Monday, December 18, 2017

Finishing off the Weekend, Parties Begin

Good morning to ya!  Sorry for no post yesterday - off the routine and much to accomplish.  Did we have less weekends b/w Thanksgiving and Christmas?  I think I did lose a weekend for sure b/c I was a week or two behind getting decor out.  So perhaps I need to start shopping a bit earlier so we are not so rushed.  

We went to an ornament party at 1 Saturday - well we left about 12 to run some errands.  So the morning was relaxing and doing some laundry and cleaning the kitchen and making sausage balls for the party and also made some dressed eggs for George and I.  Which we snarfed down for breakfast. 

Here are some pics from the party.  I really haven't taken a lot of pics lately but after we ate and had the ornament swap, the guys when upstairs to play music.  

These folks below will be coming to dinner Christmas Eve:

I panicked on Saturday night b/c I realized I only had Sunday to get ready and we were supposed to go to church and would probably then go out to eat and run who knows how many errands (b/c George often inserts them here and there) so I knew by 2 or 3 or 4 I'd NOT be able to do laundry, wrap the rest of the gifts, put up the Christmas wrapping, clean house, and prep for the upcoming week.  

Well as it turns out, I went to bed at 8:00 Saturday night - just having put new warm flannel sheets on the bed from the dryer.  Just have not had enough sleep this weekend even though I've been off.  So I was ready for sleep.  Well, at 9:00 Maisy furiously awoke me from my sleep licking my face.  She often licks me for attention so I didn't realize she was needing to go potty.  A short time later I felt warm liquid going under my shoulder.  Ewwwwwww- waaaahhhh!  Ewwwwww-waaaaaah!

Maaaaaaisyyyy!  Oh my gosh!  

Needless to say I was not a happy camper.  George came running to see what was going on.  I stripped the newly washed sheets from the bed and got a rag and began cleaning the mattress.  George finished up with it as I dug out more sheets and took the others the laundry room.  I took Maisy out and made her pee outside just to show her.  I was so mad at her.  

We got the new fresh sheets on the bed.  And I allowed Maisy back on the bed telling her that if she does that again - she sleeps on the floor or in a crate b/c I'm not putting up with that.  
It's actually the 2nd time it happened.  The first time I think I got her really excited b/c we were playing and I think it happened by accident.  After thinking about it, I realized she had tried to tell me.  So I told her I would do better at trying to realize when she needed to go.  But it is hard to tell b/c she often licks for attention anyway.  

It is truly more difficult with three dogs instead of two.  But I realize that my Tugie will not be with us a lot longer.  She is not the one that is a lot of trouble these days.  We are all trying to get used to Maisy and her habits and trying to kick some of them.  

I told her yesterday that she is a weird dog but I love her anyway.  I had to laugh b/c I'm weird too.  So we are meant for each other I guess.  How can you not love something that loves you so much? 
Especially when love is a rare thing these days.  lol  But don't be peeing in my bed.  Love ends quickly that way.  lol 

Well, so.....I went back to sleep and slept until 1:00.  I was so incredibly stopped up and stuff nosed.  So I tried to sit up and sleep but that didn't work so I got up, drank water, drank hot tea, drank decaf coffee.  Maisy, of course, got up b/c she has to be with me where I am.  So that meant I had to take her out at 1:00 something in the morning.  Which means the cat comes in and won't go back out unless you feed him, so I had to feed the cat.  

I sat and played the Tropical Farmville game with it's Christmas edition.  I picked up the ipad and played off an on yesterday as I tired out and needed a rest.  Just by the few times playing my strategy - I'm in 3rd place in the division.  lol

I tried to sleep some though and finally sleep came at 5:30 or so and I slept until almost 7.  I told George we would not be going to church b/c I was in a zombie like state at that point.  And I rested, although awake and sipping coffee til 8 or so and talking to George as we sat in our new sofa and couch and reclined, with feet up. lol  Here's a pic:

So after a while, I got up and began the final wrapping.  George did some of his own.  I think we even wrapped each other's presents in front of one another.  And I put together George's stocking to make sure it worked.  It did and there's an overflow.  lol  

So I worked on the house some - particularly the kitchen.  Got the kitchen mopped so that our lovely blue linoleum gives off it's best ocean blue luster.  

I sat down and repacked the Christmas boxes and sacks.  It was getting on my nerves.   So now you can find what you need - large sack, small sack, wine sack, box, whatever.  Next year when I open it I will be so pleased, Lord willing. 

So all that was packed up and George put it downstairs.  

At 4 it was time to shower to and head for our dinner with Katy and Cody and Cody's brother Aaron and his wife Briana (who everyone calls Breezy) and little baby Emelia - I'm sure I'm not spelling it right.  We had not met her yet and our gift to them was to take them out to eat once they were a bit settled after the birth and she is 3 months now.  We were so excited to meet her.  She is a little cutie.  I got to hold her.  We went to a mexican place here in Mount Juliet and I had fajitas.  They were really good.  Today is Cody's birthday (we have a separate outing we are taking him on though) but someone ordered ice cream for his birthday and he got the icing on the nose!

That is his brother Aaron next to him. 

I think this pic is sweet.  Cody passing his niece off to his brother.   These are such good men.  Nice folk, love their family, take responsibility, and they love to hunt!  Often go hunting together.  
Katy is going hunting with him today for his birthday.  They had to get her license on line last night.  They came over while they were in the neighborhood and he opened his gifts last night.  We will still take him out to a restaurant pic of his choice.  We have not scheduled yet.  Waiting to see if the freezer comes in and then when we deliver that we'll take 'em out to eat.  

Once home, I went to bed early again.  About 8:30 I guess.  I slept great.  Only woke up once.  I always wake up a time or two. But it was a good nights sleep compared to many other sleepless nights I've had lately.  Either due to cold or dogs or both.  Honestly I think I have allergy stuff going on now.  George said the heater with the new bed, makes it blow directly over us so he actually put a homemade diverter on it yesterday hoping that will help.  We have both had issues.  It's weird.  During the day when I'm moving around, I clear up.  But stop up over night.  

Anyway, we are ready for Christmas.  George says he still has a liquor store run to do.  He did the gift cards already that we needed.  I am going to look at the list today.  I think I need to get at least one more gift card.  Isn't funny how you just really never do get through til the day is here? lol  

But I feel good about it all.  The festivity week has arrived now.  It will be fun from here.  I still do have to work on the house, the grocery list, and make a plan for the weekend on when to cook what and such.  We have a Christmas Eve dinner here with friends that are not able to celebrate out of town with families so we are all coming together at our house for prime rib dinner.  

I will be taking a few things to Mom's.  So mainly today I'll work on the timing plan.  

It's all coming together.  But I tell you what.  I sure love my Christmas present!  The new furniture.  And I found some "nesting tables" (set of 3) like Mom's and they will work well in our den.  I may spend any Christmas money on a rug (not an expensive one) to go b/w the sofa and chairs to tie it all together.  George says when I buy something it makes me want the next thing.  Well of course.  I'm all over home improvement.  But for $99 I get 3 sizes of little tables that will all move around easily and if needed fit in a corner all three together since they "nest", lol.  These will work perfectly for coffee, a book, whatever, in lieu of coffee table. 

They may arrive as early as 12/22, or they may come after.  Til then I have a big basket turned upside down and using that to put coffee on.  If they are not in, we explain to everyone what is going on - lol.  We also have to get a battery pack for about $99 for the reclining rocker chair.  That way the cord is not crossing over the floor.  It doesn't look bad and is sortof out of the way as is, but George said it'd be nice to hide the cord.  So that is good. 

Anyway, I guess I better get off of here and get make up on and out the door.  Today, my assistant and I will be headed to Walmart at Rivergate to get drinks and cookies for the plant and for our own meal at corporate (both tomorrow).  The rest of the meal is catered.  I don't do the Walmart close to the plant b/c there are so many druggies about over that way.  I made a decision never to go there again.  So a few miles away there is one that is not quite as big of a crime area.   We are going to grab lunch while in the area.  Then drop everything off at the plant.  

Ya'll have a wonderful day!  I have some evening plans and I'll have to tell you about that tomorrow.  

Have a great Monday!  Only a 4 day week for me - and most people I guess.  


  1. It should be a great week. I think everyone is getting into the spirit of Christmas at this point. Hope you have a Happy Monday !

  2. Great catch up post.
    The furniture looks very nice. I know how exciting that is.
    This week will be flying by. Do what you need to do but don't forget to relax and enjoy the season.

  3. OMG Sonya, what a night you had ! Poor you and poor Masie, but your right to be angry with her. I think she loves you so much she will realise why you are cross and ...hopefully...she won't do that again, or as you say it will be her own bed for her....I don't know what's come over my Masy she always used to sleep at the bottom of my bed but a couple of months ago she jumped down and went into her own bed....which is just by the bed, I can put my hand down and pat her.....she also has a bed through here in the sitting room and occasionally I wake up to,find her missing...yes she has come through here....funny wee things they are........I'm glad that your weekend was so good though and you got so much done We all,feel better once the parcels etc are wrapped etc...I THINK I hope Kate gets on ok when out shooting...( I'm not one for shooting anything, but each to their own ). Those look nice friends you have invited for a meal Christmas Eve.....that's the day my niece has booked for us all to go to the Inn for lunch, there will be 14 altogether I think, that's my brother in law Mitch, his daughter Barbara my niece then there's my two great nephews two Great Nephews plus the greats wives then there's another great niece and two great great nieces, plus Mary and me....I can just imagine the noise ....the wee boys are 11&8 and two girls are nearly 5 and nearly 3,,,,I think your meal will be a bit quieter!!!....anyway love, have a good week, fingers crossed all goes work xxxx

  4. your new furniture looks charming. A shame the dog peed on the bed. Glad you are ready for Christmas.


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