniture being delivered this Saturday.

4.  I get my nails done tonight.

5.  I get to have pizza and address Christmas cards tomorrow night.

6.  We get to start wrapping presents this week.

7.  I get to start on a new project this week.

8.  I will begin working on future Bucket Lists for the Winter Season

9.  I get to see the last Episode of Below Deck

10.  I get to listen to Podcasts this week - on the commute.  Trying it out anyway.  If doesn't work I'll start a new audio book that is a Christmas story of sorts by Debbie MaComber.

11.  I'm going to try to meet my goal of reading a chapter a day in my books.  I didn't get any reading done b/c I really wanted to finish the Christmas decor.  Really still have a few items to place, and a few more ornaments to add - but mostly can say that I'm finished.  Are we really ever finished with anything as women?

12.  I get to eat Spaghetti for lunch.  I fixed it last night and it was really good.  We used veggie spaghetti and it was quite good.  Much more taste than whole grain.  Will get that next time.

13.  Get to Work for God one more day at least.

14.  Get to view God's scriptures for each day of the week and continue my Lesson Plans on YouTube at lunch.

15.  Although life is uncertain, our future unknown, God places our steps today, this week, and always.  Praise the Lord.  We can rest knowing that for each day where we are, that is where we are supposed to be for at least that day, that moment.  No need to be anxious or worry about the future.  Each day has enough of its own worries and troubles.

And so, with those 15 things (I could go on - but that will get us started) I will plunge forward into my Monday.   Here is the tree in the living room.

Bowling in the sun room!

More sun room cheer!  Look closely for Granny Jan's gnomes that Georgie was so excited to put out.  We also have some very colorful ones that actually worked very well in the kitchen.  They are very cheerful.  So I will try to get a snap shot of those.  

Let's see - the dogs have had a marathon weekend of trying to collect the most raw hides.  Mainly b/w Roger and Maisy.  They steal it from one another.  But last night Maisy had one that she really loved.  She did not want to go outside nor go to bed b/c she didn't want to leave it - she would come to me and then run back to check and make sure it was still there.  I have had to make her go outside and make her go to bed.  This morning, when she got up - first thing - she ran to see if her raw hides were still in her bed in the den.  lol  So she is a smart girl and has quite the memory.  

Well, when she gets up, a lot of times, Roger will sneak over and get one from her bed.  The take them back and forth b/w one another.  We handed out a fresh round of them yesterday to all three and you would have thought the circus came to town!  

Well, I'm outta here.  Gotta go get ready for the day.  Lord Help us All.  ;-) 


  1. It's great to have a good weekend like that ! Sure makes being thankful for Monday a lot easier. When I start counting there is so much to be thankful for I truly have no reason to ever be anything but glad. Your optimism this morning is catching! Hope you have a great start to this new week! Happy Monday !

  2. Check the rawhide things you are giving the doggies. There is one that is getting some really bad review even killing some of the babes. I don't know is the one Coco keeps laying around was sone of them, but threw away as a precaution

  3. The two Christmas trees look lovely. That is so sweet that Maisy covets her rawhides.

  4. Love that photo of Kate and Cody.....the trees are both lovely. Hope today has been ok..looking forward to how it goes. Xxx


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