Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My Daughter, The Hunter "Caught" a Deer

Ok I know that MANY of you do not like to see this. I get it.  I love animals too.  I love cows too, chicken, and pigs.  I eat burgers and steaks, chicken and bacon.  But the facts are - my daughter married a hunter.  He is a nice person.  He does LOVE to hunt.  She goes hunting with him.  She "caught" (us non-hunters use this term) one! Her first deer.  Yes, they are getting the meat and filling the freezer.  Yes their new freezer we are buying them for Christmas came in just in time.  We picked it up yesterday and are delivering it to them today.  And we are taking Cody out for his birthday dinner where he wants to go.  We did sortof have an unplanned birthday outing with Cody the other night and his brother and his SIL as we took them out for Mexican and to meet the baby and instead of taking dinner to 'em - we just took 'em out, lol.  But Cody's official birthday meal of the restaurant of his choice is tonight.

So I'm sorry for those that don't like to see the pics above.  But I did want the pic in my blog since this is kind of a history of our lives.  I would never have guessed in my wildest dreams that my daughter would ever even want to go hunting.  But despite the loss of the wonderful deer's life I am glad to know that my daughter will never go hungry in life as she'll be able to put food on the table if needed.  One way of looking at it.  

So again - sorry as I know some readers don't like this as you made it very clear last time.  This is almost as bad a politics, lol.  And I do care what others think but - it did happen.  And I'm capturing it on the blog.  Don't shoot me for posting.  I've already been worn out on facebook and finally just quit responding. Facebook should be called "opinion book" these days.  I finally quit using that as a social tool as it became unsocial and unkind. I still post things for family and friends.  But I don't have to defend myself.  I didn't do it.  I wouldn't do it.  But it is putting meat in their new freezer.  

I will not be commenting any further and will not respond to comments.  :-O  It's not up for discussion.  It's just a blog.  It already happened.  I can't undo it.  It's not my doing anyway.  
 Let the fireworks begin. 

Two more work days til the holidays begin.  Busy tonight with family birthdayin' and then tomorrow night I get nails done and go to the grocery to get the fixin's for Friday's dessert I'm making - apparently 3 of us are bringing desserts - And to get the fixin's for Christmas Eve.  :-O  I'm not going to have time to bake anything for work and quite frankly there are enough sweets in our break room right now to cover the world in sugar if it all melted.  So I have a can of popcorn I'm bringing to the break room.

Friday morning, I'll make my dessert for our Christmas with my family and we will do that Friday.  Saturday we get ready for our Christmas Eve dinner with empty nester friends whose families are out of town and have the day free and can join us.  And so much to do.  But it's all under control.  Every minute nearly planned out. 

Friends invited us to go out on the town New Year's Eve, but I really enjoy having the night at home.  I doubt I can stay awake that long anyway.  lol  But if I am going to stay up that late, I want to be in Jammies.  I did see a New Year's Eve party at a restaurant in Nashville that is having a pajama party.  That's pretty funny. 

Well, off of here to get a shower and get going.  


  1. I enjoy your blog and read it almost every day. Thank you for sharing it. Here is a quote to help start your day.

    Now that we have learned to fly in the air like birds, and dive in the sea like fish, only one thing remains...
    to learn to live on earth like humans." - George Bernard Shaw

  2. I'm just pleased that Kate enjoys the hunting with Cody,mit would be awful if she didn't like it...I would enjoy eating it as well!! I have always said if some disaster befell us and we didn't have food I would have to partner someone who would do the shooting then I could do the cooking certainly are going to be tired out come Christmas Day with all the cooking and entertaining....lets hope you can spend the following day at home relaxing. I don't know if you have the 26th of over here it is an official holiday so most people are not working....hope it's the same for youmxxx

  3. I come from a time when hunting was very present and don't mind your pictures. It's just that you little petite daughter looks like a very unlikely hunter. Not someone you'd picture enjoying the sport. But it's good they have things they like to do as a couple. Sounds like you are all organized and ready to celebrate. Time to sit back and enjoy !

  4. Ok. I won't go there. This is YOUR space.
    There is so many sweets running around this time of the year. I'm sure no one would notice one less. Or more.
    Enjoy your parties and family time.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  5. That is an impressive deer. That should be plenty of meat to tide them over for a while. Glad your new freezer for them is getting delivered before Christmas.

  6. I wish I had married a hunter, but he has hunter friends that gifted us 5 pounds of meat just today, yum.

  7. As long as someone eats what they kill I have no problem with it. I’ve never had deer meat but my husbands family did a lot of hunting. I’m planning on baking ham for Christmas.😜


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