Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hanging in There!

One of my earlier creations above while playing with graphics.  Yesterday I was struggling.  I did not feel well, mainly due to lack of sleep and the fact that my sinuses decided all at once to let loose.  After I ate lunch it seemed I was finally able to breathe a bit and it perked me up.  The days are going fast.  Just very busy.  I came home and did laundry and had no other agenda but to eat and go to bed.  However, the Below Deck Reunion Show was last night.  So we watched it and ate Swedish Meatballs, rice, and butter beans.  The meatballs was a Stauffer thing and pretty good.  I loved the butter beans!  Tasted like ours from the garden and that had come from the freezer section - most likely from Kroger.  I'll be looking for them again.

I kept falling asleep waiting for the reunion show and fell asleep during the reunion show.  lol  Then collapsed in bed after taking the doggies out.  Sleep was good til about the middle of the night (don't know the time).  I began coughing.  I was so tired that I woke George up long before I woke myself up, lol.  He said "you need some cough medicine?".    I got up and got a cough drop and sat up in bed til it dissolved and then was able to sleep.  Luckily my nose remained relatively clear last night and is pretty clear this morning - enough that I can breathe.  I had some kind of 12 hour set back yesterday - most likely fueled by the dusty musty old van with particles irritating my already inflamed sinuses.  I'm dragging this morning, but yesterday morning, not only was dragging but couldn't breathe.  If I can breathe - I'll drag myself in to work.

Only two more work days til vacation day and furniture delivery day.  I'm trying not to get excited about he furniture delivery.  You know how things go.  Will I have to wait til the end of the day?  Will something be wrong with it?  lol  Will they have ordered the wrong color?  (The guy that waited on us seemed like he was really confused and had to have help).  I'm afraid to get excited.  I will not believe that we will have furniture by Friday that is correct - until I see it in my living room all working properly.   I know I know - I'm not an optimist.  I'm not a pessimist either.  I'm a realist.  I've been heavily trained by reality and I know it's not a perfect work, but an aggravating world, b/c the world has shown me that.  I have to protect myself from disappointment.  ;-)  Yet saying that - I'm excited for Friday to see what happens.  If nothing else - I'll get housework done, Christmasing done, and so forth.   This is the final few days to finish her all up.

I checked yesterday on the new lady for the grooming.  She is booked for Saturday's all the way thru June so that is not going to work.  I've texted our old groomer then to see if she can do the first Saturday in January or Saturday Dec 30.  So far no response.  If they look like they did last time, I'll be forced to find someone else.  They were only partially done, matter of fact I couldn't tell they had been groomed.  Not even sure they were bathed.  A bit of trimming was barely visible and what was done was uneven.  So we'll give her another go.  But she is becoming a bit undependable.  I think part of it is her health.  (She says).  So we will have to figure something out.  I could get into the new groomer if I could get them done on the weekdays.  But when you work - that doesn't work.

I told George we are in the wrong business.  There is definitely a market for groomers for those that work.  How cool would it be to have a dual shop?  One end would be a separate room - a coffee shop cafe waiting area with TV's for the owners and the other end be the dog grooming spa. lol  The things I dream up.  There is probably some code that the two would have to be separate businesses with very separate walls.  Who wants doggie hair in their coffee?  lol  But there is definitely a need to serve the working pet owners in our area.

Well, I'm off of here to go get ready and head in to work.   Ya'll have a wonderful day!


  1. Finding a good groomer for your furry babies is important. Hope there is one near you that you can use and does a good job. Glad a cough drop did the job for your cough. Hopefully that cold will soon be winding down. Nice to have a Friday to look forward too, certainly should make the week go by a little faster. Hard to believe it's Wednesday already here...over the hump of the week we good!

  2. I use to love taking my dog to Petsmart to be groomed. They were really good. But packed full of dogs of all shapes and sizes. It is interesting to just stand and look through the window of all the different breeds of dogs. I hope you feel better. If that cold moved to lungs you might need to go to Dr. Any way I hope you feel better. Something is going around. It is a sunny cold day here. I am going to bundle up and brave out to the stores.

  3. i hope you find a groomer you can work with. weekends and otherwise. hope your cold doesn't linger too long.

  4. I hope you are OK.
    2 days no post. is new furniture day. Yay!


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