Thursday, December 28, 2017

Cold Weather, Whistling Trees, Planning, and a Candlelight Dinner

Oh it is MUCH cold outside!  No Snow!  But should be with these temps.  lol  Not a lot to say.  Back to work yesterday. 

Back home I figured George would insist on leftovers.  He has done some damage to them and while he suggested that we have smoked salmon- mentioned that something hot would be good and threw out suggestions that included spaghetti - "say no more - let's have spaghetti" I said.  A win win for all.  We both get a hot meal, I always love it, and he didn't have to cook. He loves to cook though but I know he likes a break here and there and he has worked so hard to get Granny settled, make our Christmas happy, and entertain friends.  I know he wants some down time - even from things he likes to do.  So I fixed spaghetti and we ate by candle light.  (Ok it was not that we were lovey dovey - just that "have dinner by candle light" was on the bucket list.  lol  But it was very nice and relaxing and conducive to conversation.  We actually listed things for our Winter Bucket List, which is coming together nicely.  Only a very few things NOT done on the current Fall list.  Well - we are doing these by quarter I guess, but called by season. 

I had a hard time getting up this morning b/c it's just so cold.  The windows popped some as we went to bed - like the cold on one side and the heat on the other side of the pain.  I wondered if it was going to crack.  And there is some whistling going on outside amidst the trees.  I've been hearing it a lot lately.  Like air blowing through wood making a whistle.  It was very loud last night.  And odd.  George doesn't hear it but was not listening for it, nor at the window where I was. 

We enjoyed our night in our chairs.  So comfy - and so much so that I end up falling asleep.  Tried to play my game and ended up sound asleep.  Wake up always to find George staring at me and laughing.  Why is it so funny to him that I fall asleep?  I get up so early.  The problem is I used to get sleepy at 9, now if I sit or recline at 8 - it's over.  lol  I did wake up and try to get some reading in.  Got in 3 chapters.  I was so proud.  Isn't that pitiful.  But usually it's hard to get in one.  That is why it takes me so long to read anything.  And I have like 5 books going. 

Nothing much else to say I guess.  We are planning our birthday dinner getaways.  Katy gets her dinner out (since her birthday is on Christmas Day and it's hard to celebrate birthday- she is cheated out of a night out, lol).  Then mine is a week away. 

Lots of things being discussed for the quarter ahead.  But I better get in the shower.  I hate to get out of my jammies.  I'm blogging first this morning - mainly b/c only one dog got up and I took her out (Maisy) and then I made coffee and the dogs breakfast.  Then Tugie got up and I took both dogs out this time as Maisy had eaten already and most likely needed to do big busines (and did) and then I had to feed Tugie but had to stay near b/c Maisy will get it if I don't watch.  Since coffee was ready I just went ahead and got some and began blogging. 

Well, ya'll take care.  Is it cold where you are?


  1. 4* in Connecticut - and windy! Just a few inches of snow on the ground (from Christmas Day). The high will be 15 and it's supposed to stay like this for the next week.

  2. Very near 0 here this morning with wind making it feel even colder. Glad I can stay in. My little new to me home is pretty air tight with no drafts like my old house did so that is a good thing. Spegetti always does seem to hit the spot. A true comfort food. Hope you stay warm there. Bundle up going out. Happy Thursday!

  3. 20 degrees here this morning. I had to struggle to get up myself. Your new furniture sounds wonderful. I love a comfy chair. I am making chicken and dumplings today. Staying warm. I hope you have a great day.

  4. Just got yesterday's entry read, I'm so very pleased you had a true YOU day and it reads as if it was a lovely slow contentment full day..hope Tuggies medicine is working were asking how cold it's quite hard for me to change our temp. Into F. As we use Celsius it's been very cold last couple of evenings with a thick frost and temp -6/7 but that's the Cdegree I think maybe about 28f....certainly not cold. There was a heavy snowfall two days ago but it didn't last....thank goodness as today Peter drove me to meet up with a blogger friend of over 12/14 years....actually it is only mainly you two that I read and enjoy,

  5. It is hot here, our high yesterday was 34.4C (93.92F) and seeing as we have built our delicate nirvana - I think you would call it a porch? - that I have been blogging about quite a bit, I am spending most of my time out there in Hawaiian dresses. :)

    I love it hot, and so do the kitties. The chickens, not so much, but they are getting a lot of lovely straight from the fridge treats right now, today they will get a mango as I have one that is a little too ripe for me.

  6. your spaghetti dinner by candlelight sounds delightful. glad i don't have pups to take out it was 5 below zero this morning. their little paws would have been frigid.


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