Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Monday's Mania!

G'Morning!  Old stuffy nose here.  Very busy yesterday and looked to see what day my hair appointment was this week so I could change the appointment to a January appointment.  I found that it was last Thursday.  I feel so bad.  They did not call me.  They don't do reminders like most places.  I usually don't need a reminder.  I usually have it plugged in on the calendar but we've been so busy and I've not had my desk time and planning time (which includes putting things in on the calendar).  So I missed the appointment.  I feel bad - for them.  I called to apologize to Brittany, my stylist.  But their offices were closed so I left a message.  I had it in my head that it was the 14th.  Oops!  So I will call back again to day and reschedule. 

Never did have time to call and get the dogs scheduled for trims in January with the new groomer closer to us.  I'll try to squeeze that in today.  Should be interesting to see if we can get them all in at once.  This one works a bit different I think. 

I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch yesterday.  I have discovered that they have a $5.99 lunch or it may be $6.99 - still - I got the salad and baked potato and it was just right.  I figured on a Monday at 11 they wouldn't be too crowded.  I was right.  Although they had a crowd starting to line up.  They had just opened.  Turns out they had been closed b/c they had a small electrical fire in the womens bathroom.  Something about the lighting.  The fire department had been there.  So that was interesting.  It's really hard to get into Cracker Barrel there at Opryland b/c sooo many tourists are there this time of year - either for Ice, the Opryland Hotel, or the mall.  After the first of the year, I'll go to the mall for lunch one day.  I've been meaning to go to the food court as it's so close, but not this time of year.

After work, I had my doc appointment.  I left at 4:30 even though my appointment was at 6:10.  But I knew if I got there early they would take me early.  So that worked.  It took about 45 minutes.  So after that I went home and was excited to find that Maisy was back to herself at about 95% anyway.  Yay, praise the Lord, the prayers worked.  We headed over in the van to get the freezer we bought for Katy and Cody.  George had an email that it was ready to pick up.  However, it wasn't - it was on back order.  It will be another week or two before it will come in.  George told the guy - "this is a Christmas present".  However, Katy and Cody know about it so even if it is late, it'll all be ok.  I told George to call again in a week and see.  Matter of fact, I had asked George if he had called to make sure the freezer was there before we drove over to Hermitage (15 min away) not far but still.  He hadn't called. I would have called b/c he said he was unsure if it was really in or not.  He is a man - what is that old truth - that men don't stop and ask directions?  They don't call to "make sure" either.  lol  But what can I say?  I missed my hair appointment so I won't rib him to hard. lol

Anyway after that we went to Fazoli's - a fast food pasta place.  We had a gift card for two combo meals that we bid on at Katy's silent auction at her school.  It was pretty good.  I had wanted the sample platter but they were out of alfredo.  So I just got the spaghetti sauce.  I noticed in the van coming back that I was just really stuffy nosed.

Then we came home and I played Tropical Farmville and went to bed.  At 2 in the morning I woke up with my right nostril completely blocked and of course I cannot sleep like that. So I got up for an hour and played Tropical Farmville for a while.  Maisy joined me.  I celebrated with her in the fact that she is all better.  Hugged her and hugged her.  We went to bed. 

At 4 I didn't really want to get up.  But did.  I could soooooooooooo go to bed now.  I suppose I need to step up the game in attempting to get well.  I was getting better - I thought.  I hope I didn't catch something else at the doctor.  But the musty and dusty old van didn't help either - especially when turning on the heat.  It probably blew all of last season's pollen right into my already inflamed nostrils.  lol  Oh well.  I have not had much juice so I will get OJ for breakfast.  I have been sneezing and sneezing since being in the van.  I don't know how many Kleenexes I've been through. 

Well, off to work.  It's Tuesday!  Much going on and much to do and only two more days after today since I'm off Friday and the den furniture is being delivered. 

And the coughing has started!

Well, ya'll have a good day. 


  1. Taking more vitamin C will help...We don't get enough of it in our diets. Oranges are good too. I try to keep them on hand all winter. Funny thing...I do have a hair cut on the 14th. The place I go to always calls the day before, but it is on my calendar. I really depend on my calendar to keep me on track, but it only works if I remember to put the dates on it. Ha ! Hope you feel better soon! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. sorry to hear about the freezer being on back order. it probably won't be there in time for christmas. hope your head cold clears up soon.

  3. I'm so pleased that Masie is better...I'm sure it's been something she has eaten, just try to keep an eye on her.....fancy you forgetting you appontment for the hairstylist, just hope they will be ok to fit you in next time....sorry that the freezer was not ready, but as you say about men they don't like to ask anything....directions or where things are...
    Well by now you should almost be at time for bed...night night. God bless


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