Friday, December 22, 2017

It's Been a Crunch Time But All Coming Together

Isn't the above photo cozy?  Christmas at the Cabin!  I love scenes like this.  Even better if it's real!  Even better if I'm there in it!  

So what a week!  Glad it was short.  Just the working all day and having stuff to do every night too wears a body out.  And having to "have my game on".  Meaning, leave work and get nails done and head to grocery - means that I need to have had my grocery list made out, and means that I have to have my recipes found, and means that I have to know what recipes I'm making.  I did get it all decided and done.   Remind me next year to plan out Christmas meals in April, ok? lol  

So the nails and grocery have been the least important of the issues taking place.   While last week's issues were George's Mom was in the hospital and was fighting the nurses not wanting to take meds at her assisted living.  Then she began wandering this week - or trying to.  She's tried to leave assisted living 4 or 5 times.  So George and his sister had to move her yesterday - on a moment's notice - to a more secure facility for Alzheimer's patients that get to that point.  It's next door to the other facility and we are lucky there was an opening.  Our prayer group at work has been praying for her.  George was already going to be leaving early yesterday as their day was winding down early.  So it worked out.  He told me to go on and get my nails done since I had put it off every night already doing freezer and going to eat with him and vendor.  I took him up on it.  He knew I'd been trying to go all week.  And wouldn't get another chance.  So I took it.  He and his sister and her husband moved her bed and clothes.  George has to move the dresser today.  And a few more things over the next two days.  He told the ladies at assisted living she'd be out of that (old) place by Christmas.   At some point hopefully I can help him.  But today I'm baking a pie for our Christmas with my family. 

George's sister and her husband came over after moving Granny and brought our Christmas presents and picked up theirs.  

After that, around 9 p.m. we went to the grocery store.  I bought the ingredients for Italian Cream Cake, and Chocolate Silk pie and a few other things. George had his own list going to for things he's making.  Somehow I stayed awake and we got the groceries in the house and put them up, dogs out for another romp, and then back inside where I sat on the sofa and tried to reboot my game - rebooting in this instance means - growing crops, gathering fruit, setting things up to make in all the different shacks, gathering the fish and shells so tomorrow's game will give me all the ingredients I need (lol).  Oh my gosh, but I fell asleep like 3 times.  I finally leaned back in the reclining sofa and just snoozed for a few.  George came through and was snickering at me, snoozing while clutching ipad, game still playing and the chickens clucking.  lol  So I gave up and went to bed and was shocked it was 11:30.  My prime sleep time is b/w 9:30 and 2.  But I managed to sleep really good last night.  Forgot, as usual, to turn off the weekday 4 a.m. alarm - but I went back to sleep.  Started to get up but realized I'd not had enough sleep and made myself go back to bed so I can be somewhat of a decent persona today. 

I think that for the most part I've been a zombie the last couple of days.  Just robotish and not really wanting to speak much by days end.  Was. Just. Spent.  Honestly felt like just grunting with any answers. 

 Did you have a good day?  


It's almost Christmas!!!


We need to remember to do xyz.


But it's all good.  It's all coming together.  I do need to remember that I have a gift in my purse to wrap.  And I'm getting off of here to get the pie made and several things done.  

George is going to get a hair cut today and go pick up a few more things from Granny's and then we will Christmas with my family. 

And so I need to get things all organized and ready!  Ya'll have a wonderful Friday.  


  1. It's all coming together. Enjoy your day.

  2. So sorry to hear that George's mom has had to move, but she'll be safer there and that is important. Just about the time you think things can't get busier, they do. Hope your day with you Mom is a wonderful one! That pie sounds scrumptious. Seems we cannot celebrate without good food. Twas the Friday before Christmas...and Sonya has some celebrating to do !

  3. glad everything is coming together for you. so very sad about georges mother. merry christmas.


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